Gates Testifies Against Manafort

John Reid
Wednesday, August 8th

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Trish turner is our ABC news correspondent covering the Paul man afford trial poverty in Alexandria here in Virginia. And Trish we heard a little bit in our news broadcast a few moments ago about what happened in the tropics catch me up on the testimony. The gates' testimony from yesterday he's local guys from here and Richards and a lot of people are interested in how this all went down. Yeah no doubt good morning show. After we heard aggregates are on the government's star witness he's been cooperating with them for about five months. I'm after we heard the government questioned him for about five hours I'm between not you know this week he will. Literally the defense firm and a word defense counsel just ripped in your Hampshire. I'm in the air going out that they still have a little more time with the left today. Essentially the crux of their cases what we heard in the opening argument there are opening statement at this kind of a liar. You know telling injury like how could you ever trust him and Kevin downing of the lead defense counsel he kicked off. A felony after felony. Magic gates has had essentially forgive and by the government and I'm in his plea deal. But Kevin downing one at that jury to hear each and every bank fraud count size tax evasion and he ran through the number of times brigades. You know lie made four Apollo manned a forward how he even embezzle money has shelf. And the government not charging him with that either. So he's really they're really trying and you just pare down hundred gates' character because they know he's just Darwin that I'm against all men aboard. And I and we open the chest inadvertently. Heard about it. As he was a scapegoat allegedly embezzling a bunch of this money. He had a whole secret life. We do with the mistress. In London and it was just like how can I didn't get any weirder and then it dead so. You know it it gave what do very remorseful or moment leery that just. And you very much regret it I'm trying to take responsibility. Because who looked like a man beaten down very unnerved by having IP which admit that's been public. And it was a really probably the most dramatic day that I've seen on the track yet easily last. So are you able to see the jury do you get the impression as to whether they believe defense attorney it's. Did successfully plant the seed of this guy is about Iran in his mouth to save his O nine and you have to discount what he's telling you. That's a good question I am very close to over the jury sitting Hun. Kind of halfway between gay and and the jury and then a forward it's sitting right in front of me pitched. It's the jury I will say he can't poll out by. Facial expression Thursday at Baylor have their Coker based on. But they are writing furiously and their composition notebooks yeah DI government at the marina that the court gets done so I would say they're very engaged. They're definitely listening to everything from gates there he is talking directly to them he doesn't wanna make eye contact with men aborted actually it's getting very close to them. I'm but he looks directly at the jury and it's strange like. You're hearing and can stuff. Kiddies crying and and it's just like you and I talking you have to keep go get you know did you go to the beach yesterday yeah yeah. Did you inherit it looked like a yes or if elected. Any thing. Area apartment Howell you know any read anything more and but they're definitely engaged. And a half. You know we didn't talk much about who made up the jury is it a pretty. Successful bunch of people one million I hate to say that my eyes kind of glaze over at moments like this are few but you could that if he and if it's the minutia of bank statements and that type of thing you could have a bunch of bunch of jurors who say when is this over west. Our date for its interest in and they're they're engaged in writing a debit. If you were too good to look at the background of the people who were up there are they folks who would understand the minutia of of banking and money trend birds. Women predominantly YE. You can draw a firm hand on you know they are from third of the telling me. Suburb of Alexandria Fairfax County at the wealthy county each voted predominantly for Hillary Clinton on that doesn't. You know that doesn't give you any idea of how these people voted but spectacular snapshot. And the united just. I would say that's probably a clergy could take it it would be fair it's going to know more. All right will not appreciate the update us firsthand account and turn our ABC news correspondent. Up and Alexandria thanks very much. Like Patrick.