Health Care Choices Proposal Surfaces Again

Jeff Katz
Thursday, June 21st
Former Senator Rick Santorum explains to Jeff during his interview a few weeks ago, will eliminate Medicaid expansion. It won't see the light of day here when this plan is passed as legislation. Several Republican legislators who voted against Medicaid expansion will be at this presser to support the plan. 

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Jeff dad's new radio. WR BA AC Thursday. Afternoon. The latest votes up there in DC apparently on the immigration nets are now on hold. It's interesting I mean I mean do do they or do they not have a clue in DC anymore what they're gonna do about any. And again I would tell you that tea and I think that the president's maneuvering on this has been now. Pretty effective. Dan saying though it's it's congress. That needs to act and it just seems as if these guys cannot get their acts together. But then there's the issue. A health ring health care health insurance Medicaid Medicaid expansion. What exactly is gonna be the the trajectory that it we're on as we move. I hold further and further away from this obamacare mass. Well former US senator Rick Santorum has. Really get at the forefront. Of trying to get some. Common sense approaches. In place. Your health or common sense goes into DC these days but and former senator joining us Rick thank you for being here. Thank you just gotten back and shot it is it is absolutely a pleasure my friends on our right so congress year old playmates in the house in the senate it's our punting at the moment on the immigration matter. Are they actually going to do something on the health care choices proposal. While I certainly hope so we have we've worked the past eight months to try it but together. A consent that the bond two cold wish it well all the facts ought to be conservative think tank as well. Think tank that insert the that we are working with private sector. I have put together that the plan. I like that who's ever for you 22 virtually. The failed them. I'm that was put in place. Due out and buy it for. Oil and not that we actually thought we actually if people he's not that either. Why well and Medicaid expansion in Asia that you give people start. Am not take the money. Now going to the state. For Medicaid and for tactical. But didn't block grant and give me the opportunity actually design their own program within their state. There have to be private sector or program. Make sure the insurance works for everybody including. I think through import the upper arm is saying we actually be a lot. Shortly that was now which is actually go by on the state. The pay for those are high as well here so we have all pre truck. OK so so this actually acknowledges if I understand it to two basic underlying principles. Of insurance right the the law of large numbers. And the law out of adverse selection you guys are actually familiar with these terms. We actually. Well a quirky. About whether or not. It stick instead you know it stands in stark contrast to the folks who put the obamacare package together because they were blissfully unaware of any in this. They understand mark and that's what they at least. Now there's no question about that so you say do you think you can get the end of fifty volts. Is that gonna be all well I guess has to be right all the Republicans the. I I think it will be out. There are no. Vote for this to get it to his ego and however. If our republic the sport and I believe there will be Democrats also vote. Hi Eric Eric Eric because it just. It is our goal eight era. A proposal. For state like out there was. Not getting not giving a whole Lotta federal that you're 08. And that popped out pretty well so. Like Alabama Missouri. You know to come to mind democratic. I say it never Medicaid are who. I think would be hard pressed not to vote for their. Because over the period operate at. He didn't rule will come to parity or you will provide at 4 o'clock. Cooper the Gallup or you refer to the material. Over the course of this get your bell. Okay our former US senator Rick Santorum is joining us the the measure that I he has has worked tirelessly on. On this health care choices proposal is. He is it actually going to be introduced in the house percent of any time soon. We're working with where a group of senators actually a fairly significant group senators. A Republican senators who are. Currently working on grass based upon as the vocal. Although you can imagine not properly Apatow. The thought it was either. Out there there are there or he yelled that it negotiated. Out what you have to draft if he lets players and yet but the it. The they'll I we're working with these senators it will be consistent. Our Rick Santorum joining us former US senator from from Pennsylvania I mean that. The wrong side of Pennsylvania but I I don't hold that against him that's our right opt red. I got to ask you something because one of the things that's leveled as a charge against. Those of us who were conservatives. Is that somehow we really don't care and we especially don't care about the elderly and we don't care. About dis evil children and as as as you know could we talked about it before. We're both fathers too beautiful beautiful little girls that had some extra challenges. I I I I want you I'm by the way I distributable story. About bella celebrating her tenth birthday. Oh my god congratulations she's beautiful absolutely beautiful. Object. Can you explain for everybody who's heard this nots most guys don't care about the disabled please explain to them how this proposal. Really does care about the disabled in this Medicaid expansion actually in reality. Hurts the disable. Yeah that expansion number one is the ticket at that people with disabilities to qualify for traditional Medicaid that this state. Is responsible for pain in the U percent of the cost of their care in the case of Medicaid expansion which is what we're repealing. It is responsible right out the point 5% a bit and and so what happened what happens is with the budgets the way they are level. If this thing is gonna try to. Are you gonna cut a program which you get 95% of the money but a couple of poor. Percent of the federal probe into what. Is this perverse incentive bursting to cut traditional etiquette that. Seniors and the cut. Eric for the table and yeah the program. Actually well people. That well but there are folks and so Kate leak that program also it. It is not say though that the worst of the four. The most chronic. The stable condition. Ought to cheap at a place we repealed. Bonnie. And we and we give the states not out. By the program. Actually will provide. Sources for people who were what on an in person who will be eligible to receive benefits according to the state plan will have. Our choice to insurance programs. That is required under under the under the under the bill at all sorts of opportunities. Joint and the co payment. As opposed to stock a burqa like that right now I'd I can tell by popular out of it we won't take any more acute patient. Hospital that we will pay an eight page why because it is the era are all at church broke it. And and providers to take that many and how dedicated sure. What what the new chair in the case. You can't ensure we keep except that everywhere. Have the opportunity. Here to. I love it I mean it sounds great so for folks sit perhaps wanna learn a little bit more maybe even be motivated into was some sort of action what's the best way for them to learn about what triggered. And go on their health care 48. Health care for. 48 team got. For. Health Care Reform. 2018. Dot board. Or you bought not old old paper this patriot oasis dot com shorter. It's important to our patient and solely to that website. 80. Are. Well listen I love it we will obviously has sent people. In that direction I hope that we get the chance to add Chad again soon and again 88. At 1. O'clock go for sure but now criticize western thought I was. Sure by a that it could you could pick up. And so little or. No matter what let me get back. A double talker. That is the first time. And product that legislation. Came from outside and watch and concern across the country are saying we want you. And we agree that. You. Ever or why do. So I would really urge people to gauge and help. Oh. That's what the right. They'll ferret out fallen on the second part on the first part you don't are we in Philadelphia didn't acknowledge anything west of chink in town to begin win so why. If you are. Out. There. Not not exactly what. Not exactly listen it is always a pleasure and again please pass along a very very happy birthday to their beautiful young out lady you're raising bella and we were all on your team thank you that is former US senator Rick Santorum. This is the first time as he says where there's actually a proposal conservative proposal comes from outside of DC. That says you know what we actually understand how insurance works we actually understand health issues as we wanna take care of people who were pouring we wanna take care of people who were disabled. And you don't do look like just given a look hard and saying they hope all works out forty. So again. Check those links out we'll get him up on knob on our web page with some direct connections as well Jeff Katz news radio WRB.