How to Enforce Denuclearization


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Benjamin Friedman is a defense and foreign policy expert and he joins us this morning as we continue to dissect what has taken place over the world. The last us several hours. In Singapore and I welcome you to the program this morning Benjamin. What is your assessment of the initial agreement tonight as I'm looking at at the four part agreement. That the two leaders. Ain't last night. Yeah he's barely in agreement it's the joint communique that I would describe more of that agreement to agree yeah I that's your plan to move forward got a couple things. To the White House's is proud to say that the north Koreans have agreed to. Do you polarization. A fact they have not they agreed to work toward that and that's the key speak. Proposition there are poor didn't polarization of the peninsula. Just as I would say you know I think he agreed to work towards the abolition of nuclear weapons under the nuclear nonproliferation agreement. But we don't work toward that very quickly. So about it and if so doesn't mean much or is that. It's something is happening in there looking to make some kind of deal or we don't even know how we're defining the conclusion there put the honey the Kremlin or content. There's nothing in there about verification or inspections. But this isn't a new 18 out east vercammen Ned I mean compared to what he was saying a year ago I'm going full throttle and I'm gonna blow you off the face of the earth. Where you can look at it that way or you can look at it HE. A new government order to establish. Their capability it. To be a nuclear weapons state and then for error. Negotiate from what they would probably she is a position of strength relative to other countries like Libya in Iraq which did not need the weapons and a arguably. They're leaders let it sleep because of that at least that might be the way to north Koreans on mechanical might be sort of part of plan that they showed up and they do does this help you took been particularly adamant. That we get to the table with the North Korea to me actually United States was sort of dragged technically quite say kicking and screaming but we were substantially Glasgow sneaker. Mean. Now the president said. Comment that I saw a couple of people point out as I was driving in this morning. Did the north Koreans have already destroyed it. Their nuclear testing facility and their missile testing facility is that correct are we sure of that. It is Detroit. He used a year testing facility at I don't know that they are without any other. Testing facilities but you know that's assign its and its citizens steps. At least symbolically shows some. Commitment to negotiate predicted doesn't obviously go very hard cores. Getting rid of error capability comedic ability testing facility may have just decided that they didn't need capacity more of the kind being. It's a different content that they can sacrifice. Know with this being such a closed society. How can we verify what is or is not happening in North Korea I mean satellites I guess that we don't have I I don't think we have a lot of agents in that country or people that we can call upon to try to give us information. And all the so yeah we you have overhead surveillance satellite said that the take. I mean related to missile launches in particular. Any large buildings. Which is helpful I think is South Koreans probably have a decent intelligent network that we have access do we have. You can intercept. Signals intelligence and maybe allow us to hear some conversations going on there by as. President trump said he did it's likely that the US intelligence there's works almost any other place because it's the nature of the society. Which talkative Benjamin Friedman a defense and foreign policy expert as. We take a look at what has transpired in the last several hours in Singapore where the president of the United States met with the leader of North Korea and as signed. An agreement to start. Discussing and working towards the denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula not that agreement is something that the president. Announced. Last night. Where he says that we're not going to have more military exercises at least not in the immediate future with South Korean and this is a pretty significant. Change in policy what do you make of that. Yeah I think it's a substantial concession by the United States beat previously suspended. Those exercises the war games as the president calls on previously seemed to get a north Koreans to come to the table with a sultry looks. Around the Olympics and and so forth Spanish and to. As doing so again I guess the edition of the north Koreans to talk. And and I think that while these are full to US military readiness so forth on the other hand our military superiority there is so bad. Compared to North Korea that there's I think it's a concession we can afford to make analytical any sort of danger to turn its failure. The United States apparently apparently has agreed to security guarantees. For North Korea and for canned in particular do you know what that means with any specificity. I don't connect I don't think anybody else does country including. From the people who put it back communique. At the moment it doesn't seem to be true it's not define you know to do that denuclearization isn't defined soak. Media president trump sent to more specific things. One would imagine that that's security guarantee is conditional based on behavior. Based on pointing to the north Koreans would do but we just don't know. North Koreans probably gonna happen for if we continue negotiations. Hasn't read. Plan do for that just a withdrawal of US forces from the Korean Peninsula. And president trunks said in his press conference. Which was about a lot of things such as North Korea. He was willing to you withdraw troops but I think it's okay but it would you know record setter certainly a lot of people. In Washington who are Mary Mary took it to the current strength of the US posture they're. Let me ask you hate your. And I don't wanna be negative but Kim Jung Hoon he's not been traveling around the world like a normal world leader. Would think in part because he's a pro ride out on the international scene enemies. Then a vicious dictator but do you think there's any chance that he goes back to his own country after having been away for a few days and even with the a belief that he is some sort of deity. There are enough generals and other leaders in his own government to say hey man you're about to give away the store here we don't like this. And he faces an internal threat that. Turns this whole thing upside down. I can do that so it's a possibility and I have really no. We do with just how likely it is given. You know what we just talked about the kind of darkness and it. Information about North Korea. Doubt that this is huge to me and empowers teens could be how we're trying to relatively strong. At the moment and it's not. Clear that he's he's going to Allen too much of a limb here I mean to be it together and agreed to very much. Which is a pretty limited agreement and besides that eight BP did. You know kind of good player and he has is one that there's a lot of the top people they're share purchase right. Well when you feed people to rabid dogs to keep them in line I cast and that has. A pretty powerful psychological effects and two Benjamin Friedman broader sense of foreign policy expert really appreciate your insight this morning thank you earlier.