Jeff Heads Behind The Scenes On Immigraton

Jeff Katz
Monday, September 10th

RJ Hauman joins Jeff in D.C. for Fair as their Director of Government Relations.


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Jeff Katz news radio load WR VA we are broadcasting from all Washington DC today and tomorrow part of the twelfth annual. Hold their feet to the fire event to Federation for American Immigration Reform fair are. Has done an amazing job over the years gathering people with the a Y. Number of different perspectives. Trying to figure out exactly what should be done what can be done about the issue of immigration and targeting illegal immigration. RJ hum and is joining us he is the director of governmental relations prepare RG thank you for being here. Well I want you to tell us a little bits about it's about the air what it is that you guys are doing and in what you were rolling as you talk about governmental relations is the government related to this and all in any way are they aware of the problem. Are I mean Erica. Rightly there's just before congress and administration. That in advance fares legislative agenda both before congress. And trump administration so again you know the key tenets that we support obviously border security ramping up interior enforcement the rule of law and the interior of our country. It make you some fundamental changes to illegal immigration system as well. No we work with the members of congress to draft legislation to advance those goals were with the administration. To do new policy directives and and regulations that help advance those goals as well. And on behalf of fair and are nearly two million members around the country and you do this year it we expected to have a nice win due to get a lot done but you know a lot hasn't been accomplished via in congress and and that's on the fall to the administration again president trumpet has done a lot to restore the rule on immigration policy. And really secure our borders but congress has dropped the ball at every step of the way despite the mandate. That the American people sent to the election of Donald Trump in November to a sixteen. Our energy let's talk a little bit about why congress continually. Drops the ball we have. This narrative that's been created somehow this is a conservative vs liberal issue right it's Democrat vs Republican the reality. If we wanna be brutally honest about this is that some of the folks in the allegedly conservative movement love the night. You that there is very cheap labor available illegal immigration. Serves to bring down wages serves to make people afraid to report Lieberman violations OSHA thinks so. So this nonsense cuts across both sides yet that gets it's a two pronged problem again so you look at the Democrats have obviously radicalized on this issue you look at some comments that that you chuck shoot hours. I'm Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Joseph Biden that the east to say in the early two thousands they sounded like president truck writes on one hand you have the Democratic Party that is almost extreme on this issue now let everybody in open borders. And you're right there's not a unified front on the right to counter that. You have a lot of that chamber of commerce the business. And GOP I senators especially. That you don't they want amnesty they want mask guest worker programs they want people flown over the border and they don't want to make a lot of the changes that president trump ran on that the American people. Have indicated that they want so when you're when you're facing those two things it makes it pretty hard. To get some reforms across the finish line. Well all right so I've got to ask you out of Libya negative completely but. If we had. Have the Democrats as you say have radicalized in this did you let's. Eliminate I solace ice in the borders anybody wants a coming in coming in were already here they should stay in what and you. And think you have folks who at least in theory you are supposed to be on the right side. Saying things like. Where rather. Not today it'll be out next week it's always will address it. Right now we never do right you legalize it you know your X amount of people here now now we're talking about obviously the dock a population we have got one point eight million people. Hey you give us that now OK we'll secure the border down wind and it never happens in the 1980s we tried this before too. The amnesty comes up front in the workers' sanctions ended up getting guided and we're back here again with some eleven million people in the country there and that will certainly happen again but you know again it's. It's easy mention of the Democrats abolish ice you are so how hard it is to get immigration legislation across the finish line. Republicans in July they put a non binding resolution on the floor no foursome law when it do anything all it did. Is hate express the support the sense of congress and we support. The brave men and women of US immigration and customs enforcement a vice that who are out there on the front lines every day risking their lives. A to enforce our laws only eighteen. Democrats in the house could Muster a simple show of support they weren't voting for increasing ice funding they weren't voting for any increase in immigration enforcement they were just saying hey we support you guys there. Only eighteen and then to that just shows you know when you talking Sanctuary City skate slot things like that things that we view as common sense legislation. Democrats won't vote for it and it makes it so hard especially in the senate when he was sixty vote threshold and even in the house. I Democrats really radicalized themselves on this issue and and my only hope again is that voters will realize. And again they're handing power over to the Democrats at this point and Nancy Pelosi. It's it's a dangerous sap prospect. All right our Jane Harmon is joining us he is the government relations director for urban let me ask you question urging. Here we have at least in theory the good guys controllable house and the senate and it's still screwed up. So what happens let's let's say the Republicans to hold the homes they do all the scent. Or are we still mired in the same month and yeah I believe that we are honestly I mean that's that's why it's it's a hunt the American people putting the right candidates for to make your voice heard. W bring up a good point in and it's even right now. To show Republicans always learn the wrong things from the elections you know they always. Mike you did the fear is I if let's say the had the Democrats take back the house Republicans are gonna say you know why we lost the house because we didn't do a dock amnesty that's. No right now so we have that are big fight right now as part of the reason why everybody's here in Washington is. The government funding runs out September 30 president trump has an opportunity right now to fund his signature campaign promise which is the border wall yeah yet again now he's not gonna get it all he's asking for five billion dollars a down payment. Congress needs to appropriate that by the end of the month that wealth. Speaker Ryan Mitch McConnell they're making a deal with the president or at least trying to they claim that they have a deal to punt on that wall funding until after the mid terms in December. Because they view this is just so how warped priorities are of the with the GOP party in power. That they think the president delivering on his key campaign promise won't cost them in the elections. That's ridiculous in the face of a blue wave. The worst thing you can do is depress your base turnout for a fact it just that the contempt. That they're showing for voters by saying Pope were gonna lose. If we keep our promise it's. That's Washington for him. You still want to keep doing the state you like going up there just banging your white pickle ball here rides added yes you're against. All know we have I will say we have made a lot of progress and and you know a lot of it is more granular it's done by the administration. I think we've moved the needle I think the election of president trump to. Will is there will be very positive in the long run in terms of that the American people expressing their will on this issue I will say we were we've. We've gotten receptive audiences. We've been we've been treated deceptively on capitol some areas on some issues that we never thought. Especially in the legal immigration area moving towards a more merit based system ending that the current system of family based extended chain migration and moving towards a more merit based model is obviously that's what we want yeah I think president trump has kind of restarted that discussions well we haven't been really having some progress. Is is being made I think we're in a better spot. I'm having working with congress under the Obama administration and working now. It's night and day yeah I'm so it's important keep things in perspective time especially for my department organization I think the American people should keep things in perspective as well. You know it date changing horses right now is not is not the best idea. On the administration you know has the best intentions right now and they're and they're working within the constraints. That congress has put on them. All right so I'm gonna ask you the five billion dollar question will they are or will there not being. Anything resembling a wall built any time. If if the president doesn't he the president said when they signed an omnibus spending bill back in March and contains while funding in fact. It contained one point six billion for the for. But is it they claim that they were giving one point six billion for the wall but they put strings attached aren't they said of that one point six billion none of the money can go to new wall construction so they pretended to give it to him. If he doesn't get it. By September 30 if they pass a continuing resolution to fund the government through December after the mid terms right. If you're Democrats you just take back the house where you gonna give the president his signature campaign promise in December. That your La La land if you think that's gonna happen and and I hope the president's advisors are serving him more on this and we're certainly. Conveying our thoughts on this missing now's the time. Now's the time to put up because if you don't get the wall here in September you don't get that five billion dollar down payment you run across 25 billion. I don't think you get it and also the president needs to take a hard stand here and the American people your list is everybody out there. Who voted for president trump who believe that the wall is a good thing for immigration enforcement make your voice or. Easy is gonna do which tells you I hope so but right now now right now I'm I'm I'm not very confident. Our and so was the biggest enemy went when push comes to show. Is it is it. Mitch McConnell. Over in the in the senate seat now I I think it and it's important you know we enjoy good relationships with both house and Senate Leadership if I'm in many areas they've been extremely helpful. By working with us to develop and advance very positive legislation. You know it's it we're just asking for more were asking for this issue to be a priority if only. Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell put as much effort as they did in the tax reform. Into the immigration issue of we'd be across the finish line and any pitches were asking for more we don't think there are enemies you know we understand that they're up against semi. They eat they can increase to majorities they can't get. You know after a sixty votes in the senate senate to invoke cloture on any legislation night we understand what they're up against. They've been helpful in some areas but we can do more I just don't think they understand how important this issue is to voters here. I'm Megyn I give I wish state that put him as much effort into it as it did some weather issues this. Congress well we'll see what happens there are Jack thank you for being absolutely Jeff of course that is RJ how many is the governmental relations director. For fair Federation for American Immigration Reform and as he mentioned that come September the thirtieth it could very well be. All over in terms of the border wall meter really is that simple. Donald Trump candidate promised us. Millions of people around the country voted for Donald Trump candidate because this again that makes perfect sense my god we have a door in our front house our front during our house we have a deep in front of our yard of course we should secure the border this is as. As commonsensical is against but you do look at some of the the flip side of this and while it's easy to Hillary everybody on the left and make no mistake made made made. Abundantly clear how they feel about law enforcement how they feel about lax border is in fact they don't want any borders at all remember that a huge chunk of this is. Tutor Republicans who are very happy to be cashing checks from the US chamber of commerce and major businesses that say you know. The more illegal immigrants we have in this country the lower the wages are. The fewer the opportunities for people to report. Wage and hour violations to ocean work. Danger dieters who works situations so those all factor into this but. We have American citizens who made the decision to. Vote for president trump. And say you know what a small dose of common sense is good maybe now's the time to a two rot remind some folks at the White House in the house in the senate. That that's what the thought process was because. After September the thirtieth as RJ points out these noble that has any reason to give us the president that five billion dollar. Down payment Jeff Katz news radio WRB.