Jeff Is Joined By Diamond & Silk!

Jeff Katz
Friday, September 7th

Live from D.C. Jeff is at the FAIR convention and is joined by Facebook icons Diamond & Silk!


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Jeff Katz news radio WRV. Eight and we are broadcasting. From Washington DC fair federation for American immigration. Reform we've been talking about diamond sold for well forever since we became aware of diamond saw. I love you guys must do more harm you. Yeah. They're remembering it was all blue Angel thank you class act and not thinking. Well I really am I am thrilled that that that you were with us for a couple moments first it was great to see you ladies don't hear beautiful ladies and thank you to see beautiful ladies but that's. And other story for another time. Let's talk a little bit about some of these. Some of the nonsense you went through this I think the last time folks saw you you were Smart and up some of the people over there at that in the capital knock out whichever side it. Ponytail already and one of the Judiciary Committee who was in some people straight it was no more what we call act an African American we had going at that with the story be my day you know what I do appreciate is that the Republican. Gave us a seat at the table to come out there and explained how we were being sent to which he had the Democrats. Hole happens to be black people trying to stop us at all costs and that these are the same people they get out of mysteries of Mars for equality can't wish all the copy no we don't yet know how but yet they did not want to hear anything about our freedom of speech and tightening up the column I think he's of people that we don't need buy anything in our country we devote them that's absolutely that's got. Let's talk a little bit about how you. Automatically pigeon right I mean whether Europe black Americans as a Jewish American the assumption is well of course you're good democratic I'm a Smart guy I think for myself would I why. I not on that side of the guy. Absolutely listen. They consider us some probably gain muscle threat because we started thinking outside of the box and Donald Trump came Donald escalating he's up on a secure that border we thought don't to secure your house don't take the White House security is America files should be to secure does not want to bring back dials we started thinking outside of the box we found that just because she black it didn't mean had to vote Democrat that's priceless star party to Republican revolt but Donald Trump is what we did we saw that they can I thought about seeing things clearly pay inattentive to what was really going on in his tracks yes what Ritalin -- so so what is that the beat back these days are you still I mean I know that but they million got a but you chuckle as it don't get it but. But just in the real world are you started here for it going you know what I can't see eat this. Cry it we are sorry to hear from a lot of people that say you know one. I don't like you all at first when we love you law yes I did I didn't get to Clinton you something when you don't. We do you can excel yeah the outcome of an election and everybody is tied up to the fullest just about Russia Russia Russia. About a point star about somebody asked involved floppies or past the we voted for president does that he was going to make displaced. Great idea crap so YUS and Iran a point stop why don't care nothing about a plus stuff or how I Beckel and help us build a wall it was not a slot open Dow one of the polls like America he pulls fats are tired of it and then they keep talking about a blew away the only blew away we see is Democrats waving goodbye to the Democratic Party Jessica that they had taught at the answers and their rhetoric they are ready to move this country for. People love the fact they have more money in the pockets they have good jobs unemployment rate among black people right at all tumble in the history of the country Obama did do that old but I had to push what the elitists in Hollywood want they want the puppet masters and he was a little puppet in what Portland is strife and how does kick back Eddie wecht snaps look at the next axial little book deal and yes two point import and came out rich is he window opens and yeah yeah and and now and now he want to build a 200 million dollar library in Chicago PM people are not even live a longer enough to readable usage a couple of are -- -- below buildup did call a bookmobile does that used to talk about you don't need to be extended that kind of taxpayer's dollar bond access to that do not the pit and I didn't want to get upset with Donald Trump but he listened to the American people ask for a look at Hillary did listen to nobody. About it though he or she told let me go -- don't know it was still an eight billion based daily on the definitely what happened. But this man listen to be make it and you number three well we love Donald took a lot of thought why because. He still went teens especially for black people. I caught him like the civil rights president. And here's the reason why. I'm not afraid to come to the tape Lama DB as second team that's right you get out of prison I'm bogeyed the seventeenth at. Yeah you have the closeted trough supporters that are afraid because they don't wanna beat Costa sought criticized the stigma tots but maybe they are on the charts and it wanna be voted for him mentally to Italian out what's important now is people to get out people in these congressional race didn't. Didn't want to pull all right so that you won't get left and act like buried. Very important part to tell you what's gonna happen as we headed to know that we're going to be okay. I want people so don't just take it to publish a global global we'll ask don't don't listen to while worthwhile to stay home with is gone phenomenon on the I need you to do just like we do when he when we elected him. Give out involved wrapped. Rapid of rock this clown around appealed again the people of bulk and vote Republican because these the left leaning liberals. I'll listen an ideology. That quick apple and a lot country they keep pushing visas so that America could no longer exists and we have to get out that the bulk. Absolutely diamond and so are joining us a couple of moments here and does it again thrilled that at that both of few words make me some time now. We we talk about the secret from broker right because isn't just talk on the guy who out front we all know I don't like that I can't do that I can't do that. But boy you get behind closed doors in May be reaching the wanna go play a little bit better than okay. How that's why people love the tax cuts yet they love the fact that we have more money in our pocket. They loved the fact that we're ride panicking yet you don't have as many people all full stands you have people leave in the east a governmental system problems along you know why because not Jamaican Omar all of that not only so it'll be to meet any team. You can't give me an opportunity yeah I don't want to give me the based show me how to fish not catch Maltese out. You do have these left leaning liberals thought that happens to be white to get sold that would diamond Phillips because they still want to give us a phased what they don't understand we didn't need all bomb bomb we give people good job that the body all fall when minute that's right so it's hard to really get keys to the beach where I think an outside of the box and yeah he's not all right we can think ferocity when no longer interested in your concept we can make our front and that's why we must show dog okay let let let's talk about they connect cake because right guys were beaten up by the lack of these book people. And out of there way to make sure you couldn't do we want the other yes I'll still be as until he has since it would target FaceBook no longer than less planning and got them story that's right off the complaining censorship does happen in on their app won't help all people being discriminated against based on the color of their politics doesn't have an honest man often we built just one person at a time I remember we do you have multiple people on that faith that they right now with one point seven mil and you tell me that you not gonna let our fans and policy are content yet you advertise a rock ark phantom follows that we built hip with the shall we had to call the model on their stuck hey you know what is practically for Gonzalez. Let's put our hands together week how the bill another apple but in the mean top I speak and I'm not a big government. Debt to the government system being at the track these people have Apollo work to create dictatorship and tyranny around the world and there are well they are they are to want to interests that are in to Sierra and and that's why they wanna talk about Russia looked on as we know Russia. You can't comment I mean that the new Russian comment on us then how were just and I speak English and domino marriage question did come I think would understand what fun is no way in Atlanta to bust up that may not the bus some beach and you talk about his question Bob which you only follow what 20000 account and at that employ I think yeah delegate. Yeah that's right while addressing core beef with. So what god bless you ladies thank you gentlemen for coming back got to get a picture are you so definitely in horse the lovely intend no I didn't silk. By the way by the way determine how you guys only had couple followers and yes book the beginning. Potential and don't forget that we gonna be featured in a movie called Democrats suggest they want as young Seacrest Heidi got a dummy crest a movie dot com pick it comes out and premieres October to 52 we want to see your face in the place yet on the class a movie yeah dot com. I love it I love those ladies dive it'd still is Jeff Katz news radio WRB.