Jeff Talks With One of America's Leading Law Enforcement Pros

Jeff Katz
Sunday, September 9th

Jeff talks with one of America's leading law enforcement professionals Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts. 


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Jeff Katz news radio WR BAA it is a Thursday afternoon. We are broadcasting again from Washington DC the event is called hold their feet to the fires started twelve years ago. A couple of us. Think there were four of us. Started the first year. And it's it's being really consistent in terms of the focus and it's been a vaults immigration in the big picture and illegal immigration. As a very very real focus. Trying to figure out exactly. How you deal with these issues. And and the fight has being. Been consistent since the beginning. People who have talked about this are continually. Attacked as somehow being anti immigrant. And as you've heard throughout the the course of the last couple of days especially. Which had so many people who have said wait a minute. I I eighteen from somewhere else I came to the United States because I wanted to be here and I'm an American citizen now because I wanna be an American citizen. And I followed the rules and I I did everything I was supposed to do and so. Why should other people not have to do follow the rules why there why should there be rewards for people who are in fact. Not just did not follow the rules would breach long. We heard from anger has given me a little bit ago again an Angel mom is the title that as she has. And it's it's a title that no body would warrants. Greatest comic she's the mother of the year. She's dubbed as an eating till mom because her son. Was killed. By an illegal alien. And the experience she had obviously dealing with it and dealing with the aftermath it's just. It's just absolutely appalling but but that's that's what this is all but out. Really win when push comes to show that it's about addressing these issues and and honest way if at all possible. In any. In a manner in which has some degree of integrity. We see again where we're not against anybody. We're we're simply saying there were rules in place in the got to follow them. Hector Garza from the national Border Patrol. Council which is the union represents the Border Patrol agents basic head as an organization listen. President Obama for eight years did. Did everything possible to demoralize. The members of the Border Patrol he did everything possible to to demonize. The Border Patrol agents. And they sit for the first time in our history. Where do endorse a candidate for president of the United States. And they did. And they endorsed Donald. And they still stand with the missing you know if in fact. There were some sort of a wall on the border. Well there would be. A little bit of a road block for illegal aliens trying to cross the border but is as Hector Garza from the border patrolman union said you know. This is about the drug cartels. The drug cartels. Are controlling that port. It's the drug cartels. That are responsible for the humane trafficking. And so why wouldn't we do something to. Your roadblock in the way. He said they have a a program in the Laredo sector where he works it's called terrain. Denial. And essentially it means you wanna keep the drug cartels from having control. Of the terrain. He sits a 176. Mile border. And there's not a single. Solitary. Inch. Of fencing. Or war. So listen to that person can not a single solitary inch there's nothing. For a 176. Mile border. They're only a handful of Border Patrol agents down there. And the different drug cartels out of Mexico. Battle amongst themselves to see who we is that owns and operates that particular part of the terrain. They're running drugs they're running human beings there were bringing all sorts of victims into the nation's. So that's what this is opponents about the cost. To Americans. Now we talk about a national stage obviously but at the end of the day this this it's very very local. It's very local. And we're talking about counties around America and the sheriff's who have been here for the the last couple days have done amazing work. Making the message clear to let the president everybody would pay attention. In one of the guys who was absolutely at the front of this and has been for years. I have been out. And there are some a little bit I did an admirer. What Tom Hodgson has done his share from Bristol county Massachusetts for many many years and he continues to stand up to be tall and sheriff it's good to have you with us well thank you it's great to be your own hours I want you tell us a little bit about the job. Deaton meetings the EU in the other sheriffs had over the White House tell me a little bit about that well. We are first meeting was around two people that lasted about an hour we meaning the political office building with the with the policy makers of senior policy people right who had a we're Border Patrol and the active directory rights. In others it from justice and so with to talk about how. You know from the very its shares that would be good news yes we're if we're shares revision reflects states. Not all having the same necessarily issues around immigration. Some were two weeks of NG people some work so we had we had discussions around. But good broad spectrum things that we felt that. We're important for Austin and we clear case over also to see how we could. Two more in the way of supporting the administration to get the immigration reforms finally done but also. Things that we thought were good strategies impostor. Training for rich remote vehicle people sure gonna put people early. That are here illegally and so forth so that meeting went on they actually. Ten minutes it to me surprisingly the vice president. Oh from the side door walked news of the cement this week we'll stop buying commence a thanks for. Melissa thank you all used blah on the news to him okay this and how much he appreciated how much the president passion ramble portion from the very beginning yes. And down. And then it went around talk to different for a couple minutes at a loaded but he and then off he went and then. While the at bat and after an hour meeting that we. We're told by the people run vehicle and we're gonna have to move won't go review that you all over the White House also went over the sheriffs were. Of course where that then closed because of as far as food and put. But I have had the sense that it was a possibility obviously OK I might happen because I I told them right. A week or so before I we have. I created plaque for him from all the share of style because him. As this. Token of appreciation. So at any rate it as it turns out we headed over there and be into the east room. And then after. 1520 minutes of him waiting which you expect to do them breakfast. It's not that speed if you can exactly put it. So. Area we've we've waited and in in the Hadley who beat him we feel really complete them home with him to the room that night where the podium. Begins speaking about. Why would there in the two reasons one to call congress yeah which we did the warning and press conference. We were your tired of twenty years of inaction. And we announced. Funding page yes for the wall yes let Tom but yet so when when he. Actual walking down the hall and finally tonight. For the instruments that meets my exit was present. Which happens at challenge going. From my apartment. And soon and I noticed several times. Recently. Showing that he's sitting at your desk there to the right to view depends upon news. The whole. Absolutely mountain. Open display of tablets which emergency mine that passive so I just wanted to make sure you have this. And Andrea how tough but no he. And he he was very. Very appreciative of assure you there yet he is very much. Behind law enforcement. As I told him speaking to do. It the GOP convention when you read to him and we you know your acceptance speech. You've we recall you saying that. We knew he years' time you. Occupy the White House that you can reinstate the new law turn and you don't throw in. In not only that you stood with us. He's figured out our back and we've got yours and him. And I think he you know he he really appreciated it because. He does understand. That what we do now if you if if the cut if that community senate seat in the country's Nazi. Can have a strong economy are you kidding me he's a pragmatist is he he's problems. And on the plaque actually it had a bad with his name that's sheer spectacle while it's a prison of topical problems undersized. And then. The center of it would be the coat of arms the United States while demand as it used to publish you know Bob movements of marginal to tear drop for the number it was rated USA. Okay and then them. And that was of course attached to the to the plaque underneath that receive. Description said. This a new sheriff and in an appreciation for your support. All the sheriffs across the nation and our efforts to tune enforcement laws and then said America's shares. He he you could tell by his his expression because I'd settled before well before it actually give him a Christmas present. Houston's of the missile two weeks of NG UP in the for the for the U. Targeting mr. Kuhn trees Jessica Malone. And Sid and and it's not surprising that like many of the things you promised earlier on that you were you you were following through with things were happening but. It people early on started. Periodically say including the press is sure to move in that's an end to year increase to sheriff's yet it's as we know it means it means that there's problems. In this somebody coming in and fix. That's right in and that is what you do. Absolutely and so he was he was very excited said he turned afterwards and since there Podemus. I swear you know matured amateur athletes and B and this this will be placed in the Oval Office supply. He's done. And it was fun because we didn't he started to leave the vice president and ministers shall we with a picture of things you like. Present though those center there in the vice president was. Just won't stand for problems with but anyway he said. This instead to please make sure this is a good picture. This it was president and you're gonna need to get me having. Tough job budget is joining as he is the the share of Bristol county Massachusetts it's it's an interesting community now want to. I want people to hear about it then we'd mentioned 287 G no this was a program and still is a program. Years ago I can remember when they Jim Pendergraph would be in the sheriff of Mecklenburg County Charlotte, North Carolina. Highs are high in the year. Was credited with pioneering 287 G per county sheriff's. And there was eventually called by President Bush than to head up to 287 G program I mean he he really helped. Men and women like huge sheriffs and get this program in place. What's out there knows are still funding for training in the rest of it for your deputies well. Actually there that that was one conversation we had it does we beat you give even more funny we want more to release of energy agencies around the country to Paris wanna. The the challenge always is you have to give up he knows who worked six officers have to go from month to training. Dammit in Georgia yeah that's tough what's he so. Sucked in by next puppetry. Candidate Mir so. So of that that depending on the size you sheriff's office you mean be able to absorb that break your budget were so if there was a way to cover that would over time. You can you can accomplish so okay but it makes sense if you start thinking about. What if we do that for people for the year ended up committing serious crimes had a group who took the court system the incarceration costs and all that we're going to be far greater than. It than a month spent capsule having people getting trained. So. We know that force multiplier to port we nor partnerships are critical. Yup we cannot have this idea of getting rid of ice is most outrageous it'll seem funny that people yelling about ice that we they were saying get rid of ice. Because of the separation of children among the border. Ice has nothing to do with its efforts to children on the border looks border customs were right right there but but but the and it's not. Not surprising that they don't really know what the talk about it to Spitzer there. Exactly and talk reports yeah but some but look I I really think that. This idea of people sort of seen. And finally admits its Q1 timer in the year. What elected official this country would you ever think would say. I want you have less resources than we can otherwise you'd need to keep your feeling sick. Who's right right because that's what to do its existing right I don't want you working device even though I know that partnership that sharing of intelligence resources. Ando and everything else. Would be our communities safer yet but I don't want to do it in in the part of it's it's really so hypocritical. Most of these people that are in these select is she doing this. Our our. In their communities probably have one or two to respond to sheriff's office they have people assigned full time on their payroll not writes I. Working on the task forces full talked yes I know why do yup right in Baghdad again. You know represent a ball in my county saying you can work with you can't work work of placing what you know whose paper went you know. And in them. In the the funny part of it was what they said it would be neat how do you do you mitigate the idea that we had somebody on the FBI cares right well that that was all done earlier. And besides he said. Ice is not a law enforcement. This is a guy who's a legislator. Put following the bill to try to prevent us. And he doesn't even know these providing us with the and other law enforcement agents to crack so. It's he get it that's just proof positive again it's all about your ideology yep political ideology. And enough about the people perhaps very sad. Sheriff Tom Hodges joining us Bristol county Massachusetts. And sheriff Hodge along with the other sheriffs in addition to that meeting with the president trump. Talking about these vital issues. You've got an effort under way right now that actually everybody can be part right right all right tell me about this this is some this is something that we have been talking before while we were we've been hopeful we were letter to members of congress remember congress Cutler. That more than half of Jerusalem with reluctant sheriff saying we need law. We need immigration reform. The Ketchum released and we need all these things to be dealt with now Tony is an exercise can cut him and and so. With little response. It's not surprising. We said you know what we'll go to Washington. We're gonna let congress know. We're done so here's the deal. If you're not gonna mobilize the people this nation we are in what we're gonna do is we're gonna we're gonna create this. Crowd funding page right through the national sheriffs association it's sheriff's walled got to work. Where anybody in the country can go and donate five dollars you can donate Dolly to donate to him that you have people that have even offered that so so. So this gives everybody the country's achievements will be felt like. I have control of the government in words you speak controlling me on now I can control. At least working with my shares to protect my neighborhood to protect my nation yes and you know what. The shares have always felt blessed to be. In the position tour because were elected by the Pete that's right and and so we're in our communities we know with people who deal with you know hardships and difficulties around crime and the drugs that are that are taking away. He remembers him on and on and Arnold and we want to stop and they do too so you know what we said if congress cannot believe we are. And we are connected to all these people millions across this nation we represent just like you do. So. We think that people are gonna start calling him. Donating money on them on the site and we'll see whatever we can do to. To make this happen because. As far as the last when he is dope yeah. We keep beer and every you know him do something we do something that and it's caught up in this in the sentinel this really is it's really competency thing politics capsule partisan politics capsule so we're not about Paul the politics were about the public safety. And that's not something we measure somebody's party affiliation by before we give them a service that's right it's so. It's it's time America it's time and it's something we will actually you nightmare. We're people who can feel like you know big bucks but I feel like they did something. I hope stop. Problems were maybe my feelings or maybe some other person's spam and we never know but. At least I helped him one of them from losing level like the two moms and dads capsule and gone through it's it's Sosa is indeed an infant and the thing that bothers me with anything. Is that congress knows about how many people be easy to want to go to the end here. It still going all over the country talking and educating people because they are trying working with us and others and particularly wrong movement to say. Content go to congress tell congress they need to stop this we don't want me a few to go through the congress is introduce them is. You know what we're too busy in no way. We don't really wanna give it to them so we're gonna. We're gonna just sort of let that pass by yup and the next when it's killed via I know you probably feel like it doesn't matter but. The reality is it doesn't and neither does your son or daughter who you'd lost your out there now trying to use their memory right keep people alive. In congress. Nothing it's. Couple Tom I hate that we're out of time to one more time to me the website is I want people to go there and donate a couple bucks he would be great it's it's that virtually assures Walt. Got to work sheriff's wall dot org as always a pleasure that is Tom how much and he's the a share. A Bristol cattle Massachusetts has been on the front lines for a long time vocal passionate. Honest good good guy Jeff Katz news radio WRB.