Journalists as Enemy of the People?


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Brian Sell thirteen from my many. From singing and hang. All the law trumped up supporters all the rage. I don't need didn't know arch c'mon give me a break it started the war I don't see imam British you don't try. Who woman that escalated quickly denied that's a caller. On C span from over the weekend he's really really ticked as you can. Tell didn't sound like the smartest person in the world to be honest with ya know that's not very nice saying in kind of judgmental of me but you know sometimes you hear people is sound like morons and then they. Often they turn out to be morons in real life and that. Mean this is truth Marcus messner is a professor of journalism and mass communications at VCU here in Richmond. And professor mess are glad to have you here I. I'm torn about this because. I was a reporter channel late for a ten years. An anchor there and I know what it's like to have people get mad at you because you. Do a story that they disagree with the day. You know about my show had a lot of opinion and to which was controversy much more controversial at the time that it would be. Today sun know what it's like to have people call in their screaming and yelling at you because they disagree with you. But hey eating your assessment as you study and as an academic do you think. That there's a dramatic difference in 2018. From any other time in American. And the history as it relates to journalism in the wedding interact with our elected officials and the general public. Yeah I think there's the dramatic change in recent victory we haven't seen there are animosity toward the yen he does correct so vibrant. Against the heat game we are. Even a let's I mean if we went back a hundred years and you remember though. Thinking back to my days in college studying journalism what the era of yellow journalism where. I mean there were there was a great deal hostility towards elected officials especially in New York Munich where where much of this was based. And I seem her call people you know it's fights breaking out in the street are we are we. Are we being fair in assessing this over a century of stub journalism or is it just more pointed because of social media today. Yeah I think you know a hundred years ago there was a very different kind of very different media environment people ought to go to didn't have or fiscal and social media right bill. For now all of the amplified that I think would really change it yet now it's also bad that the president is pure calling the media at the enemy of the people they knew. And that really rally people up and dull. You know new crude and gold cup campaign rhetoric anymore what about the security team. And thought that that three via new quality and the threat of violence. That's occurring on a regular basis especially at the people covering the trump administration these days that read he had the new quality. Objectively. If we look at team. Say top ten news organizations. That cover Donald Trump or covered Barack Obama George W. Bush doll from nervous in the White House. Would you say that there is aimed. Change in the way they are covering. This particular president compared to Barack Obama or even George W. Bush if we go back a decade is. And it does seem to me. As objective as I can be about it that I feel like there's a lot more opinion. Ian Ter injected into. The news casts. As compared to what used to be kind of isolated to the Sunday shows when the reporters would come on its elements I have been on the campaign trail for a week with this guy. Let me give you the inside scoop of what's happening and is that there's my perception right or wrong because a by Esther. Would you would you thing. I I think it's not necessarily trumpet shift the media environment right daughter upload apparent what you're talking about if you talk about the new cap on the network brightness usually. Still pretty much during the Tom Brokaw. Notion off up delivering the news but of course that you turn on the TV at 9:9 PM land that you kinda came in the job on the and the the a lot of local union but I think you're out you'd look at news organization the new operation than to look at PN and NBC's New York Times. Faux news let Philippines operation they have and they have done a great reporting on the trumpet administration that they've done on a previous administration. And inept in the real difference here is that we have a president. Cool it and inserting himself in the discussion on a minute by minute basis with the Twitter Pete and go there for a lot more scrutiny. Because the president is a lot more present. Well he certainly does he does not shy away from being actively involved and odds I think one as well I think one of the things that I would note is that. You know you've got these. Executive producers who determine what the news cast will be for the day and if you watch Fox News. And then watched two hours of MSNBC. You often see very different selections of what stories will be covered. And that's you you know and I think that's frustrating for a lot of people to it before Iran at a time what are ASCII yesterday about. Alex Jones to. Personally isn't somebody I would follow he seems like kind of a whack job to me but. I gonna have to acknowledge I don't go to his website on a regular basis he was banned from multiple online platforms. All within a few hours yesterday. And even if he is a whack job let's just say that that's a possibility. Do you think that that's responsible for these. Organizations like FaceBook and Twitter and YouTube and the rest of them to. Completely pull the plug on him. You know that that the really at typical topic I mean that's who I agree with you group like a really questionable what side that struck the lot of misinformation on the other hand you don't want to get in to beat bitten off you know arc entering. And what can be published on the other hand. We have all that the public we applaud demanded that be Internet and culture media companies crack down on all of the misinformation. And so they have taken and deliberate steps over the lot. Two years. And to identify and so caught take new trek film at the wrong information that it published. We're with the militia that tend. And and to add to take that dominance of that what's happening that the consequence of that. It seems like we talk about the slippery slope this is debt the the real slippery slope where somebody. You know maybe even someone who's a know what all this 25 years old and thinks that they have the whole world figured out and sitting behind a commuter screen and they get to decide. Whether someone who seems like a whack job today but then might be vindicated another couple months. Winds up being completely. Silenced and I look at the title of web sites like info wars. The idea that it's called him the wars would probably make me second guess anything I read there they're couple of other. Like red flag news always shows up in my email and I think OK and red flag news to our really wanna take this seriously I then Google everything I see. Do you find yourself having to. Wade through a lot of stuff like that and and double checked what's your read and. Yes and saw and didn't direct threat to use this is probably. That click the vast majority up in the ninth but there's so many people to whom it's not a threat track and and that the real problem where they tea. This information they take their that fact and just remember that that what the guy walking with a gun and two people react and what are. Trying to creep people because he had read such and so court Peyton story. So there is some real danger with this content. PM. Well now that it's true I'm just not sure that the the censorship. Issue is is the way to go about combating the conversation. Like the one we're having maybe. The way to do that and how do you touch enough people so that you don't have someone negatively respond in with with a violent reaction Marcus messner. Professor of journalism and mass communications at VCU sentence like got. A full semester long class for you guys next to your I appreciate you joining us this morning thank you programming.