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It is not O 5 on this Wednesday morning it's the eleventh day of July here 2018 I'm John Reid and glad you're with this year. For this final hour of Richmond's morning news are asked the governor segment which takes place once a month and we're. Fortunate to have a Virginia's governor Ralph north from continuing a long tradition of Virginia's. Chief executive coming in here to the studio to take your phone calls and have a pretty candid conversation. About a lot of the issues that face the state. And you know wherein learned long summer season for the legislature's. Out of session and I may be a real little more relaxed than the last few times you. I've been with us but governor north from the ledger with us today it's good to be here John and I always enjoy being with you in look forward to listen to your listeners questions. Appreciate them staying involved in know what's going on in the commonwealth that's very important you know we've been soliciting calls throughout the morning talent folks that starting at 9 o'clock you'd be here for full hour 3451140. 3451140. Is the number to call if you would like to. Get something off your chest with the governor or ask a question share your thoughts of course I'll always. Ask you to keep it classy in the Virginia way we can disagree and do so and a nice way on the air and knew him some people like to have confrontation on the show you're at you welcome to ask a pointed question but let's. Let's keep that the Virginia way as a Richmond guy that's what I like to do. You know what I we've got a bunch of calls that are stacked up so do you mind if we go right to call absolutely they're okay. I Debbie is holding daddy you're on the air with Virginia's governor route north on. I'd like to thank publicly approximately like top I'll call you ask I can't. I'm calling a great guy to look under my police currently Lee and tell them that does a collection home. Or I'm in September 1999. He would sentence the party several years. JQ quit saddened and I know the governor has the ability to communicate has set what I'm wondering how. It's an educator can be brought to the governor's attention and. Would that be have trichet to question and we do look at each case individually and we have a Parole Board that. Is very good in so if you wanted a to the web site. You know from Virginia not gov and and just put in specifically that you wanted to inquire to the Parole Board we would be glad to it to look at that case so we. You know we look at literally hundreds of cases. Our sector of the commonwealth up overseas that the pardoning and and brings cases to me so. I would encourage you to do that we'll be glad to try to help that in any way we can. Is that how the process works it starts with an inquiry to the Parole Board and then they make a recommendation. As to whether you win your office should look at it that's right and then we look at each one individually. Individually that was a low point of contention for your predecessor yes. For the we're now Blair in right kids out like him in this he had this may be a little bit different and restoration of voting right even up do we have a seat on the screen all loose as well but it's a little bit of a different process. How is it worked for you in these first few months into have you grappled with on some of these cases so far in your first several months we have been you know that we we have found made some pardons in there and they're different levels they're also. His as far as the restoration of rights. Basically a way that works we get a list at the end of each month of those that are eligible to have their rights restored in and then we look at those and and our. Restore their rights if appropriate so it's it's a good process and you know we have a secretary commonwealth who's doing great work she actually work under government Collison administration as well also. She's worked very well versed and also there's the Parole Board than they do wonderful work a lot of work as you might imagine two to sift through. Each case individually but that's the way we move forward with that are not not to beat a dead horse but is there a distinction between the way governor McAuliffe handled this in the way you're handling it with them. Voting rights restoration sounds like there's a difference where it's very similar I think there's just maybe a little bit more oversight and there were some cases that. Perhaps rights were restored in that you know there's that with not enough oversight so we're we're paying a little bit more attention but it's this very similar process say. Our 34511434. Or 51140. If you have a question that you'd like to ask Virginia's governor. Our route north them Wayne is on the line Wayne you're talking to governor route north on. Good morning John good morning mr. governor's pleasure to talk to you this album so much governor I'm very concerned about this new I guess Asian news. Application that you put out the word of people who have children have babies contaminate week vacation. I don't know right after the babies born or is that staggered did it take two weeks. When the babies born and in two weeks in two weeks and into each after that two weeks after that. Don't think the that are popular and bright that they did the citizens of Virginia should pay for. With its Planned Parenthood or if it's by accident. Or whatever I don't think we should have to pay for people who go location or eight weeks a year. Believe if you look at some people have 33 children right in a row and so that they can you repeat people look at three or four children in the period of four years. Somebody's taken. 24 weeks vacation. And then and that's just wrong. Wayne I appreciate your your question and let me say if I can kind of put things in perspective for you. First of all though when when a child is brought into the world I think it is so important for both parents set to be able to. To bond with that child in and get off to a good start so you know personally as a pediatrician I think that's very important time. The other reality Wayne is that we compete. At a state level four employees we want to bring in talented individuals that. That can do the work of the commonwealth and that we can retain them not in our state agencies and and so this is a benefit that we thought was important job to be able to compete with the with other companies this. As you may or may not know there are a lot of phone corporations and businesses that allow this to happen. You know within there. Administration's so so it's a matter of one trying to do the right thing and and to. I've been able to retain. And recruit to a talented people to to work in our state agencies and and I would tell you with with an unemployment rate in Virginia it's a 3.2 percent that's the lowest it's been over ten years we're very proud of that. As a matter of fact we were just named the number four state in the country in which to do business so we're we're headed to. The number one if I have anything to do with it but but we wanna make sure that we're able to. A recruit to our talented people that work in our state agencies in and do the work of the commonwealth so. So a lot of thought went into that I'm sure there are folks like you that perhaps don't agree with everything we do but we thought it was in the Commonwealth's best interest to do that. Who governor let me follow up for Wayne this is a new policy correct Justin moon in the last few months the legislature just passed us it is you know we did this via what we call executive order I guess I signed that a things and about two weeks ago now so we did that and we also sign another executive order the same time to. To be to make sure that that our employees. Had done a good child care you know for a through their children when their works and is it eight weeks is that an accurate number yes it is and and I think he made a point man has Cuba. Reminded me about staggering. You you would have to take or one would have to take. That the eight weeks at one time now they they have up to six months they don't have to do it right after the child is born but within the six months after a child is born also. If a family takes in the fall your job aren't adopted child this this would qualify as well what about his. Today is nice custom home though. Fifth a fifth of family job wants to if you're really eager to start having children. My head as you know the gestation or. Now period is nine months right oh how you could do is essentially have a child once a year if you if you chose to do that. Couple after this has been in place for a couple of years the last Q if there's any in any serial births. Out there Billy is holding on the line Billy you're on the air with Virginia's governor. Good morning governor but I'm beat I'm not familiar but you made. Now I'm glad I saw the commonwealth really appreciate you call an end. Yes I got a question for you. And then there's a lot of government color restored the rights of you know we're convicted felons be able to vote. What the right to participant that are restored then I'm also. I'm chart military could review what's the right to do was. But debt market but that's our armed better than that you know take it. Convicted felons aren't allowed to own or purchase borrower when he restored the right to put their right to purchase the best arms restored also. The great question Billy and their answer that is not necessarily and so it's a two step process. We were able to add the state level and as a government to restore. One's right to vote but I am not able to restore. The rights to two I own and operate a farm that has to be. Down through a judge and so once saw an individual has their voting rights restored they would have to apply. Through the local judge not to get that permission back so it's a two step process and and actually. If there's an individual that that the judge I think shouldn't have a foreign and they'll make that decision. All right Virginia governor route north on in the studio for a full hour here if you'd like to talk to him 3451143451140. Is the number to call. When we come back come and ask the governor about his predecessors tweet regarding the Supreme Court nominee from president trump will. Put the governor on the spot when we return here on news radio WR VA. Here we are we're back here on news radio W word VA 9:20 on this Wednesday morning on our asked the governor program once a month Virginia's governor. Joins us here live in the studio to take your phone calls your questions your comments at 3451140. 3451140. And we encourage you to call Lynn and talk to Ralph north them. And share your thoughts on what's happening here in the commonwealth and before we took the break governor I'd. I wanted to give you fair warning that I was gonna put you on the spot and ask you for your reaction to your predecessors two weeks. Just minutes after president trump announced his pick for the Supreme Court job Brad cabin on. Terry McAuliffe too is you know private citizen now still activist Democrat out there and fund raising in the light. But he. Really ratcheted up the rhetoric saying the nomination of judge Brett cab and off. Will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come and will more far Supreme Court. Into a political arm of the right wing Republican Party. Come on didn't that a little a little over the top even for. A friend of the horse to say in this case. Know of who's on the court has said it if he can be very Emma will be impact full full on for decades and and so the process. That I would. At least advocates for assists vetting. This particular justice and you know asking him about. Issues said that he's voted on our schema made rulings on in the past and and that will impact people's lives such as LG BTQ rights women's reproductive rights voting rights. Health care for Americans and and so that process forward will be ongoing and I think the senators. And those just so choose will have the option are there of sitting down and interviewing him in and ask him how he feels about these particular issues and then and then of the day. Now they're unum unum make a decision whether they supported my not so. And you made it now I know you're not voting on him but have you made a decision whether you would publicly say this is a good choice or not well again I wouldn't I would wanna sit down and talk to the man in and ask him how he he feels about these particular issues I think everybody deserves that right and and that chance but that as this week thus spoke earlier it. It does impact people's lives it's this is an important decision and not one that should be taken lightly and you know this is a decision for the senate had to making courses not anything that I have to do with it but I've I would certainly say I would be concerned about. Some of the positions on this that he would take you know decades to come and. You're a little more diplomatic than your predecessor but before we appreciate that are let's go. To some of our callers 3451140. Is the number to call if you would like to talk to the Governor Perry is holding on the line Perry you're on the year. With Ralph north. Good morning governor I have a question for you yes it's secretary Nielsen's home wars protestor. And picketed. This sort of clear violation. Of Virginia led specifically eighteen point two days or what nine. Or weren't any of those protesters. A restaurant. Are we gonna allow this strikers ever you re do local woman in the commonwealth. Well I appreciate your question Perry in. What do what it wanted to thanks and I have tried to. Advocates for and and bring into Virginia is this civility and obviously can't control. Everything that happens out there we we certainly have to protect the the First Amendment people have you know right to voice their opinion. If someone is on the someone else's property I was saved that's unlawful saw you know I would I would hope that the law enforcement folks take care of that but. But overall I would just ask. All Virginians all Americans to kind of take a deep breath and and relax and remember that. You know we can agree to disagree but we're all in this to go look and as a country. We have significant challenges and for us to be divided I know you've heard the same 99 we stand divided we fall I. I wanna do everything I can to bring Virginians in my case but bring Americans together and and really work to get along these challenges so communities. Episodes that we see. Whether they're in Virginia across this country were. Would discourage set in and encourage us to to work together and again to take a deep breath and and remember rather than looking at the big picture what what we you have to accomplish here in this cramped country virus. You know when you first came on I brought up that it sure inaugural ball that I attended that there were activists to protest did juror inaugural ball and they were immigration activists and I thought. Probably you would agree with some of the things they were advocating a thought it was a weird that they. Protested juror inaugural ball and then of course. This red hand story and Bryan mound in Lexington where them. White house Press Secretary was. Asked to leave other restaurant that brought Virginia now on into the into the national spotlight for something that wasn't necessarily the positive. Would you say to some of the folks. On your side of the political spectrum who seemed to be so outraged at Donald Trump. And personally and some of his policy positions and who seemed to be ratcheting up. The hostility. And and to your point not allowing the civility just write the basic interaction that we used to. Yeah and then I must say John their people at a very upset by some of the things in their city and on on both sides I'm. And you know I would look at it you know people ask me you know what what what I'd do in that situation. You know I've taking care thousands of children sick children and their families over the years and and their people that walked in my door probably every day that I don't agree with that maybe I don't condone some what they do but I don't. I don't look at it like I look at this I've got a child in front of me that I need to take care side try to put that aside and so. Again happy unite as a business owner I think that's the the approach that that I would take him now if someone is. Is on civil what they were to come into my office and and say things about my employees are about me in and I felt threatened and I'd say well we we're not gonna serve them but. But when someone's being civil than I would certainly support them in and not do what I can as a business person take care of their neat do you think that lady at the red hen did the right thing. Pro likes it personally I probably wouldn't made that decision I'm I'm not in the one had in her shoes I think that was a case for she talked to employees and that's a decision they made so. Again. Real quick let's go to one more caller before we take a break Kevin is on the line Kevin. You're lie with Virginia's governor Ralph north them. Get boring governor radio and I'm doing well examine pure as well yet third question Emporia Halliburton underneath baht or. Maybe talk the restructuring Virginia's tax. Taxes to really eliminate personal property taxes are seeing dollar transplant here what that or other states and I've never Elizabeth stay with personal property tax repeal but it's a pretty big deterrent for somebody they're buying new cars property boats motorcycles. Out of some of the general saying that you know feed the economy you don't swallow if there's any spot maybe increase in sales tax eliminating some of the commercial property tax burdens that champion Jeff but it. Kevin how I appreciate your question then nine I it's that you're asking a very opportune time much. I just met yesterday with a group of CPAs and and we were talking about tax reform and what we're good looking and now is a two step process Kevin as you know there's there have been changes at the federal level in the tax code and so. Virginia has to conform. To those changes and we're gonna do that between now and January and then after this session. We're gonna put a commission together and looking comprehensive tax reform so I think some good things are gonna happen in Virginia. And we're gonna do this so that our our tax code is sampler it's fair it protects or AAA bond rating. And it keeps Virginian a competitive position with other states so a lot will that be have been in the next year with tax reform. Governor appreciate that 3451143451140. If you like to join the conversation when we come back. Will continue the conversation with the governor about a Virginia's. Business status and ranking nationwide that's when we return on ask the governor news radio. WR VA. Not 35 here on this Wednesday morning news radio W war VA I'm John Reed and every month Virginia's governor joins us here live in the studio to take your calls. And we hear directly from Richmond jurors in central Virginians about things that are. On your mind 3451143451140. Is the number to call. If you'd like to talk to Ralph north them and I wanted to ask you governor about Virginia and our status. When it comes to business nationwide we got a little bit of good news about our ranking with what CNBC and done. And the Forbes ranking list but I wondered if you could expand on that tell us that there's any new business that's on the way to the common. Where is it was great news John that we we moved up to number four in this great country wires and you know my priority is this suddenly third governor is actually various imports to make sure that every Virginian has a job that they can support themselves and their famous with and so anything that I can do to drive our economy. Is is my top priority and so I have told everybody you know wasn't that long ago that Virginia was the number one state in this country in which to do business and and we fell off for that curve off for a number of reasons two years ago we were thirteenth last year we were seventh. Now we're number four and if I have anything to do with and and and working with our great legislators who we're gonna put Virginia. Back in the driver seat and and one of the ways we do that John. Is through workforce development and we are putting a lot of focus on training and our youth for 21 century job which we. We always talk about stem my I had a couple letters teammates but science technology engineering arts mass. And health care things like cyber security unmanned aerial systems a biotechnology. Data collection that analysis of these are the jobs of the 21 century and I am convinced. Because of talking to a lot of businesses are growing in Virginia and also attracting new businesses to Virginia. That if we can train the work force. They will come and so we have a workforce development officer that's new and our code this year I'm Megan Healey doctor Megan Healey is doing and great work. Working with the the business community communicating with our our colleges and universities. Really training people for these jobs so. You know a lot of people talked about the possibility of Amazon. Amazon come into a big Internet cornea 50000. Job so we have other companies so big companies so that our expanding we wanted to. Continue to promote startups and small businesses so we think we've got a good recipe how fourth. Jobs in Virginia and again. But to come from number seven to number four at a fifty states you know that's a big deal for Virginia and them you know week. We talk about the cost of doing business in Virginia we just talked about tax reform with wanna your listeners. I regulatory reform is very important so. We've got a lot of people working on this but I at the end of our term I would really like to see Virginians back is the number one state so that's that's my priority now is there any news on that Amazon headquarters around me not yet but I would say stay tune nothing you know we have Virginia has has put a very competitive package show on the table. We don't know what Amazon's decision will be but we certainly would encourage salmon and think that. They would do well in the commonwealth of Virginia. 3451143451140. You'd like to join the conversation with Virginia's governor Brian is holding Brian Euro on the year. With the governor Ralph north of. Yeah I'm well Brandt thanks for call and then and thanks for listen to this great show. Yes sir yes sir. Spread of the Virginian. Let me get it to the go to the camera I'm a contractor in the I was in the state of Virginia. And what I don't seem to work the mother contractors that I know. When it comes to media state aid use these projects. I'll. It may might. A lot of those those bids are being ordered out of state contractor. By any measure drink thing that you can think of being in that. Could it happen in order to keep you know I love Virginia but he. Jobs that are that are contributed in Virginia when Virginia contractors. Brian your question is very timely as well in this assumption that does a pet peeve of mine and I've had a lot of discussions and a lot of it starts with the procurement how we do bidding. In Virginia another area that I'm sure you all are well aware of this is in this classification and some of these at a state contractors are. Are bringing in employees or workers that are. Unclassified. Or miss classified. There on 1099 drove in W twos and so we are actually. With our employment commission looking at that particular issue and and you know I agree with you Brian like when we build a new school or a new bridge or road. Let's use Virginia employee's you know let's put people in Virginia to work so. It's a priority of mine and I would just say stay involved and stay tuned because I I think you'll see us heading in the good direction on that particular issue. One of them there. He's going to say you can that I I bet I think that would. That is something that would help this you know we're number four now I think if we did something like this that would ought to help us move closer to being number warned what you just spoke. I agree with you Brian and we're gonna keep working on and I appreciate your involvement. Thanks Brian. Listen I wanted to ask you about the budget reform we blast spoke to you the budget was not settled on the the big sticking point was this Medicaid expansion plan. Which the budget has gone through we didn't get close to the final deadline which could have put our bond rating in jeopardy as you pointed out on a number of occasions. But now we're looking at how Medicaid will expand. What happens between now and January of 2019 to make sure that that happens in a responsible. A meaningful way for the average Virginia. Another timely question John I'm gonna go meet in just a couple of hours with folks at. And tell him number one know that I'm proud of the work they do for Virginia but are really encourage them to. To implement. This expansion of health care in a way that we can be proud as as Virginians and so. The timeline so it's common dual track I won't get too much into the weeds but. There's expansion of health care that that we have applied for and we anticipate being up and ready to go on January 1 of 2019. Which is only a few months away. And then there's what we call 1115. Waiver. And that includes some of do the work requirement that that people heard a lot about during the negotiations and so we were also put an application for that. And that will be the the secretary of health and HHS up in Washington that will make that decision but. Hopefully and we anticipate that that that will go smoothly and so those those certain to. Dual tracks if you will they're they're not necessary time to each element. We would like to see the 1115 waiver take place in January as well but that will be up to folks in Washington. Okay. Listen I wanted to make sure that we touch on immigration. Today indicated group continues to be a hot button issue you recalled. Some of of Virginia is units that were on the southern border over. President trumps policy I'm assuming you still think you did the right thing with with that recall. I do John and but let me if I can just make a quick point about the budget and this is a budget that was a bipartisan budget cannot just wanna commend people on both sides of the hour for common ago these were tough negotiations. Tough votes at certain individuals took. But it's a budget that really works for Virginia. And did it puts more resources in the higher education more and K through twelve our teachers are getting a raise our law enforcement agents are getting a raise. And what's really important I wanted to make this point. We have this so pure crisis this addiction crisis and there's also resource is for those individuals so. I would just encourage your your listeners if they are if someone in their family our friends someone at work. Needs help in that area we're here to help them and we have the resources to do that. I'm I'm gonna go on the road here very soon and talk to our our medical schools talked Ferraro or reticence and doctors in training. And do lectures are on the importance of how we deal with the both acute and chronic pain that all of this is tied into a budget and again. I just wanted to make the point that I wanted to commend our legislators for for coming together and get in the budget it's good for Virginia and then what. One that really protects or AAA bond rating. As far as immigration US a question that I did make the decision. To bring our helicopter and troops back from the border. John I support the mission down there I wanna keep our borders safe keep people that shouldn't be in this country from come into our country. But the policy of separating children from their families as an American as a father as a pediatrician I just couldn't do it I couldn't condone and and so. That's why I made the decision and I did and I said that I stand ready to send our troops back. But as soon as that policy is changed but as long. And they're going back. There are some bottom loot well our our our folks there are Virginia going back now they're not going back yet because as you know in the your listeners know they're still a number of families that are are separated and and we've got to tackle that issue. And I really think congress at the end of the day needs to sit down and put their politics aside. And come up with comprehensive immigration reform and it would deal with a lot of these issues that put us at the state level and very awkward positions. Well how long would you wait before you send folks back I mean what if this takes a year to reunite these families are and how our way as long as it takes then they even though now forgive me for being argumentative without us uh huh even though the president has relented on his position and stay and it sounds like is actively trying to do that reunification he'd still hold back until. Every one album has done. And I don't know the exact number and last I heard there were still less than somewhere around 2000 or less children that have been separated from the famous and again. I support the mission John but we cannot as a society I mean anybody has sure we cannot take children away from their families are. I appreciate you answering the question we're gonna come back with more. On asked the governor three for 51140 if you would like to join us we'll talk about the monument here in Richmond when we return on news radio WR VA. Not fifty wanna hear on this Wednesday morning we continue our ask the governor program once a month Virginia's governor joins us here in the studio and take calls from our. Listeners 3451140. If you'd like to join the program and right before we went to break we were talking about immigration policy and Tim is holding on the line. Governor Ralph north some Tim go ahead. Yes thank you protect him or call. Mr. Malcolm if I understand your politics correctly. You have supported Sanctuary Cities as many governors and mayors across this great nation. Then my question is how can anybody. Anybody rationally. Ought to death how is it that you can be in a position to support. Cities protecting. Illegals. Tim I RE. I appreciate your question and concern and we we've talked about this pretty much every time I've been on. WR VA. We don't have Sanctuary Cities in Virginia and it's youth no one I hope you would let me know about it but so. So we don't have Sanctuary Cities. It's when people talk about legislation it's as I've said before it's a solution really looking for a problem. We need to continue to support. Our local law enforcement that's the way we keep our streets safe. We have the Dillon rule in Virginia which means that we have to be consistent throughout Virginia and as long as we have been Dillon rule. And as long as we have the legislature in place we won't have Sanctuary City so I know people get riled up about it and listened to the talking points on TV but. Virginia doesn't have them and you know we have so many things that we need to focus song not in in Virginia. And to keep bring in the so often and rehashing it and I think it just confuses people and I scares people as well and so. If it ever came to the point Tim. That a Sanctuary City was formed in Virginia. Again it would have to go past that Dillon rule the legislature would have to not intervene. But as long as I'm here I think his longest the current legislature here. I don't think you have to worry about a Sanctuary City dock in Virginia so hopefully that clarifies things with but they've I'm sure the discussion will go home. 3451143451140. If you'd like to join the conversation today. One of those stories that we have covered pretty extensively governor and then I know you were aware of here in Richmond is this up. Discussion on what to do if anything about Richmond's monument avenue have two veteran generals on the president of the confederacy. There in the report just released last week Elizabeth is holding and she has a question about the monuments. Elizabeth you're on the air with Ralph north of. Hi governor aren't so nice to talk archeology has more of these we need some me. Town hall meeting to talk because it's something things let that happen before you took off boats can't afford. Yeah both Ford could factor prompting much more for our car Jiabao and then I'll tell you about back. And that is we don't fire drills and we have a you know tornado drills not all that. But we have no education and and the elementary starting elementary school kindergarten through six would be great. As far as sexual abuse inappropriate touched. I mean there's no education no. Four for the children that he had a lot of times blew it happened within the home. And these kids didn't respect adults and that you know and then it ends up to be optional bald fact that maybe they become the abuser. What I have a Lee is that they you know hopefully starting at that number whatever you can Muster. Get education and other inappropriate such as full so you know the librarian to begin an adult books for reading time to think he began. And the second thing is I myself has been our you know my grandpa what that is and I'm now trying literacy PS. And can ride got a and they were so sloppy they never even having them at the bottom line is I'm trying to get such as the commissioner. The over the CPS and I can't find anywhere and I didn't bachelor. Let's let governor respond Elizabeth you have running out of time sorry. And I asked him does he know towel you know between the commissioner is. She says yes EPS we put on notice prepare Veronica because they are slow sloppy. OK let's say thank you for that we can certainly get that information to you if you could leave a sheer number of as far as they've education and our schools are regarding domestic violence. Bullying. Those types of things we we actually did standard do stand that was passed this year. Bill for the curriculum and school to its to focus in family life. Jet senator Jennifer McClellan not introduce that and so I thank god that you will see some improvements in that area but I agree with would we do need to educate our children and our famous some regarding that particular issue so thanks for being involved in thanks for your call what's a serious topic. And a lot of people have been kind of up in arms over the last week about the conclusion by the mayor's commission on monument avenue that. They feel that it's important to take down the statute to Jefferson Davis who was the president of the confederacy. On monument avenue. It seems like if I understand the law correctly in Virginia that the city cannot act to do that without approval specific approval. From the Virginia General Assembly presumably from you all so what's your reaction to the commission report and. Where do we go from here you know you're exactly right John and and decide no we're run at a time here's our try to be brief but you know we had this incident in Charlottesville be a year ago on August 12 where. We lost three lives have a higher we lost to over state police Brooke Bates and and that was over a statute so it's a topic that's on a lot of folks' minds and you know we've that the city of Richmond formed a commission. Where they went out and talk to different folks historians accept trade and and came up with this. Conclusion. I really think that though we need to be sensitive to the diversity of our society how we need to to. No that don't make sure that people are welcome here and in Virginia. And I think we need to it to tell the rest of the story and put these statues in context so I to do we take it down. Well now that's going to be a decision that localities make and to your point. In order for localities to make those decisions the general assembly will have to act so there are a lot of things that have to happen but I I think this commission was a step in the right direction to get different people's opinions. Ed particular localities and the congress and I certainly support that conversation. Okay I'm sure we will continue that conversation in the coming months we really appreciate you joining us here every month governor north them. And that's gonna do it for asked the governor today and for Richmond's morning news here on news radio WR VA. We of course appreciate all the folks who called in today will be back bright and early tomorrow morning for all of your news weather and traffic. Here on Richmond's morning news news radio WR via have a great Wednesday.