Mike Mayo's New Movies

John Reid
Friday, June 22nd

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This weekend. Then of course to also return to for that. And Mike mail from Mike dash Mayo dot com Mike good morning good morning Gary. He's got a new us. Still with us this morning he's there but we just disrespect thing. Opening it's heaters that we got clean and maybe that's why probably generate a bonafide you know huge yeah meg jobless highly anticipated right yes indeed and that of course is Jurassic world. Fallen kingdom. That didn't the sequel to Jurassic ruled that came out a couple of years ago. We've had. Our Chris pine act as the guy who could cut it was kind of big dinosaur whispering he would do real good with the bluster raptors. And our brightest talent to Howard or at the time what was working towards the easy part now she has stayed close to the park now. And she has become a dinosaur rights activist. And of course now we're trying to to move. The Dinah source off of the island but could the volcano is going to explode. And then we've also got these bad guys. To want to genetically tinker with the dinosaurs and turn them into super weapons blah blah blah community that's the kind of stuff we've we've seen a lot of movies. And all of this is just dumped into two hours. The bottom line is these dinosaur fixed our good Kevin they always thought this kind of movie. But this movie because it is you know they kind of a sequel in the second stage of a series. To me it is just didn't make me remember. And how much I loved the original Jurassic Park the 25 years ago now I don't remember how that movie just knocks me back in my seat. Showed me dinosaurs are way I'd never seen them on screen before. Really got me involved with distorted everything and I believe any of the movies that come since I have even come close to that just in terms of its. This year the impressive ness and effectiveness on screen it's this what if your your big dinosaur fan you'll like Jurassic world phone kingdom but don't get choked up to but then you can do that already had a need to say that. Okay so little about launch be my neighbor. It was actually a very nice documentary about Fred Rogers Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. And there is so dark side to be discovered on this guy. That is just the story of a very nice man and hell he made that nice message life's work. Bob have you back so it was that first quarter due to the seminary. I decided to try his hand that television these people relatively new medium of television in the 1960s. And this movie kind of interviews some of the people that that you talked to who were his friends. Those clips from the show standards if you're looking for you know some kind of experts say it's not your problem was just a really nice guy and anti. What he did on television or something nobody else has gone before. And probably nobody else would be able to recreate exactly. So I'm spirit of what he did lives on in that again this is part of it to its. Did I don't often recommend documentaries. But particularly if your fans of the PBS show I really think you'll appreciate this would just say. Very scared I don't feel. Okay the third one for today won't you be my neighbor. And I know I'm sorry I ever outside and we just did not want American animals crime drama. Think that this is the craziest movie I've seen along tops it is. That they don't say it's based on the true destroy they've played is a true story. Because it recreates. They crime that was committed about four college students back in 2003 and four. And we saw the actors playing them at that time and that we ever cut would that we have interviews with the guys now. Kind of explaining what they did what they're thinking was when they did this. Extols the books very valuable books from a college library. And then tried defense than it did is it's it is just again so crazy. I'd never heard of any actors who were and it's the film itself is very well made. And it is just as kind of course you get sick can be I have a feeling that most movie sourced. Within the first five minutes so this I got to know whether they like or not. I was really skeptical going into it because it's been based on true crime stuff like this to me often doesn't work. Sucked me right hand I was whipped it all the way through. It is not take a big move into any sense the war duck duck expects. You know great special effects and all that but a very tricky unpredictable trauma. But yeah it it is it is not for everybody but fans I think will really appreciate this one. It'll probably be out on dvd and paper abuse and simply given them kind of marketplace we've gotten out but it completely computer that you work with just a really nice little movie in a real sleeper this week. Very interesting okay my great stuff thank you so much.