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Yup Mike Mayo is our movie guy and every Tuesday he joins us. To let us know what films are coming out on video of the things when minus skipped in the Stew heater I think you got a pretty long list that I see in front of me where you wanna start. It will limit its historical I think I don't wanna start this this may be the worst weeks we have ahead before. They don't like is not really on it's. OK first up we got love Simon which is your basic. Teenage romantic comedy but it's got it is about a you only do eighteen and we try to figure out how to come out Bob. The movie was all the people involved in this maybe you're both actors writers stretchers to sell it at a television and it has. That same kind of but sort of is proceed that I think of that that TV yes. And they they don't really WD specials yeah the united sank. And I've and to me it is it's a if you're interested in already interested in seeing a a base story about gay characters this one you'll probably like this full PG. But there's not enough to it. Really to recommend it to to any other audience. But it had a crowd that really liked it Alonso and I were to go on the way into the movies one day in his girl was. Kind of the following us around the movie theater and settle my god I've seen love Simon twelve times I thought why it's. All time so you. Crazy. You talk I think this video but with paper to to do that out there in the theaters these two implements strict and killings that are well loved Simon you know maybe maybe not what else. Saudi Sherlock no homes now you is a bad animated film and it's a sequel to know Leo and Juliette. Which was of course you know about this go back garden herbs and other lawn ornaments that come to light when nobody's looking. I don't add given the state of commercial animation today particularly digital animation five brigade that is so good in Bogota read that Friday would be incredible to which really is incredible. That that you know the disk could be so much better in the animation is simple enough it's good enough for little kids. Stay here Ed it would be the same characters are back and now we've got Johnny Depp. As secure lock in gnomes produce you know bloop sentence solving the disappearance of other the lawn ornaments. It is absolutely as silly and ridiculous as its balance and I just never got into it. There was nothing about the animations stories that you were. That really appealed to me so against Lucic who like of course when militants went to but again I can't imagine anybody else wants. For Aaron Mike Mayo will sit with the little kids and watched that once free. Yeah and I and it's better then these strangers prayed at night and this is a sequel. To do strangers which is the horror film allegedly based on the true story to other commentators who attacked an assembly. Boy here we've got another family that soft spot taking number one daughter to college. She doesn't wanna go they stopped. That a campground which turned out to be kind of eerily deserted and of course there is an attack. But I these these people in masks that's the source. Christina Hendricks and senate but this is not a recommendation to our fans either. I don't like it's got a more this. But it's amazing is when really didn't do didn't that I hadn't seen him do before. And neither better know. Were I got enough real nightmares of my life I'm on I'm so I went wide right to a greater. I remember Angelina Jolie. Why can't they then they get to determine the reason that they did very well these Porsche based on the video game well now. That we passed that along to. Village of offender accused. Do have gotten our whole lot of press lately and X Makinen the Danish girl. Very good actress. And then they're playing dealt with cheesecake it's always been part of that do have franchise back from the days it was a video game. Then this is more kind of your standard. Outdoor adventurer like Indiana Jones. You know running through the jungle kind of thing and it's kind of an origin story afford to lose all of that however our father disappeared and she became. This or yell at just adventurer. I can't it's I guess it does okay hateful what is sit out this but I am just not a fan. And generally a movie based on video games and play video games I don't understand the pacing government. And to meet they just don't work as newbies but that is probably same warm up meet any ideas about that. I'm I'm with you on that Mike I can't stand to watch films that are that are filmed the way those city games aren't very disconcerting to me an idea is one of those things that I think is. The difference between somebody in their teens and early twenties. I don't know how old you are I'm 47 it feels like it's just not working for me. And and I'm I'm older than Nat and I don't think you're right it is a generational change. And then they are. The younger viewers are or more keyed into the moon more accepting of it look. And I very you know make this from very small it's that time had Wii U they won't talk about the incredible to that it really is. That one's worth going to the theaters tourists on this gonna take a pass on all the stuff this week can get in it to extra hours of sleep and stuff Steve and Mike may kill our movie guy among decimated dot com. I'll always enjoyed talk to deal thank you.