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Plus no one many out who else could we ask that question to. But my mail from Mike de Mayo dot com. Mike first of all good morning. Good morning here and I guess this week in terms of what's new on video and all boils down to avengers infinity ward. Yeah that that's the only one that I did this weekend with good reason this site gentlemen that looks. The most popular movie of the year or so far Islam did it really gets very very well and theaters and it's sure to do just as well. I think on dvd and paper view. It is the kind of most recent entry into the marvel universe. And help this big fans of these movies. I loved this movie and they have every right to. I'd kind of does everything that this sort of maybe the post and its. I didn't like it because I don't like what the marvel movies have become. Where they keep adding in characters this one brings in characters from all of the movies that he's eighteen movies that they have made in the last ten years. Beginning Morse Iron Man and ending with a black pants Serb last year. And it's because of that there are 2.5 main characters here. Alphabetically they go from and it meant to winter soldier. And they're up against this guy named fantasies. Played by just bullets. And he sees big unit got all of the Infiniti stunts he's going to rule the universe and destroy it and blah blah blah. But there's just so much and here it is so overstuffed. That I never really got involved with the action. Of course all the special effects are right up there with the best they know how to do this time. Complete it's got a lot of humor intended really needs that you were too so that they're kind of playing it. I slightly tongue in cheek but the other thing about this this this movie is more than two and a half hour long and it is the first half half of the larger story that they're gonna tell I think its engine up next year or year after. And then we will kind of enter a whole new chapter in in the marvel universe. But. The other and the final thing that everybody's so it and they I think everybody does already. Is good about the end of the movie up about half of the main characters are dead. Now I'd put dead in quotation marks here. Because everybody knows that that an amoral we feel like this that you may kill off one of the main characters. For a little while but he or she will be back. Read as soon as he or she is needed. Because they are simply making too much money to get rid of a particularly you know black panther which just you know that was the big hit last year. They're not about to end that series now I think you know that these you know these these guys will return very very soon. I really like that good early marvel movies where they've really depended on the characters and that's what I like about black pants are too I'm not that popular than many church really interest thinks. I got involved with them I did the same thing was the first tired mentally start. But now they're just there's so much going on of these that the the financial won't get all of this stuff. The rest of us I think if you haven't seen a lot of these movies that this is not a very good place distort you will not understand what's going all out. Yeah even if you Oregon but the Fred you may not understand what's going all. But that's not important you will enjoy the spectacle of it and the fans like just say look it the rest of us that there's a lot of other stuff out there many amateurs and. I'm baby Emma Sam but I really enjoyed it I thought it was a close really good. I thought it was interesting the way they thought there was like all I was like the movie was played out on three like three separate fronts meanwhile over here now meanwhile over here. And so that thought that was an issue but yet you're right. Just waiting for infinity war part two that's already know and say oh yeah and you don't really hearsay in don't worry prepay before we let you go Mike guy interesting news over the weekend where the apparently the Marilyn Monroe nude scene from the misfits has been found. Yeah and apparently John Houston the director. We cut it out he did he thought it was unnecessary well okay. And there have been stills from it. Were included and the dollar Blu-ray edition and I think it's. Of of the ministry that's when it came out several years ago I mean it's it's been known about for a long time I really Cowell be surprised if anyone. Really takes the time to do any kind of full restoration of its. And incorporated into the film more or keep presented separately. But yeah there are a lot of Maryland fans out there and inquiring minds some shooters sure want to to know exactly what this looks like it's. And what to study it very carefully when it ever is made available. Yes indeed a day Mike we appreciate it is always have a Dylan. Take care my mail Mike Nash may have died down.