New Plan Targets Legal Immigrants

John Reid
Wednesday, August 8th

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Immigration continues to be him. The top issue for a lot of folks who were monitoring the trump administration and they're not backing down. The administration now looking at ways I'm told to prevent legal immigrants from pac. Actually becoming US citizens are WR BA reporter bills and for joins us this morning. We've details on this proposal bill. Good morning John yeah out they are upping the ante even more here it appears that. I guess is going on John and drug administration is putting the finishing touches. On a plan that would affect that twenty million plus legal immigrants in this country who. Bob May be looking for to get a green card or might be have a green card and looking to become US citizens here's what the doing. They're putting now that touches on this plan that would make it more difficult for legal immigrants in this country who abuse programs like Obama care children's health insurance. But food stamps things like that. To actually get citizenship or their green card are so in essence they're trying to dissuade these people from going on any type of a federal public assistance. If they wanna become a US citizen. So this is who the next thing that could happen here and like I said it could affect more than twenty million illegal immigrants. And it would require only executive order no congressional approval. So what this is the next thing in the pipeline here this is normally something that is done under what's called the public charge rule which is being around the really since colonial days congress first took action on an 1882. But usually it comes up when you have. Got time to weak economy your high unemployment. Not the case right now this is just another move by the drop administration to take a hard line approach on immigration. And is there a perception problem here the public charge claim was that the same reasoning that we use to keep. Certain refugees a Jewish refugees out of the gas a US a pre World War II. The other that's when the public charge rule which he used them mainly what you think of the masses of people who were coming through Ellis Island. That that's when it was used for the most part. If you look at the S statistics on this. You have they in the decade of the 1910 to 1928. You had maybe about 20000 don't know I'm on its way higher than that I'm talking about. Mean that 60000. People between 1910 in 1920 who were stopped up and coming into the country 1920 to 1930 that dropped down to about 40000. 1970. To 1980 you have about thirty people so it was mainly used in that time when people were flooding and Ellis Island other than that we were were really haven't had any useful this public charge law. And what it's basically designed to do is to stop people from being a burden on the federal government and Department of Homeland Security John is saying this is mainly. Just to protect the American taxpayer. Now it's if somebody for the trump administration were on the show would they also claim that this is. And image issue. To say to those who look at the United States says their golden tickets. Not just a golden opportunity but the golden ticket where things will be taken care of for them. To change that dynamic like don't come here expect us to pay your bills for you as that would they would claim. EEL I you know for the people that are not yet here I I think that would be that that would be a good message for the people who were already here legally. What you're telling them is look up we know that you can only probably only get a low paying job once you're here but don't count on us stay healthy out. The day and be as hot as in essence may be they're they're gonna forced them either to make a big decision here -- you hear the stories about people working eighty hours a week to try to to support their family immigrant family in this country I think it's really forcing their hand assay don't expect any help from Moscow. I if you wanna become a US citizen. And are you gonna have to work your tail off or else go back to your home country. Yeah well that maybe they're very points this stuff is tough TNT they were talking to bills emperor. RW RDA reporter who handles international news force and news out of DC. Listen what's the latest on the the families that had been separated and a lot of people were really focused on that story weird where is the trust administration on that. Issue and the deadlines that were approaching him. About Seattle's deadline to past and IAA is it not a whole lot has happened here because after the final deadline passed about a week and a half ago. The top administration said look there's a chance that some of these people who were separated will never. Be reunited for various reasons and if we are kind at a standstill right now those efforts continue of course the president has said maybe the ACLU. Should take over the job but trying to reunite these people. But we're we're kind of at a standstill on that right now the government has reunited a number of children and families. However there are some kind hundreds that's still remain in no federal custody who may not be reunited with their families and some of those children go into the federal system. Very uninteresting and disturbing on on many levels bills emperor RW RVA reporter appreciate it thank you you're welcome depth.