No-Nuke Parade in North Korea


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RW RVA reporter builds them very is covering. The events in North Korea they had a big parade yesterday. But something was missing. Well their seventieth anniversary celebration was held on Sunday John and year out there was quite an assembly district usually is. I you have your goose stepping soldiers going through the streets of Pyongyang. You have everybody adoring Kim Jong on and waving flags you had some tanks rolling through you had artillery pieces rolling through down. What you did not have was missiles. Normally this is when they can put there missiles on display from their short range missiles to their Intercontinental ballistic missiles. The hauled through town as they show. On the air force. This time we saw none of the missiles. Definite signal from North Korea that. Maybe they are willing to live as a peaceful territory. And death and not worry about a nuclear program president trump responded John by saying that it's a big and very positive statement from North Korea he said thank you do chairman cam. However this does not mean that North Korea is ready to be nuclear rights anytime soon. There has been resistance on their part to provide inventory numbers to watch and to allow inspectors in to make sure everything is on the way we wanted to be done on the rest of the world wanted to be done. So still mean a long way to go here but. I think a positive sign from North Korea that these missiles. Were not involved in this parade instead they did have some military displays but they also conducted mass games they also held a concert. In honor of the seventieth anniversary it may be a sign that North Korea once delivers a peaceful country however. And maybe they want to remain a nuclear country will have to wait entry on that. And we saw last week that South Korea and North Korea at least tentatively agreed to have agreed to a three day summit. And that will be job that the next syndication we get as to how blood North Korea plans to move ahead with denuclearization. Mood. Jong-un. And one of the things high on the agenda will be the denuclearization. Process they also wanna talk about continuing to improve relations between north and South Korea. And and North Korea also which standing by on one of its demands to I get a peace treaty that there must include the United States is well. Because the armistice from the Korean War was never really formally declared a peace treaty. North Korea wants that as well they'll probably talking about that but that'll be an important meeting coming up beginning September 18. Bill let's switch gears for second and talk about Syria air strikes on the rise again in the ad lib province. Yeah out they've been going on for the last 72 hours in fact. The Assyrian observation of human rights over they're backed group has said. That they're been over a thousand airstrikes in deeply province in the last 72 hours including Russian aircraft. And Syrian aircraft as well. Everybody is waiting for the major offensive to take place now last Friday the leaders of Russia Iran and Turkey met in K Ron. To try to come up with a solution. For what is about to happen everybody believes and Heatley province. But I know solution was to reach so we're kind of in a holding pattern here waiting for Bashar Al Assad and his government forces to make the next move. The United States branch and the UK have all said John that if Al Assad uses a chemical weapons in this offensive they will intervene. And there was also a report over the weekend that says that Al Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas in this offensive. Right now everybody is just kind of waiting intensely for things to happen. Wow I mean that is that's the Red Line that everybody's been talking about a RW RDA reporter bills and for covering. By international news force this morning appreciate it thanks.