Political Side of Iran Deal Pullout


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Yet Donald Trump continues to dominate the headlines but yesterday it was kind of a unique situation. I tell you why would you agree with the Iran deal or not. It was. Almost I think the picture perfect way to roll out. An announcement Stephen Farnsworth is a professor of political science. And the director of the center for leadership in media studies at the university of Mary Washington and you know he's the author of presidential communication and characters so is the perfect person to talk to. Professor Farnsworth would you agree with me here take your personal opinion my personal opinion out. Of the mix about what the president said yesterday. He announced in advance what he was gonna say he had the event where he. Formally announce that he was pulling out of the Iran deal he didn't. Get distracted and then afterwards he didn't go crazy. Tweeting and stuff and everybody was on the same page for once this. This seemed like kind of the perfect way to do this at the communications work out of the White House I was really impressed. We know I didn't think that that's right in terms of the way that this was a rolled out you had. A president acting and more presidential way and sometimes the case. If you think about the way that the president has tweeted about the Muller at the age or about. The health care bill or about immigration or about. Just about everything you can see that. It might present from his own worst enemy. In terms of the way he handles things on Twitter. Oh when you look at this particular policy. You've do you have a very clear. Effective message about where the president stands disclosed. Has something that people who had heard from trump talking about. The issues of Iran during the campaign this is what they expect that. Now I think it's important to point out that this was a campaign promise that he started talking about way back early in the campaign during the primaries. And as of yesterday he kept the campaign promise don't you think that has a lot of cash shake and value with the average voter did you know. Promises made promises capped a lot of politicians just can't do that. Well add that'd been one of the challenges they think. Four up from Britain felt bad for the president well you say the candidate that Ali match up with what you choose to do it and if you think about it. The comment that that we. The American taxpayer would have to pay for that border wall ride on the the Mexicans would take or when you think about repealing and replacing obamacare outburst that you think about having. Tax cuts. And not increase in the deficit mean there are a lot of reality. Issues that intrude on what president promised in part because PE. Did the voters of this country expect presidents to do. A lot more. Than they are capable to do yeah it's I think a challenge for every president to deal with. Our system of limited government. And they're very high level public expectation. That voters have Kirk help president and dramatically redirect the country it just doesn't happen very opt. Yeah I were Robert a lot of my lefty friends who were big Obama supporters are still mad with him about promising to close gitmo and not successfully tooling that after eight years or talk and a Stephen Farnsworth professor of political science. And Mary University of Mary Washington do you think they'll be. The large scale political fallout. In the United States over the decision to pull out of the Iran deal I don't know if we ever poll how popular that. Deal wisely you know Democrats seem to like President Obama. Committing us to that. But where do you think the public opinion is right now on the issue. I think a lot gonna depend how this plays out over the next couple moves. I'm a look at port recognizes that Helio Ryan deal with my could be on the cot and that's most voters. Would have priority care a lot more about. I'm making sure that there's a security and retire sure that they are good job. That the economy saying help the question of how. Care education for children I mean there's so many tanks. The exit poll will show there are a bigger deal than just about any foreign policy issues and the Iran India wouldn't even be at the top foreign policy issues. I don't know if so you're you're looking at 80 am are a situation where a lot gonna depend on sort of how our laundry acts what the next move it. And it there's a military conflict than it goes south probably. Oh absolutely I mean right now the running government says that they want to try to keep it Steele ally with the other party it's a great. The US does not the only part of this agreement with Iraqi law perhaps. The UK you know transient Germany Japan you know China and Russia so. In the other country does in the United States all want to keep it feel well so it may needed big consequences of their relatively middle. But but if things do go south if you could imagine a situation where the Iraqi Government does okay. We're gonna the inspectors out they're not going to be any kind of provisions for. I was watching whether or not Iran is following this deal and they get out epidemic. I'll ramp up some kind of nuclear weapons preparation program remember this as a country that has already. Some will some distance down the road towards building its own nuclear weapons they and then of course who wouldn't have noted that it's going to be a very big deal. I think that that the challenges. Is is really going to be in that next move or true by the Iran and how they treat mr. react so far they reacted the way that suggests that may not be as. Big a deal that could be so I will get very big deal. A serious topic and that's where the rubber meets the road and foreign policy and that's it gives you all yeah all mother book to write I'm sure Stephen Farnsworth the author of presidential communication character and professor of political science. At the university of Mary Washington and we were always appreciative when you're on the program thanks. Thank you.