Positive Spin for Trump's Putin Meeting

John Reid
Tuesday, July 17th

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For the reaction to these summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's. President of the United States in the president of Russia yesterday. Has been off the charts. For the last 24 hours who could have for cnet's just. Because local talk show us right Sean Janet hit Kenny is the former a former official of the Republican Party Virginia. Now a political blogger and we're glad to have you on the program this morning Sean. What is your take on age this summit yesterday. And the president's performance and be the reaction from people who might have a an interest in Donald Trump's success Republicans. Toward the edge are interpreted got a shipment shall have yeah first and foremost but there. You know this is one of those instances where you know ever knew collectively you know we can dig deeper than Paris future export order it straight. Into the game of high stakes poker and are just for the United States of America for the social patriot. What for the Russian Federation and the Democratic Party. You know for the do you really want to attempted to kind of backed up and see the torture as it is. Take the opportunity and take 45 minutes and listen to the entire press are urged. Who raiders and AT. Where the ones who were able to ask questions. And instead of asking questions about you know the readiness of NATO instead asking questions I'd be escalating tensions in Ukraine. They were once again it's still more interested in the vital issues of the Democratic Party may worry about survival of the United States. Or could be increasing tensions between the United States and Russia are only look at me you can Harold concerns about how the president may be inches from the questions street view. A splendid job no. You know sub optimal maybe. You know by all but having been said you know that really concerns that are going on that summer or shall much larger than politics. And you want to get and the democratic establishment and the media arms seemed to want the focus on why Hillary Clinton lost and the fact of the matter is not because of the Russians and a couple of we just because they ran John Kerry in a and it shouldn't. And we just haven't gotten over the fact. That they got beat so yeah you know it's a real shame that they can't focus on what it's far more important in the structure. I am which great frankly is is rehabilitating. You know good the US or through a ship that. Quick preclude the person's right it suffered over the last 25 years. Route through through you're just just poor management always Cold War both parties. And it desperately need to rehabilitation because of its not occur. The consequences will be kind of in human lives not just euros. Well I can't argue with anything you said there and I and I do have to point out the hypocrisy of all the people who were attacking Donald Trump yesterday the same people who loved it when Hillary showed up with her little plastic reset button. You know a decade ago they thought that was in a fantastic strategy then and now of course they and they laughed at Mitt Romney. When he said the Russia was a problem sides do think there's hypocrisy on the Democrats part here but. Is it that surprising to use the Donald Trump would. Voluntarily. Step up to a press conference where we can you know moan and groan and say gosh the press. Asked a bunch of questions which are favorable to the Democrats and that's kind of shortsighted on their part but she knew those were going to be the questions. That at least the press conference started where us and why put yourself and that's spot that's that's what I keep coming about why. Subject yourself to question which you probably can answer. Really really well and get it to go away why do that. According warriors make you're gonna have these billions of staffs and whatever questions they feel they chain patent so. Yet they know they have the president a place for each track they notary Kara whey can't he can't just wait this can't lead putting yourself and or bad sports at all definitely he put himself in Helsinki of course. But you know leaving his bid warriors late Pete put him in that box now. They know their tiger gap probably they knew the track more than likely going to stumble through this questions. I think they knew what their reaction was going to be you know that look at me. What answer were they going to give that would have satisfied either warriors BA keyword. Then all I know. To people and that's why you don't put you out of that spot Huckabee you're never gonna be able to get out. We have no choice but to put yourself in that spiral you mean you're the leader of the free world you're going to have to do it to arrow into questions meat free perhaps. They can literally spin the roulette wheel and figure out which question they wanna have a mean. Yet that's that's just a reality of of the situation. If you have a summit. If you have a summit with a guy who is seen as your nemesis if you choose to do that that's what I'm puzzled by it. But can't look before I'm watching the clock and I'm sorry I am a media time to let me ask you who from up it's over with that happened yesterday nothing can be done about yesterday one way or the other the president made his decision. And I guess he's happy with that but what do you think this does to the GOP in the short term and long term come what does it do to the president in the short term term. And now actual negligible the GOP in the short term and long term it's actually quite are the most and what you're prudent compared you can put 80000 men in Warsaw on a week in Berlin and you need to talk to this man you need to have be some that you need to lessen the tensions in the in Eastern Europe. Even the cost of your political career eerie image and even at the cost of heating rocks furniture by the rest. We look good look tough call but they the president made the right call meeting with prudent. And and that the end of the day yet that's what kind of leadership you need new ordered B escalate tensions with the process saying right now. Next week we'll be talking about some other crisis somewhere else in the world you know move on that to whatever their outrageous that they will be. Well let's hope so. Sean can you talk to former official with the Republican Party Virginia and now what is your blog. You know it's the Republicans standardized. Immediate Earl and the Democrats just went out with their own version of it that today as matter of fact that Mercury but. Doubt the Republican standard dot com. It's you know great what secret information. Preacher in Europe. I will do that Sean Kenny thanks so much for joining us this morning appreciate our baser.