Previewing the Caps Parade


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Yeah the big question this morning if you're on I 95 headed to DC is how many people will join you. For the victory parade for the Washington Capitals as they. And show off the Stanley Cup. Bringing it back to Washington and bring you to Washington the first time Mark Davis is the sports director for NBC twelve and mark did you spend the night up there last night I hope you. I actually ya know we are making earlier. Morning we actually do drive and watching here and were out navigate your way through to our capital arena pick up far up athletes are. We're gonna we're hooked it over to the parade and you know out. DIA it's been prime without a capital slate Melinda and checked other silica. Or so what's it look like right now I 8 o'clock this thing doesn't start what till eleven so we've got a few hours. What exactly but they you know you look particularly need traffic around the city you know. Combined with rush hour it's been a little bit complicated getting around of course but you also have you know all the people go to the parade and you know social media lead you to believe that there are already what people over the parades Slaton a rally site a lot. I think they said they're expecting about 300000. People. Is the F mid dot com uttered the parade and actually. John we're sitting here right for Capital One arena looked like Fiat. Capital themselves or are passing violent but does. Security for the parade and started Fiorina so locked you out pretty exciting day and a lot of energy era in the city so far even though it's early morning. So what's the story is rich and really one of the hot beds of support for the capitals I'm I read somewhere that we with a fourth biggest. Am. Television. Market for boon for the playoffs. Yet that that's right John you know I especially your predict gained 45 especially Richmond was not number four behind. Las Vegas DC and Baltimore so on you would definitely you know a lot of support down here and die you know why it's especially with just that you know the capitals being here and now path now I will tell you that that hot the other your cup finals Richmond is off the top ten nationally mom. But the numbers are never this speaks so I don't what the what the apples being in it everything like that definitely Adam Blake didn't and it was definitely definitely a hot bed definitely yeah Elliott set up where cops in the nation's a lot you know Richard ritual like it's it's NHL like the capitol. Yellow Britain's got along hockey history AM impact right but the renegades and and I used to as a kid would watch the Richmond Robinson mr. people you can who grew up watching hockey enrichment and this is there. Opportunity do what do you expect to see today. Has starting at 11 o'clock your wits with those big crowds I guess you've got to Buena try to get up above it. Well DA won't let you know you'll be able what do I expected BP's feet Alec apple apart have been party and I looked up I. I expect if you a lot of what you're job it really letters so you Russert today Ileana because they believe the stand up I don't know but it's gonna be it's gonna be lighting could be a great day. Bomb I think. The mood is light up here. There's a lot of celebrating to be had Kiki which would mean our location here it does sixth street your capital arena or in the park is that you know he he capitals since walking by what the smile plot device excitement you know I think he's he's been waiting for a while here and there route thirty rock and roll and kinda. Really embraced this team end and it's kind of enjoy the moment I think it'll be in the last stop. Few days since last Thursday's enjoying the moment Ned just you know. Tried drinking. Live and and and and then. And what sort it would be more that Marc Davis the sports director at NBC twelve I know it's going to be. Exciting and historic morning beer in another nation's capital and for those of you work for the federal government up in DC who may take the commute. To Washington it said even if you don't like Donald Trump it sounds like he has told. All the federal offices up there to give everybody at least two hours off today so that they out of the parade so hey. Even if you don't like Donald Trump's policies you can applaud him for doing that right back. CDC called didn't do not even close so ideally the federal government. And dad and his treatment nice Mark Davis hates fags I hope it's a great morning and we'll look forward to seeing your report on that channel twelve tonight. I appreciate haven't interviewed absolute thanks.