Previewing SCOTUS Pick and Putin Meeting

John Reid
Monday, July 9th

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Here we are standing by today. Waiting for president trump to make his announcement this election. For a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States that's expected tonight at 9 o'clock we're gonna have live coverage beginning at 8 PM. You're on his radio WR VA but this morning we'll talk to Stephen Farnsworth. Professor of political science and the director of the center for leadership in media studies at the University of Mary Mary Washington. The author of the book presidential communications and character. And Stephen glad to have you here what do you make of the four names. Who had been listed as the most likely choices. A for the president tonight. Well I I think all four of them are relatively safe choice and so the president. You're looking at four people who've already been confirmed by the senate or appeals court lower court depositions and that is make makes them somewhat well known category I think that. One of the weaknesses of this from president Jacob are different looking to people who don't have enough experience in government you've taken. Positions and then players with a case out about some of the people who work pretty quickly found that kind of blown up and shake them so I think the fort choices that we're talking about today. All seemed to be more likely than not to face confirmation either no Democrats don't like it ought to. Yeah Brad kava and author Raymond cap sledge Amy coney bear it and Thomas Hart lemon. And all of them I guess you know if you if you have been a judge in your in the public's fear their bound to be some things you have ruled on. Which would make you a target for political opponents to try to beat you up. It's strikes me this Amy column Makoni Barrett has been no singled out. In an odd way over the last week what do you make of the the criticism. Or at least critique maybe it's not criticism but the but does the critique it's been offered of her and her personal life and her religious life. Well I compared the end they issue it becomes someone megapixel credible well in her case because. I think she is perhaps the most strident. Religious figure of the war in terms of her background as a young activists are pro life and her. I'm very good I extensive writings will respect to religion compared to the other street you also been on the but appeals court for the shortest amount of time and her nomination pretty recently about a year ago. What he controversial produce lower court position and so but you have folks like Sean Hannity who are pushing it. I'm pushing her but he's clearly in the final round being taken very seriously by the president. But GM the challenge I think for our president competent to figure out a way to thread the needle offer up. A conservative nominee that is going to be relatively easily come armed. At the same time offering up a conservative nominee is gonna have a lot of enthusiasm. On the part. I'll conservatism. I think that one of the reasons why Donald Trump as president today he speaks are when he was a candidate for president you put forward a list of about two dozen seriously conservative. Side choices that you control if you president of these. Of course record opportunity. And then that lit I think really convinced a lot of Republicans who may not have been all that it is the epic about trump that he had a genuine conservative and toe. I think what you see is it will roll out of the promised that he major Republican. Back in the days and who the candidate 12016. And bad and so you have those those names comptroller but no doubt about it. She would be the most controversial pick of social war. We're talking to Stephen Farnsworth a professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington. Let me ask you about them concerns that are popping up about president trump having one on one meeting with Vladimir Putin. He in the coming week. Why would the president choose this moment to have this sort of one on one meeting with. Leader of Russia it sounds like there's no. Deliverable. Dead necessitates that meeting so why do it did did. This Mino from a press standpoint the job that I used to have I would say hey why give the media an opportunity to rehash all these negative stories true or untrue. About. Collusion with Russia why do that diskette the guy on the phone you don't have to deal with the same press coverage in my missing something. I think the real challenge. Working on Donald Trump's White House team. Between what it is I think you're exactly right from the public relations and quite it does not take care. Puke. Go out of your way to look at the top recruit him in a very public. And carrying visible way I mean after all these folk and pop on the home away from the kind of assure you that the president would get would put attache to treat me that have. Apple later this week it didn't politically speaking it's not it's just not Smart. Plot as you mention it up there there isn't any you know and you can see that from the backlash that those Republican senators who ran. The end you're talking in Moscow last week. I'm in terms of there public relations they spent the fourth of July and rush yeah that they were being seen as. A month or less focused on America and more focused on Russia. Made it important to remember you know take a step back here in Russia is a country that is. Violated international norms over and over. If you think about that situation in Crimea or in the gone regions of Ukraine Ukraine an independent country but Russia and great they're like it's their act you are right on them who the west has put forward sanctions and a whole bunch of other between. It is truly horrific situation occurred in our Crimea and in the number location in the Ukraine who based this. Correction occupations. And tool away from sanctions or to talk about weakening them this is not productive I think that. A Russian needs to be treated like the girls that cry at stake that it should be for this op continuing occupation. And it's not the only lights were Russ there's been a threat to peace if you. Look at beyond the extent to which. You have the Russian occupation of Georgia another nearby country on the if you look at the continuing investigation. We're respected media Bill Mueller. Our study of what Russia might try to do to manipulate the classic. 68 election I mean even though we don't have any evidence right now about whether or not fumbled the ball is clear from bill basically is another thing with the ruptured we're trying to manipulate. Election going sixteen to help trump but there are people on the trump he or willing to work for the Russians we know that much. It is absolutely. A core political choice for Donald Trump to do this. But what Donald Trump is doing is what Donald Trump whopper dot. He's making his own judgments about what he's saying makes sense can someone tell him not to do something that increases as seems likely that he's actually going to do. It may make him doubled down it does seem like that Stephen Farnsworth stuff from the University of Mary Washington always appreciate having you on the show thank you.