Primary Day in Virginia


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Let's stay local for a few minutes here Martha Coakley is they can write Cook County registrar. And mark joins us now on this primary day to talk about turnout expectations. I suspect that hill right go if you if you survey the entire state him right joke. One would expect would have a pretty decent turnout I think mark is that what she Waller looking forward to today. John there's no we're expecting. Pretty brisk turnout. Especially in the morning hours as everybody gets ready to go to work. Appreciate you having me on prime time in front of all the national news. We do wanna get the voters are well aware that today is primary Election Day. And the seventh congressional district there's a democratic primary. The US senate is a Republican in the fourth congressional district in the eastern part of county there's also a Republican. Primary fourth congressional district. So help me understand how these numbers on primary day in June at the beginning of the summer. Stack up to rules like I November election in gubernatorial year or presidential election. Right that the number will be down. Who have smaller turnout has mostly your party faithful that that show up. In Virginia where all nonpartisan. Legal register by party in Virginia. But you will. Declare what Bala you want to pick up and vote today. So naturally the Liberal Party faithful out come out in June. So if I were to show up today at a poll in and right go I would stand in line I do I have to show an ID. You do yet this still photo identification. Who have not been you can vote a provisional ballot and bring the photo ID into our office and you count your ballots. By Friday how most people do have photo IDs tend and we do give out free photo IDs at our office to. OK I'm so I show my idea and then I have to say please give me the Republican ballot for the Democrat ballot and obviously they'll be different races. Depending on which ballot I ask for. Exactly yes and we'll have plenty of sample ballots ups he'll know ahead of time. Which ballot you want to choose from. This is gonna sound like a dumb question aren't you know the answer but just to be clear I can't vote in both. Patton think of it is to separate elections happening on the same day if you're gonna pick what election you wanna go again that's correct. Now I remember in years gone by there's been discussion about that people being shady and and there are Republicans but they wanna pick the worst Democrat to run against their person or. They're Democrats and they think you know let's picked. The warmth this person we think is the worst Republican to run against our candidates. Are there any rules about whether or not you can legitimately vote in one of party primary or the other. No we were you couldn't Millwood can challenge a voter as to what party they pick we do not have challenge system for picking a party. Again were all independent and Virginia. And then you'll pick your party today. In the ballot which diverted and. Bearing interest things are no security has been an issue want a variety of different fronts distant right does still have touch screens and to have have you all been able to. I guarantee that these things are secure from hackers and the like. Sure John no we we went to a optical scanned paper ballot back in 2015. We don't have the touch screen anymore. I do want to mention one of the thing with security is we have 55 schools as polling places. And schools are open today. So have some patience probably shouldn't go round when the buses are being delivering the students. We have secure rooms for the podium closure area. Petr away from students for apparent concern. Really interest in Bob Bob be remiss if I didn't ask you about the hackers stuff we spent a lot of time talking about Russia as you know. And has there been any upgrade in the last. 1224 months where you feel like you're confident that no one is able to how. Hacking into the final tally system. Sure little horror of election equipment is not tied to the Internet. What the Russians may try to act didn't do is the voter registration system and the state. Today he we have win on the toughest security measures send in databases around in the nation. We plug state borders one. Who veto awards for their service and further server. So we feel pretty confident that no it's gonna get into your voter registration information. Of that now behind door soon real fast where would someone go if they're looking for the location of where they're supposed to vote if they choose to vote today. That's great if you wanna go to Q if you're in and record county queued to. And right to die US and slash or registrar. And now or call us that 5014347. And will be guided certainly to you're correct polling place. A little Billy Google and not help you figure that out Martha Coakley are here right Cook County registrar really appreciate. That insight today and we wish you well hope they're no problems hopes and basically I don't know that's thanks mark.