Rep. Taylor Troubles and Corey Stewart

John Reid
Thursday, August 9th

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Doctor Quentin Kidd is the chairman of the government department that Christopher Newport university and stops by every now and then took. Give us his assessment on politics here in the commonwealth. And docs get I'm glad glad you're with us today gosh so many things are happening and it's supposed to be slow in August you saw the story about congressman Scott Taylor. And certain members of his staff now being investigated for what appeared to be fraudulent signatures on. Not the the the effort to add an additional named to the ballot down there what do you make of the of the stories as they've been reported so far. Well I mean it's self inflicted wounds. You know unforced error whatever analogy you wanna I wanna use this. Within ninety days of of an election this isn't what an incumbent wants to have going on. In outrage. Look if we just look at Ohio twelve. The rate stood. But the Republicans probably gonna squeak you know maybe a less than a thousand point win in a district it was plus eleven. Trump. The second congressional district was plus four truck. So you understand why. Kyra the Taylor is worried you understand why having a third. Third party candidate in the independent on the ballot it would be helpful. But I mean may be the case twelve. Party candidate played a factor there cease CY. They want that they would have wanted to add. Why would he do it himself I mean I I I hate seeing kind of endorse shady nests. Like oh well I wouldn't do it but if you wanna do it it's okay but felt quite frankly. Sometimes in politics you leave you know you let other people handle the dirty work and then you stand back he kind of embraced it there were at least that is the appearance I got from the press coverage. Yes that's today and that's what I'm sitting or scratch my head about idea why. But why. Do it yourself why have your own people do it and why engage in something that is so easily if it did get illegal. And easily found. And that's the problem I mean. You know. They're there for the public officials delegate Glen Davis says my name is even misspelled I didn't sign my name is misspelled. I mean that's stuff is easy to find out and so I don't get that part of it. M so I should say election official she's a copy could be let's make and everybody act bizarre election officials say they did not include the you know the sketchy signatures when they added the additional names I guess I guess somebody did review. The actual data that it does look at the number of the top of the page and say okay plus 100 plus one under and and do that in our that's important to note. Big board of election officials have to review names and make sure that there they're actually existing voters that are on voter lists that's that's what happens. It doesn't matter quite frankly if the name was to accept it or not if it is illegally collected that's for the violations who didn't vote along may have occurred. We're talking to doctor Quentin Kidd a who's the chair of the government department of Christopher Newport University what do you think about this new poll. It's been released by Virginia Commonwealth University here in Richmond the wilder school that shows the Republican Corey Stewart. Down by 23 points to the incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine in the US senate race here in Virginia think that that's. Accurate or are is this another case where a lot of people. Would support Corey Stewart but because he's been slammed as being racist they just won't tell a they won't tell pollsters the truth. Well it's yet this is that this is probably the most difficult time of the year the poll it's you know we're in late summer just before people. Surfing event going back to school a lot of people are on vacation. It's a tough time to poll the number and that is that it's a tough candidature in number and have particular poll that really jumped out of me is. Right now we have the president and ninety plus approval among Republicans. Course you're sitting at 66% approval. There are look there are large forms of suburban Republicans in Virginia. That. Appear not to be supporting Corey Stewart know whether they. Just whether they're Kirk's of the polling place by a deep breath or Barbara 'cause soccer or whoever else. And then go ahead and pass a book of course turnout is yet to be determined. But I think of course to resist 66% a little Republicans. That you know that's a difficult number to overcome and did you do any trail Donald Trump by about the same without. If you think about it they coarse dirt trails just can change so I think there's something to this. I do also note an asterisk that this is you know the dog days of summer a lot of people are gone. Yeah that's that is true and I I was I was reading comments online and actually talking to some people around town I was at a political event last night. You know there are a lot of people that. After that 2016. Election presidential election have the date jester never gonna believe another poll especially if it shows. The Republican down and they're convinced. That the media is attempting to. Kind of influenced these general voting population. Where its behooves the fake numbers. The other there have been multiple polls we will wolf see you don't know there will be more they come out after Labor Day after Labor Day. Back to school real. It's more real but you know what I look forward is are there multiple. Polling outfit that it did you know are independent come from different places. Seeing sort of the same thing and they don't give me is sent to the general trend going on here. You know all what do you heard about Corey Stewart over the summer all I've heard about is. Neo Nazi neo confederate racist comments and things like and so. If you remember the Republican inclined to wanna vote for the Republican candidate and that's all you've heard. You might help bolster yeah probably gonna sit this one out. Now Corey Stewart lets lets think analyze is. His race so far. I do think that there is an inclination to go after Republicans and just immediately. Slap a racist sticker on the man hope that it's sticks and men who missed some of that is just as a bias against Republicans and in some cases were. You Republicans are run amounts to much and say things that they should do anticipate could be misinterpreted even if they're not trying to be racist. But you of course Stewart continues to do things that play in my opinion into the narrative. That I assume he doesn't want out there like he tweeted yesterday. And then deleted did that this Muslim candidate who's running for governor in Michigan was. And crisis comedy. And then and then that went away I mean I don't know why it. I remember if I were talking to him as more of his consultants that said do you really want to weigh in on this race in that way because you know exactly what people are gonna do with that. Right anybody anybody who is who would be excited or energized by that tweet is already we if you. You need to you need to attract the economic anxiety. The voters who who may or may not be Republican but they still feel that economic anxiety. They want to support the president for several reasons they you know that there are voters out there to yet. She I don't think those kind of tweets get the voters that are out there to be gotten I think those kind of tweets. Speak to the voters that are already gonna support it and I think that's the mistake he makes them saying you know he's eighty. I think there's an economic message to be made there's a lot of economic anxiety out there. He's not making that kind of a message that have an argument to voters right. What will we see in September that's the question doctor Quinn kid chair of the government department of Christopher Newport University. Always appreciate the chance to talk to you and I'm sure we'll talk to leaders we are closer to November thanks.