Russia's View of the Trump-Putin Meeting

John Reid
Monday, July 16th

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It's it's okay. Yes possibly as a sociology professor at University of Richmond he specializes. In Russian politics and he is in Russia right now and joins us now lives. Jeff what's your initial assessment of this such trump summit that's taking place even as we speak in Helsinki Finland. Couldn't if it will be in trouble in a little dramatic. He didn't like them working in an archive here I have discovered that Kirk. Solutions Klain was an hour late getting in Finland and then trump was an hour late getting into the meeting place. So. Initially we had two big boys do it seems wants to demonstrate. Good bigger than the other by showing up late for important meeting so. It's better not to uninteresting starts so far apparently to look at photographs. The initial meeting was. But it corneal label apple and how they've gone off the winner compared interpreter here we have about a ninety minute talk ourselves yeah. So listen we're having followed Russian politics is closely is as you have what do you make of senator mark Warner's assessment that there's a possibility. That Putin is a former KGB agent and could actually. Play Donald try and trick you into doing something are. Or manipulate him. Mentally he's into conceding something that wouldn't be in the best interest of the United States. A couple of that's entirely possible and then didn't eyewear. An advisor to Donald Trump I would be big and very warning he is incumbent. Personally I experienced this for nineteen years he's been prime minister and president though he knows how to deal with other people. And we know use psychological tricks phenomenal when he needs vital America one is starting tonight we're going to want to eliminate you bring inaudible believable you know like Arnold. So. I would suspect what he's going to do. It is nice play to keep trumped trump an important. Play the kind of generic showed the two of them playing for example about the Russian investigation the United States. They're both kind of parroting the same line that the media Russians got nothing to do that for example. Some I could see the Vladimir Putin talking about how much more Russia and the US have in common that they. Do you actually European Union home ultra just insult about a day ago. OK I think he will be trying to play a little bit of a good cop and he strategy. At least for much of this meeting. Beyond that it's gonna be hard to say there's no real event detailed agenda could nom because spokesmen. The issue Costco office services. He basically a lot of speed he's got yeah he's gonna get to know you kind of leading. So I think Warner's. Yeah morning is on point and dumb. Don't try need to be careful not to give you giveaway the harm in this group urged to have. Com and kind of victory message coming out yeah. So we've wondered or little men are who we've wondered a little bit about why Donald Trump would take this meeting even if it wasn't as big a deal as it seems to be and enact. They're calling this a summit the world media is today here this is not just a photo op aura. A little private sit down after another. World gathering to what do you think Vladimir Putin's goals might be in taking this meeting in this particular Saturday. I have to believe that he understands that there's not that much that trump can promise immediately for example. Good would love and the sanctions but some congress I think yes when to say about that coming out Republicans and Democrats. Together. So that's gonna get much movement forward on that. IE. So expect that there. Private conversation is going to be. And come by it could be to stir the pot a little bit of an American domestic politics. And globally that is again use you're going to. Deny Russian acting and the impact statement borne out the blame that's actually your enemies in the US stirring up trouble. Or you've had all these problems with the European Union and NATO also do we were on the same side so that even a cargo. Concrete results. Now what he can do is they beat. And so could come of Trump's nervousness or. Fear or dislike or whatever for some of the differences between Europe and united made more. On the domestic politics and called and that way. He can put two more cracks in the trans Atlantic alliance. And Serbs some trouble back in the US. So my guess is that Warren are achievable goal and that's probably why and that he's going to attempt now. Interestingly. Donald Trump comes to an hour late plane couldn't game. Common well we complement the picture on the World Cup that you seem to be kinda tense looking at their faces so. Maybe he's going in with a little more car and one hopes. Well the Vladimir prudent in one of these smiley politicians he doesn't have to kiss up to. To his citizens the way others do I guess Jeff costs are on the first original let me ask you since you're in Russia. Now and guess how long have you been over there on this break. Ruder than okay so little bit of time to talk to people and and canyons and the deal what you what are people telling you about Donald Trump and have have you gotten any kind of reaction from mile folks that you're around as they watch this meeting domestically in Russia. I think the expectations for the meeting at low. It if there's a photo op for both leaders so there's a bit of the pinnacle impression about that more broadly about trump. A lot of curiosity. You know why do you like this particular kind of person at a traditional politician and what's wrong if in morning to make America first because that's what Putin wants you to Russia. Feel a lot about a hundred whoever Pete he become president they don't they're used to be more traditional. With politics work through we have. Supposedly democratic but not very democratic country so what is that there's some there's curiosity. And some support from. Some pokes and from the like promoters are kind of thing you would be crossing near the world the US backed up. Really is enters a regardless of place tie in in other parts where people just pop sociology professor at the university Richmond. But a specialist in Russian politics and really interesting to get your first hand account. As you interact with folks in Russia really appreciate it thank you. Or are.