Sebastian Gorka Drops By To Chat With Jeff!

Jeff Katz
Monday, September 10th

Former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka drops by to chat with Jeff!


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Jeff Katz news radio WRV. Eight it is Thursday afternoon we're broadcasting from Washington DC fair's hold their feet to the fire event. Twelfth annual event happy to add to be apart of it yet again. And the sheriffs that have been major part of this gathering this year been spending a fair amount of time over the White House trying to they share with the presidential team exactly what sort of a threats are opposed. But this border crisis the illegal aliens that are in the United States as well. Gemini used to be over in the White House and now I'm thrilled he's joining us for a couple moments doctor Sebastian work leader doctor Markus thank you for being here. My pleasure thank let's sell let's talk a little bit about tell all of the problems that are facing the world does M pretty sure the next morning minutes were going to be able to solve all right. Both students and if how are poor little bit closed and I don't want anybody to miss any of what you had to say let's let's start with the the issue that obviously has brought everybody here for for this event that the problem of illegal immigration. What do we do it. We. Followed the president's lead that we support. I think it's. Very apt for serious disappointment. Given its focus to remind ourselves. Why did Donald Trump the candidate. Build his presidential campaign it is thought that we moved. Economic measure it is raising tariffs it was a crisis east audited. That have been renewed for us to stand to have Villa. Was when senator Jeff Sessions endorsed him as the first sitting senate this. And that event was about one thing it was about immigration it was about building the war it's about allowing. The brave men and women who Wear the uniform of organizations like ice ths. To actually. To the jeweled eggs and to protect all Americans. From the threat I mean that the threat is so. Involved in terms of its scales. Because. It's not just terrorism. It's not just arms trafficking it's not just drugs. Its human trafficking. In and of itself in this is this is where. Perhaps. My conservative friends. Miss a beat. That left. Tries to always argue from compassion for all the emotional side from the humanitarian. It's whoever you vote for if you don't vote if you really head. Abouts. Condoleezza Rice on documents that you care about. Foreign student who are risking everything to come here but. To the phrase is illegal aliens. You know the best he could do for them this global. He wants to us that. All of these 121000 shall do the big issue was the children being separated from their parents race without photograph. That was the photograph that was forged okay metal on the it'll go those are not separated from a mob. The mother had taken her without her father's consent from Latin America through the United States. And we take photographs of you know the quote unquote cages which is actually an Obama era photo Graf. If you could just forget the politics but the fact. As a result of these children coming across the border we have 121000. Minas student in detention facilities answer. 101000. Would. Sent via without their parents. You what do you to be compassionate. You wanna protect the twelve year old killed. A six year old boy Newton. Make sure they're proud that parents don't send them on the lethal gen. To America. To be I think it was them Human Rights Watch from may be the UN it was not a hard court right wing organization. One of the that the left wing NGOs. How to statistic that three out of fool young women are raped on their way here by the coyotes. From him. So I don't care with your buddies on the support of rights if you catch every human beings children now. Stop the flow. On the way to do that to allow the VHS they constituted told CBP on me and build the war it's it's not rocket science. It's very simple part of and use use started this by saying we take the politics out of it and we deal with the facts we well we cannot tell me exactly where and which other pocket. I'm a child of of the Cold War I grow up and you KM to manufacture. I'm proud American. I think we have to go back in time and we we have to look at the example to get him Ronald Reagan you the quote unquote dons the man who spent almost twenty years traveling from GE plot to G keeps on giving lectures on the benefits of a private market economy and democracy in speeches that. He wrote himself. If it's okay to that that these awful for us today and for conservatives wanna be happy warriors and protect the republic now. Is you have to have the facts on the side. But on this especially. In the eighth drove in reality TV Donald Trump as the president the gold escalade. Can come bastion. You don't win over anybody. Today at least on a significant numbers. By a lot of numbers. And other policy paper. Feeding to the logical sites right it's about. What Reagan did he knew the truth he had the pulses. But he communicated them on a wave length that was emotional and compassionate. I think in many cases the Donald Trump those same thing because he talks from a who who's in common sense. He radiates authenticity he connects with steel workers in Youngstown Ohio it's a billion can we just think about that for a second. So I think I think we have to. We have to get better communicate. Well let's talk about that part of it then doctor G is joining us doctor Sebastian burqa because. And let me just that plugs it you know if you like we're hearing. I said school crawled Twitter at SE Biggio arcade. And also spent far too much time FaceBook. According to my life and check out new book coming up why we fight already up and analysts on you can order it now so go to Hamels on a check out why we fight so that's the commercial. I had so it's a wonderful thing it's a personal plug like that. You you mentioned Jeff Sessions earlier you talked about the had the ability of certainly candidate Donald tramp trump to speak freely and passionately connect with people. Is presidents Donald Trump still able to speak in connecting the same way and I want to address the dust up the continuing dust up with a bit his earliest supporter Jeff Sessions. Yeah I made a promise to the president matters I'm close to that I would moment. Attack any sitting member of the administration and Jeff Sessions is at least for the moment Soviets in general so I would keep myself to that promise. There are issues. Let me say one thing. As we've seen that in the last in the for a house with the new York times of the Washington Post. The deep state is not the theory it's not him for that territory they came out of the closet and keeps things. We must remind ourselves of what President Obama did in his name is in office because. Every aspect. A federal government. We'll lose who we we we we know the FBI was we know phys accords the legal warrants we welcome to a brand in the CIA Mossad as we get it. But that's one particular. The IRS. OK if you got the wood Tea Party or patriot in your application to view finalists Tokyo profit. Not Laura lynch. You know all of that. And of well when yap that metadata the other lady of the IRS was out to get it was out to get. But it did it it it's sunk as low. Let's. Remember the US boxes. Was it when the squeeze this is when it doesn't show about it what to what president. Deployed US federal home ranges. To go to. Less than a mile from where we are sitting dude put barricades around it to cool cool two memorial so US veterans could commemorate this fool them fellow veterans. Everything was politicize everything became number audience it but. Of all over politicized the federal agencies. DOJ was woods into the OJ was that the point is dead. Bruce Sewell the readily coached Eric Holder everybody else. So. Nobody nobody is there isn't so once Jeff Sessions. That let let me leverage is very clear it okay. If you think that you have a CIA stuff. You don't just says yeah okay so it's it's ST June stables. Don't be action mode and pray for them parade for Jeff Sessions. Those look. Slowest learner for exactly all right now let's talk about the the ability of the presidents to still connect with people because on the campaign trail Donald. It did there was something about Donald Trump as people were. Demeaning him and coloring him in the continue to do it obviously but. But there were these guys negative comparisons to Ronald Reagan and for those of us who grew up. First vote I ever cast was for Ronald Reagan I couldn't think of anything that was negative about Ronald Reagan. So is is president trump still able to get out there with all of. They are leading could and that's rhetorical collapse well when I was in the White House when he started doing it as president that this is great. I'm on one the president now that doing a political rally at least every two week even oh weakened to go he did three in a week that it it's buffs this burning them. House down every night when he does these things the via Wilkes 31 was amazing the Florida Juan. Then what was it Tennessee moved madam. You know it's stunning upset in the middle stories so we flew a year ago in June. It is to Youngstown Ohio for the present you what is going to be written Bradley's asked president. And we landed on Apple's long at a base maybe twenty minutes from the stadium. We have the image gets in the peace and calm void. Good thoughts. And as we drive this that you whip costing on the left outside. Well wouldn't you wouldn't steal it's what we costing. Closed down factory off the closed a factory moved down below to close them on the left. On the site just as far as you can see Americans waving you know them those thousands drives them I guess that's all. The stadium. As usual the presence in the back meeting greeting you know the the the local dignitaries. When the front I'm mingling take myself fees and people of the so I don't why people of self. And I. I'm talking to the people of Youngstown. I know within seconds that 99%. Of it would in the state. It was either registered Democrat or their parents holding Graham parents shawl to via manual laborers from mills. And what happens when it comes mostly to what happens when this move on the steps of State's office lady. The whole stadium erupts and and two chunks of drained the swamp USA USA. And you look at this and go to this guy's a billionaire real estate action. You know real estate magnate. Who owns golf courses in Scotland. Who hasn't had his own private massive shed. And the steelworkers than cheering for him and wanna tell you why. Because they look at this and they say. He may be rich. He may be matched one of those beautiful women in the world he made in most powerful man in the world now. Guess what. If Iowa and his position. I would also be eating big Macs and Apple's. That's the connection you can't fake that. Right this is why it way you know you see you know the all left to right. The politicians are trying to fake the connection yet. This kind of up affect anything make this the kid from queens who made it. And he's not. Everybody else we can real. Like in the Oval Office it was tools like so a though if you had a pulse and a grieving for the loss fifties. And social television rule of the newspaper gets what you know. Because as the public persona that prompted and then suddenly behind closed closed completed. Donald Trump is whether it's on the apprentice whether it's a full bowl stadium whether it's Leo you know giving interviews what he sees what you. In the Oval Office exactly this thing but the average American knows that. Yeah that's I love the rallies more moral them please head over just a second doctor G is with this and doctor Sebastian orca by the way give them. Plug here okay well that's a way to read a book that's out the Twitter the FaceBook so turner said school cuts so as CB GO RK day. FaceBook Sebastian walker very active on both of those little evidence of Graham looked cool enough but a little bit of its program. And then a new book you can order now and Amazon is called why we fights chicken out. Couple moments more with doctor G doctor Sebastian working happy to have to have him with us. Doctor G tell me. Does the president gets any money for this wall we have until what September the thirtieth really. To get even a dollar one for this wall is he gonna get at the. To be very frank. The taxes of one of the biggest come issues in terms of establishment GOP you let down the president. This is see this is a non negotiable. This is why the president Juan. And the fact that he's had to. Tryon dived it's free phones from the Defense Department budget. He's having to scrape together leftover phones from from other. Sources. Is an indictment. Involve. Republican establishment and and what I think will be a real test for November. He will be the that would there's no backing up the president will build toward that will be built the prototypes have been chosen. The building has started but much much more funding is needed. Com but I think November will be the true test all. A city before publicly I'll say it again. The GOP Republican establishment needs to understand the Donald. GOP not thank you picked. And if they don't realize that they will pay a penalty. Well are they not. Headed directly with the brakes off for that penalty right now I've ever seen a collection of people and these are at least in theory might people right. You know you look at them and go. Here you have a winning team you you're there then you're this close to the goal line at any yours somehow gonna screw this up but these are folks who could throw a one car funeral and they're still windy it. It is the bad is it and the good news is that the bad days as a failure story. Had lunch in the members. A dining room in congress we a couple of members of the freedom caucus. Thus has the look I'm an outside I would in the White House when I'm an audience like congress. Isn't as bad as I think it is is a conservative. And they said you have no idea the majority of the people here setting what I don't really care. And in fact if they care about anything this is Derek quote. They want the job in congress that gets them the SUV in the driver in the guard and the office with the fireplace. Sudden that's a quote from the congressman. Who. It that's not the founding fathers had in mind. But the good news is this president and this isn't hyperbole it it's just facts. And by any metric has achieved morn eighteen months than than any president in living memory. Whether it's a four point 2% GDP growth. The stunning unemployment figure is the repatriation of more than 300 billion dollars my private companies to create clouds and drove in America. You know the sheer fact alone on the we have oil companies thanks to the unleashing Anwar and fracking and everything else that is now offering 25000. Dollar cash signing bonuses. As a metric right and that's in nineteen month or will GOP get it. Look I think the president's goodies agendas fine in the in November I think they deride his his hotels but his the last election. In the last nineteen months and give you a list of the GOP congressman senators who have had the presence back. Because it's hundreds on that I literally hundreds. We can sit down right now we can come together with the 67. Names of who's got his back. Mark meadows Jim Jordan met gates leaves Elden. Debbie Noonan is a rule must wiped out the list. Let's not tell you. That's that's that's that's absent that is that seemed all right. Thirty seconds. Give us your. Give Richard Twitter your FaceBook in their books like to get all right thank you so much seven school days to it up at seven Boca as the BG OR KA. FaceBook Sebastien gold go a little bit on mr. Graham as well a new book super excited is why we fight. It's available and can order now on Why we. Fights thank you so much packaging will look forward to having you back again I'd be delighted in time thank you that is doctor Sebastian coworker Jeff Katz news radio WR via.