Serena vs US Open


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Yet this controversy. At the US open with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka Brian Clark is our ABC news correspondent is trying to. Catches up on what happened this weekend what the fallout may be Brian what's the latest. So while we're waiting for good everybody still talking not so much about Naomi who soccer team do you support the US open but about Serena Williams soon what's. That's up virtually outplayed by a soccer throughout but it which are. Got a lot going back and forth with the chair umpire Carlos while most events and tournament officials say it really. Sparked the controversy that is now not tied down with people questioned about some of the longer enforce state senate and if they're going to be change its. So walk us through what exactly happened as you mentioned Osaka. Abide by all accounts that I have heard this week and it doesn't sound like anybody's criticizing her play or saying that this was. Stolen from Serena Williams and given to an inferior player. This all comes down to whether indeed the wrath in this case is being more difficult. With women and whether he's calling out Serena Williams unfairly for things that other people got no way west. And that that's the big questions about the chair umpire Carlos while both that he had a reputation. Are its. All chair umpire who forces who didn't file the book he doesn't let much slide and that applies Pope Benedict was it in his career. Other chair umpires. Went a little more about what it did Reuters a man or woman it. Reddish hue or in the second set Serena each saucer read this coach courtside. He's answering or net stop allow competitors say any kind of coaching sort of code violation. Which is essentially a war it's sort of sloppy get a yellow card you know out of and that's that's why. What you didn't fool crow racquet. Later in fluctuation because she already have a code violation. Stopped at a point penalty and that's spilled over when she began arguing with Ramos again and then actually directly call what he. That is so purple hues another code violation and that becomes eighteen penalties whose content I hate to book the title be it's. This is the last two penalties they were talking about pat I mean how do you how. How do you who both certainly broken racquet how do you let that slide him into do you ever see a case where. The umpire says well that's not a problem. Didn't ever broke a racquet I know he's going to be something and then the last corner. Okay curry didn't even equal Saturday but if you question the integrity of match official that's. Going to be called 99.9. Percent of the parts of those are pretty standard and there was some players like racquetball I'm put. They they keep doing their first violation that may go pear essentially playing with a warning. So they don't do against Serbia the plot what what you got to be edge it went over a little bit more. It sounds like some of the other players out they're both male and female are rallying for server two Serena side and then I mean is that. Is that normal or we would you say that this is a unique situation where she's such. It's important elements in today's tennis world that. That they feel a need to rally terror side. They're beautiful there is okay there is more attention being paid here because it is so in the world if you did everything she got during the last year you confirm that the typical. Childbirth Kamal we've heard about that. That's incredible story in itself by. Where there were speaking up and it does make sense and you're right everybody does this. And didn't coaching happens frequently it's been courses aren't they not enforce it opens aren't. And I think once playing bad a lot of players Stenholm choirs spoken out about it. Okay the Grand Slam final mediation it has only directly to the code violation and I've seen it's many times before. It's from the saw Fort Worth the chair umpire would take insulin that you got to stop that girl next I was trying to eat healthy do you actually potentially life. She would try it's thirty in the 25. And instead of being pulled over with a warning tripled over given a ticket. In the central and I saw and a number of people commenting yesterday that they felt like the way the awards ceremony was handled not not to get into the symbolism of it that they. They really felt bad for Naomi Osaka that all the attention that did that Steve announcer almost apologize is that Serena didn't win the and that it was really unfair to. Nell Melissa and Naomi Osaka to be put in that spot beating any thought about that. Now wouldn't cut scene and student for the crown of the Ashe stadium on Saturday. We'll sit that you can't really hear the conversation that's going on on the courts and they necessarily. So what's going on agents also were either acquired or reached or getting shut losing. So that you actor might have been etc. that update she would be wrong but how big screen if you do a good job during that ceremony. I have recently been telling everybody you know noble that we could don't want a lot so much you're hurt should be able soccer speak out. Only eight feet. Help provide something of a better ending just just really a cultural scene in the guilt or soccer she's twenty years old. And she grew up idolize Serena or actually your first Grand Slam it would. More than three million dollars still I beat your idol that's not how he truly got it was you know. Damn well will keep O watching this week concede there's more fall I really appreciate you. A recounting. What happened and putting it in perspective for us Brian Clark or ABC news correspondent thanks. Thanks.