Sexual Assaults Increase on Planes

John Reid
Friday, June 22nd

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The FBI says that her. The number of sexual assaults reported during commercial airline flights increasing at an alarming rates. To talk more about that let's bring in aviation expert and former airline executive Jay Ratliff. So the FBI says that. Sexual assaults on flights are increasing. What. I think more than being reported I mean we've got a lot of great issues with disinfectant. Most of these assaults occur on the on longer flights normally agree didn't trans Eric continental flight there are three hours many times that ordered the white church dimmed. In many times alcohol obviously is involved or maybe someone didn't do it had built a bit too much to drink and they just cannot falsely then the next thing they know they wake up comic. Person next dome is doing okay well assault against some Al. Many times these are not reported to the flight attendants. Many kinds because passengers just feel trapped Gary. On board a flight in that particular situation and it's not until the airplane lands. And people the plane but it many times a passion your older and approached the police or an airline represented to a court what happened of course by then you have. Everyone off the airplane you don't have the opportunity to witness so let her interview anyone that might have witnessed what took place there and on the website give politely tell that you received very little reining. Both from the airline or law enforcement on how to address this particular type of situation when that a curse. To aid given the increase in some what you just said our airlines giving any thought to not serving alcohol. Well I don't know who they're there's always been discussion on lap two but the bottom line is that true. It's a revenue stream for them so it's something they certainly want to check to put to continue to do they tell their flight attendants look at somebody had too much to drink got a ball didn't move and then of course they do it many times that leads to these political onboard altercation permitting time we have never diverted flight because somebody exactly like an idiot. But as far as you know what the airlines really need to do those do a better job of policing people immediate area can do works. Apparently intoxicated or under the influence of something. Because you're peaking keep those particular individual off the airplane where many times we've already had to Muster great reporting we get to the gate. I you don't have an on board like problem at 35000 feet so once an airplane it's. In the air and they never very costly and inconvenient. Unscheduled landing begin. You know that individual off the aircraft can airlines are doing here are very bad job and mostly it's because the staff. We see pure pure agents at the gate. And Jerry were probably five years away from having a completely automated gate area. We don't have a nature at all and automated process. For everything is done Luke through computer first. Much like the kiosk at taken over the ticket counter areas worst checking them. We airlines are testing this same sort of approach at the gate. And you think things are chaotic now imagine what it would be like if he didn't have a an agent at all at the gate area during their boarding process. We're talking aviation expert Jay rally. What can flight crews do currently have something happens men there and do you expect more training to be on the way. I don't like I'm seeing a lot more up pressure from the played it any unions and from law enforcement. And do a better job of preparing the slighted him until I mean never an impossible job you have airplanes this summer what 246 million people flying. Four you have 95%. Of defeats bill. You've got Caroline bringing every carry on bag they've ever owned onboard the airplane you've got people that are grumpy delicious serve really volatile environment to begin web. But they're they're gonna need to see some additional training but also from the past nursing a point we've got to. Say that the passengers have to do a better job of reporting what happens on board an aircraft. Sure I will say this flight attendants have been trained quite a bit over the last couple of years should spotting situation that might involve some sort of human trafficking which. If they have done a very good job of having. It's not too many individuals that were in the process of doing just that. So this is something that the flight attendants are more than willing and prepared to. To do they just need to receive the proper training and then what billion of the 26000. Flights we have operating domestically. But I every day here in the United States we whatever situation work we would be better prepared to handle these reports of assault. Gentlemen let's. Has apparently banned pit bulls did something happen. You have to Alter it last week had to do all virtue up people's. Good bit there their employees last year they had a pit bull that was servicing animal. Aborted polite bite Apache your yesterday they came out there than not. We're gonna bring in pit bull types to borrow from our aircraft July 10 no longer will they be accepted as fair that the support or service animals. They also in the same more leash yesterday indicated that. Passengers will only be able to travel with a limit of one support animal. Proper flight and you know what's interesting is there's Australia company that has the temperament of dogs they've been doing it since 1977. And they should the pit bulls are the second most tolerant to altered ever so I tested Golden Retriever sir they don't want to scored higher. So for a lot of people that need these supporting animals really use them and travel with them they're gonna have to find another airline other than dealt. To do so and of course you airline industry many times please follow the lead or so there may be other airlines looking to follow a Delta Air Lines of movement of course. Here you've seen over the last five years we have so many support animal stories that make big headlines across the country is people were flying what's. Miniature horses and dogs and cats in the try to get peacocks onboard the flight everything else. Federally no federal regulation yet so airlines are left to their own. To try to determine what their individual policy is going to be and that lack of consistency you really providing a lot of headaches for people to travel legitimately so what these types of animals. So hopefully we'll see some better clarification as we move forward. Great stuff. Navy aviation expert and former airline executive Jay Ratliff.