Singapore Summit Is Over


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Really interesting to go to the other side of the planet Karen Travers are ABC news correspondent who normally joins us live from the White House every morning is in Singapore with the president. Take care and I'm fascinated to talk to you now that the press conferences are over what has it been like in Singapore in the last several hours. The Davis the hunt that's for sure a lot of photo ops president held more than our press conference taking questions. How about this summit with Kim Jong an inch. As the president is declaring that's just surprises except he says North Korea has been committed to giving up their nuclear weapons. Now the question is how they do that how did the US verified that what is behind framed solid beat cal says when they're gonna have they. Keep going at the negotiating table to work out the nuts and bolts of what happens next then of course there's still a skepticism about whether Kim Jong whom actually live up to this commitment. Yeah everybody who's waking up this morning is seeing the pictures of the two men at the table signing a document. What's actually in that document and did we know that that was gonna happen ahead of time. We have talked about the assembly yesterday that the US and North Korean officials had been working towards some type of drink statement that they could sign that this but it didn't know what it was going to be. And the president and walked past reporters instead we're gonna get kind of things in the wouldn't say what it wise cents. So we're waiting to get the details of what this document is is. The United States committing to giving security guarantees North Korea. Can young and giving his commitment to complete the new PRI's. But also the establishment of new relations between the US says North Korea. In working toward peace on the peninsula. Do you know in your conversations with so White House officials who was there some sort of contingency planning case the president walked in and you know pick in his words he didn't like the feeling in the room today. I cannot talk about it and the president has indicated he would know within one minute and city living get a waste anybody's time such. There's no indication for attacking any White House officials that they really believe that that was going to happen the president wanted to have this summit. And made that very clear they put out a schedule last night that it had about five hours of meetings in place. No one specific. That has come out I guess in the last several hours of the president says he'll end to war games with South Korea and what are starting immediately. Yet the food big headline out of the press conference the president had after the summit wrapped up he says he's going this stuff. The joint military exercises between US and South Korea and the problem very provocative and inappropriate. It would be north Koreans have very consistently objected to these exercises they of course if you don't that's. Rehearsal for any military action with the US and South Korea doesn't Kenneth Freeman at the cost saving issue that the US would save a lot of money. The beaches we paid to have key portion of the bill factory doesn't ship them. In. I guess the president also said that the sanctions stay in place in the short term arm. Any talk of aids specifically for the North Korean people are movement on those types of issues. And I yet I think they're leading to even if verifiable portion of this commitment by Kim Jong it's. Present did say he talked about human rights with the North Korean leader but they wanna talk more about that issue. In the future they used pressed on how he could say that you know in the very talented given that he's been accused of ordering the killings of the family members that he's the descendant of presidents didn't back down he says he's talented he takeover situation after his father passes away. He says he runs his top. And what happens next. More meetings and some other time in the near future her as Evans. That's said to be determined the president says said that he wants to meet with Kim darn good maybe even an item to the White House. Really interest in Karen Travers stuff eyewitness to history. Our ABC news correspondent in Singapore really appreciate you joining us this morning.