South Side Strangler Podcast


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For those of us who were in Richmond and old enough to remember what was going on around us back in the late eighties. You were called the Southside strangler. And it really really this guy terrorized people for a long period of time Richard Foster. Is the host of a podcast called southern nightmare and done this podcast series is all about the Southside strangler and it's really interesting that this is coming up now. At this moment in time when so many of us are focused on DNA. Identifying. Criminals Richard Foster joins us now to talk about the podcast and the story that's also. The cover story and style weekly this week Richard glad to chew on can join us what motivated you did to do this story. Oh there were true thing of one. I'm a former style weekly reporter are forty years ago worked for style and although or felt floods strike were victim in Richmond all also want an employee files back in 1987 figure out why did they are so raw I do some people that she knew. Are the other big of the Palmer is the thirtieth anniversary of the landmark all. Alberta to involve the the united Jason gets turned his frontal assault on tribal. It is pretty remarkable episode did you know Debbie Davis she was the first victim here and now and was the style. By employee. All I did not believe we are you people in common. At the time she was murdered I was sixteen year old style going to school in a while ago. Damn money goes just a year ahead of you will for those who weren't in Richmond at the time set the scene for us about what actually happened and how this all went down. Well you do it started with our in IndyCar and you'll hear about that in my podcast but are they found that Davidson scorer or not or to allow the new. But let the police searching the apartment where they found girl bound and strangled. And back kicked off to a serial murder pure and Richmond and then an Arlington. All who Wear a serial killer little blues and people Richmond were terrified. It diver I remember how scared people were amending you know having people stay over at the house. Had no idea because they were worried of bell about being alone calling and checking on women. And they need to make sure that they were home safely at the end of a night out on the town and and the like. Now beyond just the normal a concern that everyone would have about the situation as police investigated it. There were several clues it started to pop up talk to me about the DNA element here. Well. Really. Do you. But they would if they popped my mind at all but retired homicide detective Bob talked repeatedly that because. And at that point fingerprints were the were good but major wage would go to our criminal and there were no fingerprints that were no written that you lose. Father there really would not much in the way about an onslaught and they didn't really have any suspects show all but. Then there was DNA left behind the cover of Blu-ray and our books were. But that's what they brand new technologies that aren't we we stay crime lab was equipped yet to cut through DNA. All my little wave or Shia side or audiotape comes from trial or orient him to have to work which show you know but then put that make people know about DNA nowadays it's all totaled plan. Well they had to go to looked up. If they Salman DNA you still have to have something to match it to us so how did they put two and two together. Well. It and all of them are one of the shut develop there was going to old Katie prove I'm working with FBI profiler. And if they had old are chased just clicked with help and he's sort of pursuing that we. And did it lead toward the conviction. And how long was it from the first murder to the conviction. Slash it would've been Balch. All four year because they're actually was a murderer 1984. Bit bitch serious disorder than all of that stuff. Men and how many people do we think judge Timothy Spencer. Was responsible for attacking killing brave thing. At least. Five women killed and at least ten rapes by it's law enforcement official that told me probably bet. While they don't think he killed and elders they both believe he probably are attacked many. Yeah a lot of people will probably be on. Unhappy to revisit those days him where was a scary time in Richmond buddy if it is. If it is a fascinating story and it's very relevant to today's headlines we're DNA is becoming. The main way to clear a lot of these cases. So you can find Richard Foster and does this podcast online at southern nightmare dot com and of course you could pick up style weekly and read. About the case and about this podcast. This week in style Richard thanks so much for joining us really appreciated is it's a scary but but really interesting story in case. Remember much.