Speaker Cox on Medicaid and Keeping the Majority


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The general assembly has been back in Richmond hard at work. And delegate Kirk Cox who is a Republican from colonial heights who also is the speaker of the house of delegates very powerful position here. Joins us now to give us some. An assessment of what has happened so far has the house of delegates in the senate try to work towards a budget for the next 2 years. Good morning delegate Cox how orient. Got a great deal with you I'm very well back. Yeah we appreciate you coming on so tell me give me the synopsis of what has happened so far the house has now passed a budget is this different. From the budget with the Medicaid expansion that we talked about previously. That you are always changing our. Told law means Paul but the opponent that we forums for Medicaid Spansion and we think are very important. He wondered what component. And we want to make sure the bad one was even stronger. We put the total walk a walk at all but and so basically that you can post them. Received Medicaid benefits feels good all the more warped requirement for we all want for the block data received benefits in the next but the wall Julia. That they won't be the second and didn't get was. We build on our addiction is. More liquid cash surety that already based upon the nature of it seems so far. It dawned. More rebate on the war according prudent act as we go on about it but believes that the neutral attitude good control. It's not that that's money that's banked it doesn't go for schools inner that was one of the things the governor's office when I'm promoted so much was this would open up more money for. Other projects like that the money isn't going into the bank. Yeah you don't go Marshall walked toward bomb grade that you achieve one that. A lot of basically agent that all the old due to bell applause from vote didn't you can go to work well. Forty days on this bridge that the wind can draw and it's been Rondell White march. You have a goal ultimately and fed up and up and that's the first portfolio was trying to make sure we didn't want. We're not gonna wind forecast revenues. And we feel back yeah as an outlaw the cap but that's about repeatedly before report to city. We're we're going to be a project is softening trying to symbols and they're more money that little mistake. And says no money to Saddam or Cattrall made revenue report caps. Hey you've had some resistance from Republicans in the state senate's and I assume that there have been some conversations while you all were away for those 45 weeks. After the the regular session before the special session resumed. Where do you think things stand in the negotiations with GOP members of the senate. We're giving their job I mean yeah I did what can we back gang war maybe twice. For what people meant well and Medicaid expansion he did not think we had debates to walk it up and that's couldn't be torn. More may be different calculation but I think you conclude. Know why you lose it's not only are there are certain person would want me. He has no intention body profile budget development. In Queens but Medicaid expansion from the Wagner. From the top and why not think abortion apple and options Chia you both what happened or. They called wild are on forward. And when they're home or what I could have been born of course who perform. A bill was more what requirement that Federer when he called straight Medicaid expansion. Bob Hope that he negotiated the summit will be and up okay. Good bill does yes you know up the ball more people can. As a lot of key provision weapons that then he did danger if you don't have been destroyed American century Melinda got listen. A million fact that fame give the queen budget that Medicare's financial model com control. Can Obama can both poverty it's wonderful country. The war on god. Nothing can no hair for example Charles what should talk to my. Goals which basically says drop below the bonding session that travel requirement. A home game they just won't do what we go to white there's there's there's no actual page. Yeah that the ball is great control people walk up enough but he denies. You've got the pictures are yet mission. Content that you can walk requirements. You know Blagojevich. Don't watch it needs a nap in the GI between us and they'll find it really was four or eight. Bad move from vehicle to get out of network won't want to get too much. You know we're talking to the speaker of the Virginia house of delegates Republican delegate Kirk Cox from colonial heights. And you know we just finished in the veto session and by my count it looks like none of governor north comes ten vetoes. Were overturned which I guess isn't a surprise given the slam numbers. They do that Republicans hold. But then this morning we're hearing the delegate Glen Davis may leave the house of delegates to run for mayor of Virginia Beach. Man that would put you all on a tough spot. Just doing the sheer math right. That would be that nobody if you want to go on this third job. The quote control it and force a ball plopped one up the Republican leaning district. Who shall watch out we're truthfully people want to call it going. Are not enough to understand the importance of GOP majority. For example the flush bought that governments have remained off but the tax increases alone didn't talk much. And you told you that you were Asian whatnot that you would call your dog eat into jeopardy. I'm just to get to the war on. Near you have to do some polish and see where things stand. Stand there and you know we had the governor on last week and I kept. I kept pushing him on the sanctuary. City situation and he insists that Virginia does not have Sanctuary Cities and every time. We have him on and he says that I am bombarded with emails and calls from people who say. They just can't believe the governor can say that with a straight face and one of the bills that he vetoed was a bill that would clarify for everybody in non municipal government around the state. That they can't do anything that would impede the enforcement of federal immigration laws. And I know that that's been a key issue for a lot of Republicans nationally and in Virginia. What what. Are you saying to constituents who were frustrated buying. The governor's position and the fact that you know some mayors occur across the state are saying that they do want to protect illegal immigrants presumably at the cost of of bomb. Citizens. Dry your Bible on what yesterday because touched nerves you know what are you most governor beat pleasure you're not that simple or could you won't believe how we draw strong enough but the reports it should eat sushi that we actually make sure we have no more votes. Democrats are between blocked thirty. You could probably about the bin Laden doubled the month if you won't capture or killing all concerned. Blogger Paul to strip recruit more way. I want your facts noble and important. Nowadays you have. Or say you're you're due to get people that might mean in general Eaton that they would hold up for additional 48 hours. You can't you show often look at my warmup and why did you you look at all can be weeks. It. All name or you won't want he had bought all the white and Asian should have been more helpful basketball mob. Our football bubble not in the corporate sponsorship model palm can look what Washington. We do for all blows it's worth all the condition won't act and all people as well. Delegate Kirk Cox the speaker of the Virginia house of delegates Republican from colonial heights always appreciate you joining us here on the program thank you.