Special Election Doesn't Bode Well for GOP

John Reid
Wednesday, August 8th

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You this time. 2000. We go to politics this morning and Sean trendy is a senior elections analyst. At real clear politics dot com and John I'm reading all the coverage this morning. Trying to decide how we'll stay here. The reporters were being in covering this I just don't know how all. How to cover this situation in Ohio Donald Trump won the in this district it's been emphasis squeaker with. By 11%. To back in 2016. And now this race. Is too close to call this morning. Yeah yeah I don't know who it is it's technically if you quote taught in Alderson. Probably has he had we have to wait for some provisional ballots get counted. Republicans never should have found themselves in the position. In the first place don't trump won by eleven points before that so Republicans typically. Won the district five point here thirty points so that's not a good fit you know yeah yeah it is. It is it's basically. Columbus, Ohio burger Virginia's seventh this. Kuerten. They practiced there you have. So what happened here they bring you start looking at the polling data and the anecdotal. Stories that are coming in from the district. Is it who did this turn into a referendum. About Donald Trump and not so much his success as president. But about him in his personality and whether people going to push. He'll align themselves with him. Yeah I think that's. Pretty fair. Consultation of what we saw basically. Come out with super charged in the urban portion of the district. The district goes down in into Columbus kind of like the government goes into. The west and over in those areas which swung toward Democrats in recent years. Turn out down from the rural areas for the district and we feet something like that tells you that the democratic faith. It's supercharged and angry. There's some swing voters a little confused happen not gonna happen you add it all together it's not a good situation for the GOP. Ned that is an interesting observation I I assume menace all horrible to assume that the city votes. Urban votes in much of the country's gonna go for the Democrat. The question is whether they get out and actually vote but if they vote you can count on a voting Democrat but your saying the numbers were down in rural areas that. Would have normally go on. Republican. Well the turnout numbers were down grind trump are hurt you know the Republican candidates did well. In the world areas of the district a lot of Zdeno. Think that we've and that's a problem for the GOP. So but as we dissect district by district. The results of yesterday. What would you were snapshot this morning B. As we try to look at the GOP prospects in November we had we've had a lot of people on the show who said don't believe. The concept of the blue wave it's not gonna happen Donald Trump's been too successful as president and heed that they. Claim has actually seeing an increase. In. People who were positive about him in some minority communities based on I guess employment numbers so they're saying don't believe the blue wave. Republicans are in better shape than they were say. Eight months ago when they were losing that race and Alabama and but if this is not a good situation for them out there right now. We will never never count votes before capped a three months from November but the prospect of blu rays wave is very much real. We're talking to Sean trendy use a senior elections analyst and real clear politics dot com. Tell me about the other races of interest from yesterday that we need to him examine. Quote cut the gubernatorial primary in in Kansas swear Crisco box who's the face who don't currents. Vote fraud commission is up by about a thousand votes. Would probably 3000 must counsel you how that turns out for the real the real action in Washington State where you have these primaries where everyone runs on the ballot. Bomb fell one and it looks. He did they tend to correlate very heavily. With what happened in the fall on the Democrats again are are running type in this it's really probably. Have no business running close races heavily Republican world district from the same brand. Democrats sir are getting is many votes in the Republican. You know beautiful even if the Democrats the Republicans win a couple those districts with their clothes you vote for only for these less Republican district. So a year ago when I was doing around a radio show out at a new York and was a real minority muted talk in Republican politics of terrorism I think. I think a lot of Republican voters who were very enthusiastic. About the prospects of Donald Trump's think he's been somewhat successful. But they feel humiliated that the wall has not been built. They're tired of being beaten up on as the fact still racists for supporting trump. And they're also upset about the budget bill. And is there any way it assuming I'm right I think I am. Is there any way to Donald Trump can get those people riled up between now and November. With the congress is probably not gonna do much to advance his agenda. You know I'm out to the polls. The other senators do not convert vote on judges asked you know but I think one of the big strategic. Terrorists by the cup administration and the few months ago when there was a deal on the table prayed. Some sort of progress on the wall for the dreamers. You know I if he had gotten here in the foot of that wall built. Hewitt defied everyone's expectations. And then didn't. So old. Our own you know that's missed opportunities. You know he's going to be campaigning in November. The second GOP a chance to bounce back but make no doubt about it they have bounced back. Really interest staying tuned to look at yesterday and to prognosticate a tough November Sean trendy with the real clear of politics dot com our senior elections analyst thanks for joining us this morning thank you.