Stolen Plane at SeaTac


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Very bizarre story this weekend. From the Pacific northwest. Great commercial airplane took off from sea tac international airport and crashed. Into a small island in the Puget Sound. Richard Russell. It was a worker at the airport. And basically stole the plane into a golf. The horizon air Q4 hundred a turboprop plane that seats 76. So this guy takes off in the plane. Doesn't loops and barrel rolls dives. Has some are repartee with air traffic controllers. And then crashes the plane in the Puget Sound into the island their impedes them. So nobody was hurt nobody was injured but it does lead to a lot of questions. So to answer some of those we bring in aviation expert a former airline executive. Eritrea so this employee steals a plane and then crashes in from a security standpoint how did this possibly happen. That's a great question then there's a lot of people there desperately trying to enter that in. The idea that my dinner when employee can gain access to an aircraft in the main entangle. PKK how I can tell it by yourself out of that anger he felt a little bit problematic it can be done. So for the individual to gain access to the flight deck. And then it started that airplane after he reportedly having zero point each varies at all confused at cal links. The idea that they could then taxi that aircraft download your. Taxiway to an active one way in and take yet they're playing all. In the end you know conduct several paramedic maneuvers. And fly over to our ears it's mind boggling and beat. He will we're just very thankful at this point in time that we are dealing was something that was not a terrorist incident because no fighter jet the world. So would have been able to respond in time has there been no criminal intent here but with the idea of using that aircraft as some sort of the terrorist instrument. Day which is more shocking that he was able to do this in the midst of everything going on there that is able to get away with this. From a security standpoint that he was actually able to fly the plane. Even more taken office easier than blaming. Saw my I would say the first part would be. Probably more surprising because when we talk about the number of people that are at the nation's ninth busiest airport. The idea that someone didn't see something even before urban aircraft was able to to try actually walk down those. He had taxiway. He is one of the many things investigators are we looking at. They're trying to see look at this guy act alone Qaeda has there been any other time in its history. Four he's been you know where he should have been promote an authorization standpoint. I'll wager anything that could appoint this still all the traveling before he. You because divorce spending billions of dollars right now on security inside the airport. We're not spending that much outside the airport it when you're talking about airplanes that are that airport to remain overnight. It Elliott Seattle boy no Casper Wyoming in Lynchburg Virginia and Toledo Ohio. You're talking about airport to don't have what one would considerably extraordinary levels of security. In the idea that people that you use these types of both airports and airplanes. For some sort of criminal intent in any time during the beat the overnight. If he's scary scary situation and for the reasons that there's going to be. A lot of discussion as far as what we do the world and reduce the likelihood of this happening again we are fortunate no one other than that the individual shall the airplane. I was kill bill pay if they're weak we may oh this troubled young man a great time to thank you. Or exposing a gaping hole in security that before Friday night few people considered is any the possibility. We're talking aviation expert Jay rattle him. 9/11 there was this huge circling the wagons of security. And so now DC possibly another hole while layer of all of trying to figure out what we can do to make these airports more secure. By I think so they and I think really that you know the FAA really needs to Arab each of these 450 commercial airports around the country conduct an immediate review of their. Aircraft security protocol. To basically ensure that this type of infinite does not happen again could we potentially enhance security measures. Employees with the increased communication between the power of the airline. Airport security personnel the airline workers. So that you look you got an aircraft to check for take off you have to have a rapid response to do whatever it takes and that means. The airport police shooting out the tires have been means positioning ground equipment in the in the way where the aircraft could not actually on the track to whatever you have to do. Because this doesn't like you don't steal the keys to your dad's car company and Gardner bought it takes time. I get their aircraft in position to take off. And guy I didn't think that the air traffic control would give it an incredible job of of blood trying to talk with this young man calmly and trying to keep them on point focused. Because look you know those those men and women in the tower they. Pretty they practice and train for a lot of those contingencies I don't think this is one album. And yet they did an incredible job of trying to get this guy took the focus and in calamity airplane. And you know go to court order a lot to all of this should look at cockpit voice recorders being recovered last night. Oakley will be able to determine if he was talking to himself during the course so. Other times on the airplane thought it might give investigators more information on what we have right now. Day real quick for religion go lady isn't it ironic that this happens after just last week it was reported the TSA was considering cutting back security at some smaller works. You know but you know it's a TSA presence or not what I have prevented deaths because you're talk about it someone that he has the credentials to be in the area that he was Leon. And know what to really going to be called into question is what's or anything in the aircraft background check that all airline employees up to go through. It was message that needs to be fixed and fixed immediately. Great stuff thanks. You do aviation expert and former airline exact Jay Ratliff.