Strzok Fired, Manafort Update


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Lots going on around and we wanted to dig right in and we bring in our good friend W army reporter mills and for bill good morning. Hi Gary or so Peter struck me inspired over his anti trump tax side trump would say finally. CIA and you know the president now is saying. That or intimating any way bad. Yep Peter struck has been fired because of the taxi made. Tap is the whole investigation. Tainted and bad should just be wrapped up and should it just go away. That's that's the president tangle on this whole thing would yep leaders struck has lost his job. I'll with the FBI. And they you know this all came after there were recommendations made that he be suspended. Our fourth time NB demoted however. That it was overruled by an FBI official the assistant director. And up Peter struck me is done with the FBI. Now that overrule laying is considered unusual correct. Yeah it's very unusual that that they do not go along with the recommendations. That were made as far as any kind of disciplinary action against struck. I saw a little bit strange mayor but apparently they want to know why and no doubt at all and no reason to question any decisions from here on out and maybe it's also just a statement by the FBI that. There will be basically is zero tolerance policy on anything like this although it should be noted that debt FBI. Officials and FBI agents are are allowed to have an opinion on issues of the day however what they're not allowed to have. Is any kind of bias in any investigation. And that of course has not been proven with Peter struck as well brought. I think this is basically bear read Stark's statement by the FBI that and a warning to weather agency and other officials I don't do what. Tim if yep don't do it. On the palm analysts shift gears in the ball man afford trial lie in Alexandria. The prosecution just about ready did pretty much dumber this case right. Yeah they are they arrested yesterday after calling a couple of final witnesses. That laid out some of the loan information about that Paul Mann a port good loans that he tried to get or did get. I'm so they've arrested 27 witnesses two weeks of testimony for the prosecution. And and now the big question is whether that eventually been put on a case. There is a possibility they could go into court this morning there will be a couple of rulings earlier. In the morning. First things to do is to motions of course at the end of the prosecution. The place they he had defense and it's provisional really the defense boarded a motion. That the all charges be dismissed that'll be ruled on this morning likely not to happen and there's also what sealed motion that death must be ruled on before we can continue but after that the question is will the defense up would any case it on at all or simply decide to rest their case. Feeling that the prosecution did not establish its case strongly enough. Yes name defense team put sub defense while Willa Mae. Well they have their defense is basically going to be that Rick gates cannot be trusted. Now they may present some witnesses to corroborate that or others to amplify that but they're big question is what the football metaphor on the stand. Legal experts basically agreed that they would be crazy to football metaphor on the stand in this trial. That would be killed desperation on their part so I will have to see what kind of witnesses they could put on the stand. Perhaps some banking officials or other officials with the company. Our ball man a porch company to talk about they're dealings who knew what and who was really in charge. We're talking to WRV reporter bills emperor. So around the world the careers getting ready for another meeting going to be probably in September. Yup they say they will lead in the September of this one will be in Pyongyang. Which means we. Kim Jong on its it would be the first trip Bora South Korean president to Pyongyang in ten years time and that will be a follow up of course to their April 27 summit and that's what this all about they wanna go back look at the agreement that was made in the April 27 summit. Inter Korean summit and see where they are progressing on that. A lot of its. Attention has been put on section three subsection four of that agreement which calls for the complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. Not to. The complete denuclearization. Of North Korea. But the entire peninsula which calls into question. The US nuclear umbrella of course that is over South Korea so I don't talk about the progress in their agreement and of course I'm sure their relationship with the United States will come up as well. On the gonna talk about their progress or their lack of progress against. Lesson. The other has been some progress on other on other issues here having to do with this agreement there is a joint liaison officer now where the countries can communicate they have agreed on family reunions. Of families that were separated after the Korean War they've agreed on that they've agreed on railway and road connections and they've agreed on other cultural things between north and South Korea. But as for the nitty gritty yes there's a lot to be done there but that they continue to make progress on other issues. Okay great stuff they'll appreciate have a great day. Thanks very do W army reporter bills infer.