Thai Cave Kids Update

John Reid
Wednesday, July 18th

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Kids who had been trapped in that cave in Thailand Aron. The pictures and I've seen pop up on TV over the last 24 hours there looking pretty good. All they do look good you know they came in pretty uniform they were greeted with applause and hug and they were given soccer balls to kick around a very. A government managed. Press conferences go to bed just ended a moment ago but nonetheless it was great to see them they've they've gained back. But two thirds of the weight that they had lost they lost to between nine and ten pounds each and and they can most of that back now and the doctors that were within said today that they've. Throughout their they've brigade enough strength and they can resume their normal lives impunity. I don't know normal is going to be or relative I think these boys for the foreseeable future as they are undergoing you know monitoring to be sure there physically and I emotionally capable and handle what's ahead of them. What kind of comments today made so far about the ordeal in general. How will they they they talk about surviving only on water that had been dripping from the cave polls until they were discovered they talk about. Crying out from from hunger and the coach. Who received an ovation when he was introduced. On the spoke about telling the boys to be steel. And two. To quietly pray is he had learned to do during his time in a monastery and and that's seem to be. Key to it to helping the boys stay sane and and and focused. Then the minute I think today that was really dictated to keep would rather light Demi and they'd they'd talked about watching the World Cup final after they. Got out most of them supported France they were cheering in the hospital. And and really they've paid. They just looked pretty good at and and in good spirits. That's interesting that you say the coach got a standing ovation that was one of my questions last week as. How are the people of Thailand and and quite frankly people around the world going to see this guy. After this ordeal when they seem is the one who led them into a life threatening situation or would they seem as a hero. Who helped keep them calm and alive while they waited for a rescue. Yeah I I I think the latter seems to be be two observed that the way that he's being. Greeted and you know we're learning about what he did the key to voice together and sane and safe and it does seem to be rather remarkable even though. You know they decided together as a team to go explore the cave without telling their parents and apologized for Africa failing to tell their parents and they'll build the eleven year old youngest one. Had his first thought when they became stuck Goodell met his mom would be his. So the other day they had smiles on their faces and and and I think our preference is to just be grateful that they're okay. Rather than two you know assigned an immediate blame. Did they say anything about the actual process. Of the rescue I read stories after the fact that they had indeed been drugged so that they wouldn't freak out or struggle. As the divers tried to. At extricate him from the cave under water. Yes they they had been too dated. But but otherwise. The doctors said that there was no. You know order there it didn't matter size her health about who came out first the coach just the boys who wanted to go first. And there was apparently no competition because they were so close to one another by that time. How the team members had snacks for the boys they were really hungry they can talking a lot and there there appears steady at about food and how they're finally ready to eat spicy Thai food again. After some systems rather bland the nourishment over the last few days in the hospital. Now I don't know if you know the answer this question. Does this team stay together and they start playing together. A Whittier school seem our regional team what was the. Yeah I I'm not gonna be there as you know how much they're going to be. Playing together although they were all in their beatle uniform today and presumably they want to date date this is certainly brought them together in a way that no one could've imagined. Non. Did they are the boy to reach going to spend some time and a monastery at some point there near future has by tradition but also I think didn't. 22 and couldn't thanks for their their safety and do they pay all. Talk about. They're making a FaceBook group to decide to go into the cave for an hour after practice because the water was deeper and they wanted to swim. Because it seems like they're pretty together as a as a group anyway and and so. Assuming that that remains tilted my guess pulsating. He had centrist thing you know normal now roll my allies of when kids sub text each other BS task. But in this case in Michigan may be true strength. I mean that's like this this story doesn't have a whale of wiping away our cynicism of about view and and there are potential enemy certainly have you thought their side and it came to. Surviving missing in overcoming Mitt V infections that some of them developed and and and converted the physical challenges. And all right and now I think it's a point of today assistant to be able to see them and then. You know Kimmel look at and and they looked okay. Well it seems like a miracle they survived and I appreciate you updating a soft the latest from Thailand Aron deter scare ABC news international chorus of thanks.