Thai Cave Rescue Is Over

John Reid
Tuesday, July 10th

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Yes breast Tom rivers is our ABC news correspondents in London and Thomas been monitoring what's been happening in Thailand for the last. Several hours and we've got some amazingly. Great news Tom Phyllis sending. Dear god John as I look at some of the pictures coming over the Florida and dominate emails. Of our crews in the various locations in Thailand. Are. They put a smile on your face this thing is this is winding down at least this phase is winding down. With what about the remaining employees and the coach how in addition to. These divers that we're in there as well automatic. So everybody out now everybody at the hospital. And very good spirits buoyed after checking them out couple kids have a pneumonia but I guess you're gonna be you know good doing all right. And again are still an iPhone application but it will probably see their parents. In a couple of days but if you go backs seventeen days there was absolutely you know John no guarantee. That you and I agreed saying that this is a happy ending this particular story. No by the end of last week we were talking about this on Friday I thought oh man this is this has the potential. To be a tragic story because the very well we're so young and none of them apparently knew how to swim which is kind of shocking how would they die in the under water with oxygen tanks to get out of this out of this cave and somehow. The tied diving team. There and Navy SEALs and essence were able to pull this off have you gotten any information about. How they executed this and why they rushed so much in the last 24 hours to make this happen. Eat that he had they're looking you know they're looking at things going back a week at various options. They put something like a hundred drill holes down. They couldn't they couldn't hit the pocket where the where the boys were so that was kind of comfort. You think back do they fit well you know they might have to wait for the Oprah for the water to go down which could take months. But they could be damage Cedric Federer. And then now oxygen levels started to drop and then with the rain on Sunday they've figured ball at the pumps are working now but you know that's not a guaranteed on the road. And they said look we really have to go with the the option of getting the kids out there are the most dangerous way and that is that going through the air pockets and the water. And the water had dropped because of the pumps which is good but there was still some there are some part to this thing we're totally. Up to the feeling. In water and they had to get a diver and from tethered to the boy gathered to another diver behind. Slow laborious process skidding through some very narrow passageways. And giving the kids out. One at a time very very slowly indeed but Sunday Monday. Tuesdays and the job is done an amazing story indeed. It really is a remarkable story and I know you have been talking to a variety of correspondents that you work with you worry in Thailand and I don't want to distract. Or detract from the glorious moment that this is saving everybody's life. But has there been any discussion about. The coach and what happens to him next because if I understand correctly he was the one that. Originally led these boys on what probably seem like a fun adventure. At third inning of the situation and I feel awful for him but I I would guess there are a lot of people who are kind of frustrated. Maybe even angry with him. It's interesting guy here we go we really haven't got a running with a line at least off the record but you know about that about few days. And today and some of the coverage I heard there because we got a number of sources here. The possibility that some of the kids can actually run at the coach. And ran into the gave coach was I don't know the answer is if if the coach you know that this is part of what we're gonna do today or PS to race in there. And you know kind of in the chase them all down. But that it's something I've not heard until today and I don't know hobby you're going to be going through with a fine tooth comb exactly shakes out but then that coach you got to live. Progress through life for the fact that knowing that one of the Ty and I Navy SEALs died. In the operation to to extract all of the students themselves. Damn Tom rivers city it is a great story today and we should live bump. Live twist the with a smile on her face that they are safe at this moment our ABC news correspondent in London thanks so much for that update.