Thailand Cave Rescues Under Way

John Reid
Monday, July 9th

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The rescues continue in Thailand. And Joey Cho is our ABC news correspondent they're joins us now lives. With the very latest Joey I understand that one more of the boy is on that soccer team. Who was trapped in the cave has been rescued overnight what's the latest. I yeah and good morning John it looks promising. We just can't get that fixed blade or oh right at the hospital. And let you work it still ongoing at the moment. I didn't think you've heard but on Sunday they read June for a boy and we heard from officials today at a press conference that. They are healthy they're doing well they woke up in the morning asking Turkey dinner. They haven't been able to meet their parents yet because the medical doctors are. Trying to kick them out separate from their parents do choose. But I'm Eli they're undergoing the Gary the test though no hugging her attention with their parents that they are doing well and they're helping. Well that is a miracle that did that has happened now I'm looking at our armed. News ticker coming in here in our newsroom. And CNN is saying that the sixth and seventh boys are now out are you hearing that on the ground there. No I'm not yet we will not confirm until we hear confirmation from the officials who I. We did hear that there would be more or at least before coming out today. Though that may very well BA I yet. Try and acts in my my came very close to the change area and we just saw some helicopters flying over so bad. Could have been those six that the defendant play. We're talking to Joseph we show our ABC news correspondent live in Thailand this morning. Why are officials staggering the rescues like this Swiss with such a delay. Between the individual club boys that come out is that a practical issuers there's some strategy to best. It's not just pick we heard from being. Government has this street and yesterday that after or maybe less choose. Good for our boy that's in one group they need to replenish oxygen they need to pray oxygen indicates because they're running out of oxygen and there. So for that just happened they need at least twenty hours to Likud and BS that so that the next batch of divers could go and pick them up so it's not like they could. Bring all of them at once they just need to do it in different groups that break them apart. Tell me about the weather in Thailand I had been reading this weekend that there was an anticipation of very very heavy rains in the next 72 hours is that still the forecast and if there are heavy rains welcome that due to the case. But it actually done we did have a break as weather forecaster heavy rain but all they could aid did not rain. We're very lucky here because. Is there what every rainy could have really block any any rescue effort but for now earlier today they governor. And which is also the head of operation appears that that. The rain that. Fell yesterday did not affecting the water level that's much because they couldn't teach enough. Electricity. And power so that they are pumping out more. Then there main. Golly you should be into the case so it's all right for now. Both thank goodness for that the real quick before you go Joey what is the atmosphere. There in the country I assume with this America is paying close attention to this that every one in Thailand. He is holding on and praying that these boys get out safely. Absolutely this this just numerical and also the people. All the hype people that I need here which they're thanking everyone they're taking the air national. It rescue workers the dial where's the media are here surely support and she is covering this story each and how I met nice people here I think are very ungrateful. Well we're so thankful I was Joey show live from my Thailand or ABC news correspondent. And thankful to get the news that stuff. Five of the boys are confirmed out and CNN is reporting right now that the sixth and seventh. Boys have been none rescued from Mac cave. So we'll continue to monitor today as to rescue efforts continue and as they race against the clock to try to. I get the rest of the team and the coach out there in Thailand we are prepared to go to Thailand where our ABC news correspondents. Should be standing by just a couple of minutes in the latest information that we've gotten is that eight of the twelve. Boy is the soccer team. That was trapped in that cave in northern Thailand that eight of them have now been evacuated from the caves safely thank goodness. And does that still leaves a significant Doug group did pass to get now but with the concern about. Rains arriving in that country and the potential for even more flooding and that deep. Dark cave. Officials in Thailand in northern Thailand where run racing against the clock to try to get these kids out. And it is then of by every account a pretty harrowing experience for a lot of these boys that they've. Had a bug gives them a crash course in scuba diving put the many full face mask. So that they can breathe and just hope that they could stay calm for a very very long expedition. Through the flooded chambers. Of this cave to get the mouth and be able we talked about and on Friday we were lives. You know outside the studio on Friday and I was so worried gosh what do they start this thing this weekend. And these kids. Some album as young as eleven years old. Might wind up. Panic king and drowning apparently that has not happened thank goodness Adrian bank cards. He is our ABC news correspondent in Thailand and Adrian joins us now live give me an update Adrian on what has. Taken place just in the last several hours. All right now we have seen as an ambulance crew come through here in the past 24 hours. We're yesterday three today the last few you can keep it here. We were able to confirm. Five young men are now being treated inside the hospital a we have yet to confirm with hospital official hospital staff we we've been in close contact with. Whether they'll blast you ambulances. Can pain to the boys trapped inside they cheered as though we won't go with that and say we think that the case but we'll say that there has been activity. And it certainly had a look like it has every single time where we know an ambulance to parched. To a helicopter from the chain which. And that helicopter flight but it's two minutes to helipad here by age he gets the kids to another ambulance which traveled here to the hospital passing right by as. And a whole host of journalists from all over the world because that is you know a compelling story a lot of people are watching I mean don't the globe it to watching. I could be at these. Thirteen the twelve boys on the soccer team and their coach get out safely. It is a remarkable story and everybody does not not much you can do other than open pray. That they'll be okay have you gotten information about how the rescue operation. Has. Proceeded to you know there was a lot of concern that the boys would panic under mortar that there wouldn't be. The ability to change out the oxygen tanks on this long journey how has this been executed. We believe we have to achieve a reporter and so grateful to be part of which he looked for reporters don't want to chill and three. Basically whatever you wanna call it we we do it all radio or public television digital Brett but all of that on the team are so. Honored to be here and help tell the story for ABC news and I'll tell you that if they. Were surprised themselves yesterday at being able to receive scoreboard you from Nike which. And transfer them to be flee to the hospital the intentionally collected the weakens. From among them and brought them out first we know we started around 10 in the morning yesterday and or able to move very very quickly in fact between the first way to its. Rescued out in the second with only a matter ten to twenty minutes. I if my memory serves me correctly and it's just been a remarkable Avery but the scoreboard guy yesterday. Right now we have confirmed one boy is out. And then again we've seen Q more ambulances. Follow quickly here. So we know that divers have to have enough time between diet which to rest and recuperate. But they have been able to work together and hand them chi divers with each child. Navigating your very challenging. I'll play a whole load of turns and twists. As these that kids get their coach are pretty beaten by Nick Cave and some of those opening to get back out are very very Darrell. Updated data expressed or Parker the expired and we are for sure inside the hospital right now being treated. Well we're very thankful for that news and we'll keep our eyes open as the day unfolds Adrian bank hurt are ABC news correspondent live for us in Thailand this morning thanks so much. For that reporting on your.