Trump Returns and Singapore Aftermath


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Fills them fur is RW RBA reporter covering things in Washington and internationally for us. And I understand that the president is back at the White House this morning bill and he's tweeting out already. There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea had had that bad guy I was really thrilled with what the president did yesterday but that seems like a bit and an overstatement. Yeah are good but I when it comes down to a job now and get a good morning good to be with the when it comes down to it in general I think you can say as a result of this summit. A couple of things number one yes it was historic first on the US president sitting US president has sat down with a leader of North Korea number two. Is the world a safer place today. That it was two days ago about six months ago a year ago I think the answer is yes. Not a joke I agree with you yet. He EL when you when you come down to that I I think it's an act. Accurate statement now is are they I told is that total threat gone no it and it won't be for a while until week ten get through this whole process which could take weeks and months and even years to get the total denuclearization. About act and you know it in all of this I think. At the very least you must be very impressed with the president's physical stamina this was just a grueling trip that he just completed. Getting backed to Washington early this morning after making stops in Guam and Hawaii on the way back. So a ER quite a feat for the president. And while it was an historic meeting whether it is an historic agreement. Will be determined over the next weeks and months. Yeah well it's important you the that you mentioned that he 71 years old I mean think about that that. That these long plane trips even on something as luxurious as Air Force One I think this isn't just a phone and in type situation he had actually. Performance and be awake and engaged so that that I'm I'm glad you brought that up that's important I don't know what's the reaction in DC. Are Democrats have got to be huddling to try to figure out did they praised him do they criticize him what do they do I saw a lot of Democrats on my FaceBook page yesterday who were still very hostile to the president. And I'm done questioning his judgment about the decisions he made yesterday. Well as you know what the state of politics is like in Washington these days you're gonna get criticism from the democratic leadership and that's exactly what we got. Basically saying that the president gave up too much and didn't get there really anything in return in this deal. That of course is slanted tell one way. Are so they age as you would expect are there was some much criticism on the part of some Republicans as well. All about the military exercises with the president says we're going to end in South Korea so there remains discussion about that as well. All broke. That remains up in the air at this point whether those military exercises will indeed be completely ended or will just be scaled back. Those discussions will continue. With a officials from South Korea and with a others in the region like Japan. Who says they'd like to see those exercises continue because as long as the United States is there in a state of readiness and South Korea it makes Japan a little more comfortable at night. Bills and for our WR VA reporter was the Pentagon truly surprised by that particular concession on the president's part or did they. Have a sense that dam might be one of the things that was on the table. Defense Secretary Matta said he knew about it he knew that this was going to happen. I now whether that did filtered down. Are to be every day operational aspect of the Pentagon. It maybe it didn't I mean they they reportedly the Pentagon was scrambling. I as would military officials in South Korea. After hearing this from the president. Now Mattis says he knew about it whether it was supposed to be announced at this at this summit is another matter sometimes the president. Goes ahead and announces things maybe before he is supposed to so that could have been something that while maybe it was discussed at the summit. May be of course it wasn't in the agreement. But there may be it wasn't supposed to be announced that the current. I am well at all it's an interesting trick you can always find somebody in every organization who doesn't know what the CEO knows and that's that didn't necessarily problem this and under the secretary of state Mike Pompeo this is kind of his time to shine now Heath. He's gonna do the leg work to get to the next step what is the next step. Boy is he ever got to do the legwork the next step is to try to sell all this together which South Korea with Japan with China and of course with North Korea. He has to and it and of course first you'll make the rounds of our allies. Again listening to their concerns here or South Korea's concerned about those military exercises. And the effect it might have on that. China is concerned about the sanctions they'd like to see this sanctions relieved earlier. Than the president wants to do because they're the biggest trading partner with North Korea and award effective very economy Japan has its own agenda they're worried about the abduct these they claim are still being held. In North Korea they are also concerned about be a ballistic missile stockpiles in North Korea the medium range missiles that could target Japan. Not so much a threat. To the United States not the ICBM's. So he'll be making those rounds then meeting with North Korean officials could try to we've all of this together into an agreement. That the United States and North Korea can live with again we're doing this kind of backwards usually this type the leg work is done before the leaders get together to sign the document. Really uninteresting to see says that because it kept challenging next couple months bills and Cameron a note your BA reporter. Always appreciate the chance to talk to you thank you my writer got.