UK Government Turmoil

John Reid
Tuesday, July 10th

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I can't ignore what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic Tom rivers is our ABC news correspondents in London and Tom. I kept seeing news updates throughout the day yesterday. After. Braxton secretary David Davis resigned over the weekend and then the foreign minister Boris Johnson. Who left. The prime minister's cabinet yesterday what is happening with Teresa may issue going to be able to hold her government together. You know she may but only because it is such a mess right now and there are two main factions the lemurs and remain owners they're not singing from the same sheet. Whoever. Who would follower if in fact there is a leadership challenge. Would grab sped up poisoned chalice. And that's why the she's still achieve empowered today in QB and power when the president here for the trip. Two more weeks down the road they go for this summer break if she can make it to there. She probably good until appalled because then October they have the party conferences here. Then this will raise its ugly head again which you probably I mean for over thirty years of the weakest. Prime minister and leading the weakest government that I've seen over that costs. Now help me understand how she has arrived at this moment it seemed to me blue route 2016. Was the brags its vote. And a huge numbers of people voted no matter if I remember correctly and it was very clear that. The country voted to exit the European Union now we're in 2018. In this is still not been X acute and upon. And and based on my FaceBook feed box in my friends in London and and around Britain seem to believe that. They are hard though the heart of the prime minister and her people just start the end ex accusing on the will of the people. All the problems you Kamal what they with a compromise which there is not supported by either of the remain or believed faction. In essence what you guys get a mid meeting on Friday a checkered. Basically because even kick in this issue down the road down the road down the road. And the officials and in Brussels have been saying you know give us a definitive. Nuts and bolts proposal that we can eyeball and say yeah we could sign up for this or no we reject it. It's like teacher asking you for your homework every day and prime minister made is that is not prevented her homework. Anyway this compromise basically it would pay an effort we're gonna follow all the tenants of the EU but not being a bit. And many people are saying well you know the reason people voted 52 to 48 to get out. Was we don't want to we don't have any part of which the European Union. And others would say look if you're gonna sign up to just about everything boilerplate. That the EU doesn't law regulation you might as well re edit it and then you can actually have some influence on it so that was probably the worst case scenario. And that's that the nothing changes legally can and your influence in Brussels is. Now demand aero would talk your time rivers are ABC news correspondent in London so it doesn't she have an obligation. Two X acute of on this with that vote or is that it was a just a suggestion. She really does. There you go however was why why have a referendum and she is their to execute. The results of that referendum I when you turn out feared. In her defense though doesn't she have a problem with the border with Ireland because they're staying. So be it in an Arab a border issue problem I may relieve. Risk slowing down commerce and individuals we are moving from place to place if they don't do this and in a sensible way. Exactly so the only. Border with the European Union and you're absolutely right would be the border between NORTHERN IRELAND. And Ireland and how do you square that circle would you have do you have he put a border control again. Nobody but nobody. Once sat on either side of the border. Do you apply it may be some of the 21 century technology. With so little license recognition that sort of thing tricky things going in and out. Almost seamlessly. That has been floated as well but nobody come up with a grand plan. How you develop a record a poor border Drexel said let's have aid. But metal border that actually out in the Irish feet okay yeah the border there but we don't really Crawford and and in essence we we go solve the problem. It is contentious it is messy but legal if you said there is a referendum has been held some politicians saying now well maybe we should have a second referendum. And it goes torso that voted in the 52%. Said that no we don't wanna do do overs on the playground we have our vote. And it's up for you the government to come forward with a plan and and again that that the teacher is waiting for homework. And the clock is ticking and ends its new march of next year and at this stage I don't know I don't know how she gonna get it done. Yeah Tom rivers are ABC news correspondent in London I'll watch some of the prime minister's question. Period yesterday it was particularly ugly and contentious so Tom with talk to you again and see if she can now manage to hold this one out thank you. Get rid.