US Misses Deadline on Migrant Kids


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Let's talk to our ABC news correspondent from Dallas Jim Ryan about this. Miss the court ordered deadline for the federal government to return the youngest detained migrant children. To their families GM as I read multiple stories about this yesterday. It seems clear that the deadline was missed in large part but it's not as simple as just you know. Saying hey here's your mom. Mean to beat the off on your way right. Right yup there is a process here are complicated process that there have to be verification made between these adults who say that there are the parents of these kids. And the children themselves John and that process is taking a longer I think than people had anticipated but I don't forget what it was surprising that. The deadline and that spirit came and went nearly six hours ago passed with only use something like 38 at these kids having been reunited with their parents. Another village seven years so our our schedule or are eligible for reunification that may happen over the next several days shocked. Sold just over a hundred kids there we're talking about out of how many. Well a 102 who are under the age of pocket who worked for years older younger they were eligible for that but they're there's another group. It's something like 20/20 five who won't be you know program putback with these adults because. The parents have other critical issues in front of the or because the Euro immigration officials have found evidence of abuse of these children so there's some number of them who won't be put packed with these adults and probably four. Does sound legal reasons LB ACLU says it doesn't want these kids putback with their with the people who score going to do them harm. Nor does the government and so it's up to the judge shows to ensure that that that happened altogether of course John are something like 3000 kids. Across the spectrum from infants all the way up to 1617 years old. So I really am trying to. Objectively understand the numbers and the the dilemma that everybody faces here I think most of us who watch this and who of course watch the emotional outpouring think oh it's a mom with her. With her little you know five year old child and they were ripped apart. But it's a lot this sounds like. Correct me if I'm wrong it sounds like it's a lot more difficult where you really are having a hard time verifying. That this adult who showed up at the border with the kid. It actually the parent. And you're right yeah it's being done genetically you know you heard about these cheeks swabbed the work being done. To verify through DNA that they are you as a family connection between these adults in these kids. That'd be even harder than that always to prove that there is still legal custody over a relationship there it's not. Be a biological parent so. That that becomes difficult as well as sow doubt it's ER I mean there is that the instance of of kids take it away from their moms and we've seen pictures of that happening. But at same time there are other instances quieter expose work. We're somebody's coming across with the child and intending to do harm the government says there's about a 127 kids who fit into the net that category. Good lower bu what was the judge's reaction yesterday when it was clear that the government had not. Fully met they are order. Well it wasn't surprised first of all he wasn't happy but at same time he says he's satisfied the progress is being made. The the government to US immigration and customs enforcement and he killed you are working together to ensure that that it's a fairly open process that getting numbers. Is it difficult thing in itself John and that's what exactly what happened we're not positive the 38 for unification happened at combined midnight last night. Where do assume that the that they did that. And did the judge had anything to say about the presidents and and his reaction to this when he was asked directly yesterday as the sound bite that we have played previously. In the program the president said in a dodge the question about the judge and the and the order and said look just don't show up at our border. And or cross it illegally that's the bottom line. Right in the LA a lot of as far as I know the judge has considered certainly anything in the legal writing about the president or the policy. He was simply asked to rule on its legality and the appropriateness and and he made his ruling was that it but it wasn't just appropriate decisions separation should not happen and that that process should be on dot. Now comes the tricky tricky part actually seeing that that happens to. What may do we have a circumspect judge in this case that he's not going to grandstand politically. On the issues are just trying to. Gates that Jim Ryan RA BC news correspondent in Dallas really appreciate it always thank you aren't I just.