Veteran Gets Green with Green Energy


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The yeah. Okay. Move. I'm always heard that you can say that helped a lot of money if you switchover from your regular lightbulbs too these. LED lights and I've also heard a lot of stories about. Veterans who leave the service and they come in and they've got great ideas and taken actually implement the project. Under budget and fast Chris Rawlings is proving that to be true he's a marine veteran and the founder of veteran LED. So Chris glad to have you here on the program tell me about that your company. They weren't down they throw me better now it is lighting and energy design firm we help organizations. Produce their utility costs by implementing LEV lighting and other energy conservation measures. No where to get this idea. So I lose it. The contractor coming out of the military is actually working down at four use this thing and I was walking around the hangars in who listening if you leaking air hoses in age CAC blowing out the door NF and I thought to myself other organizations have to have this same problem where there. Spending all of that money on their energy bills and there I don't think it's but. They have no idea where the costs are going and so I started doing a bunch of research online and doing energy and everything that kept popping up was. Kelley deal citing LED lighting and started researching writing. And then come to find out you can say sixty to 70%. Just on year. Under lighting portion every villages from switching from old conventional I think there's telly. And that's that's a big money getting the green had a green energy seems to be kind of a booming business nationwide. Com tell me about how you go about finding customers here you started. A project here at swift creek Baptist Church. Yes I heard plumes we. I mean essentially went when I started the business that went door to door with product catalogs from different manufacturers the value adding and I would hear about twenty to thirty businesses today and just asking if I could. Performance and energy audit which is kind of the first step and we locked into these organizations and you had just performed BI and then and that if they would like to buy the product. And that's how we started off and then we just started listening. To the market and saying hey we want to either one of idolize you want to put in the way we want you look at our bills. And so on and so forth and serve from there I just started growing we started to have performing and and and he had been some portfolio as we could show people in case studies we could serve people and then the word just started spreading and thankfully here we are four years later. That's pretty remarkable one of the reasons we wanted to have you on the program he now works for a veterans group up in New York him I talk to so many veterans every day. Who got out of the service and then they would go apply for regular jobs and this civilians look on my doc I don't know what to do with you I mean yeah you you commanded all these guys and Afghanistan are in Iraq but how to wide implement. That experience in to build workplace. He fell ended in civilian workplace domestically. On how do you think your military service prepare Jew for this work and and in your situation for being a business owner. Well I think just across all branches you know the first step going to going to boot camp you're faced with. The hardest challenges he probably never been faced with in your life and they really instill. You know honor courage and commitment and different. You know things like improvise adapt and overcome in and understanding that it's. Really 80% mental and 20% physical and I think. You're running a business is just that I mean if it's if not more it. Did the daily struggle that you're gonna head and the obstacles that you're gonna have to overcome. Are inevitable as a small business senator. Growing and then and even enter large business concerns being able to. Adapt to this challenge is then and mentally overcome them and just press forward. It's something that was instilled in not been in the Marine Corps and and I you there's same strategy today in front in the business. Yeah well challenges still ahead for you I'm sure is any of the start up businesses up over the years will tell you but. Chris Rawlings marine veteran the founder of veteran LED you can not check them out online it. ZLED. Dot energy that's there website Chris really appreciated thanks for coming on the program this morning. That they get much strap me down I really appreciate it absolute.