The Vital Role of Interpreters in Singapore


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You what do you think the translation is for little rocket man and I guess that was not mentioned in the last 24 hours but. James Longman is an ABC news foreign correspondent he is in Singapore. Today in joins us now live on the air and Jay wanted to ask you about the the interpreter is we saw. The leader of North Korea Kim Jung un and the president of the United States Donald Trump. With they are interpreted as an I saw one was a lady and then there was a better gentlemen who know which interpreter was which connected to their. I brought about really how they didn't play golf ball in the negotiations. Mike got the whole host but you know I actually watching it a meeting with the and other relevant in the bucket there maybe they did them. But yeah as far as those two guys did lady would go to Q I'm gonna get this location wrong I don't Q when you are not pink and she would that she would. What you put this State Department she is ahead of Korea that the State Department. That she would translate think. Korean War Donald Trump. But I don't Lynwood from the look Korean dedication will forgive me if I don't remember it then prime that they work together inside government and the ID say the upgrading with it. They pretty neat hey you got just speed up meeting could they fight. Minutes and when you're an interpreter about the level. Do given the highest level security great big I mean. That'd be glad that State Department representative. I'm sure. Extremely creeping that are regular basis but at that level comparable not. Because. They need to be abreast of every single car before they go into the corporate. Have meetings and then the good. Skill of being able to interpret someone like Donald Trump older different phrases. You know the flying thing he did then and again Kim Jong meant to be able to make him understood. Just someone like Donald Trump it must have been absolutely fascinating thing about roads. What how did they train for those types of challenges and I can think of situations that I've witnessed just domestically here in the United States where you have. Well listen this a simple example somebody from New York City and Manhattan with their attitude their accent. They are cultural. Norms. And then they meet with somebody from back in the deep south in the United States and you know bigger they're both Americans but they've got very different. Mannerisms and ways of speaking and slang how does an interpreter prepare for that reality. Cash well I mean. There is an extraordinary. Skill if you remember the pocket notable soared ninety them they're the fill the bowl match but looking into the week that. Sure DA didn't end in 78 co president cult would it hold it being cold. The polish people about the good diets for their future exactly translate to hold them either locked that you just so glad that a very very different meaning. The united an embarrassment. I'm Dave the training is yet with the words but also with the body language. And I think you know you have a treading a very fine line that people like. Can John Madden and Donald Trump. I'm Donald Trump again yet daddy even though in the third minute and get a creating the touch and feel that. And how things would go and I only watched the with a very natural and the LG did say to the minute of that but. The man Hulk also who and LG colored dog the love that camera. Before going off entry into the into the Nikkei guy. They left there about fourteen minute criminal about that was more formal kind of by natural weird other members of the media can you know the administration. I don't Bolton Michael pastor father the most and then the North Korean delegation. Yeah condolences to his credit very very. Central role in the list. And insecurity cheek as well I'm so each element of the day was. Very carefully choreographed. They would stop making good luck this whole thing develop. And from the I think we'll be one of the most the extra remember it was when the throw them up walking around in front of but the other resort plastic enclosure that tape for the press would gathered. I'm Kim Dong moon. Gender. Shouting questions which I think can be and that was a mobile experience and one of them shouted death. You guys opened the prison can be done on referring to the gears like how a 100000 people more and in North Korea are being very hands suddenly it was. Will be controlled choreography with something he would eat shape on being this close to kind of everyday people read about because I'm certainly something new commitment we saw him. The night before in fact there's been reporting a walkabout and end and down out. It insulting the people walking across on the main bridges AAF feeling very relaxed we know that he went into the casinos and the idea that. That the dictator the Communist dictatorship. Go into a seemed it's quite complex. You wanna do enjoy it while he had escaped his own country perhaps. Did he answer that question about the goo logs or did you aren't. Certainly did not deviate more bit embodied in letting it be getting this whatsoever you keeping very obliquely. To Korea united eagle becoming rich and because you know he did go to people in accordance with Linda the child. Let me know that you like baton. You know western culture he would never say that these gentlemen had been head touring critical whenever that they pocket go without saying much happening that's but he didn't show. Boy really has been an interest in twelve hours here James along when our ABC news foreign correspondent is live for us this morning. From Singapore thank you thanks so much.