Warner on Tariffs, NATO, Putin, Kavanaugh

John Reid
Thursday, July 12th

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I'm pleased to welcome US senator Mark Warner to be here. This morning and the reason that you have joined this is this bill that was approved yesterday 88 to eleven. This reassert. Congress's authority. With this terrace. Action that's been going on back and forth the last time we spoke I think you were expressing some concern about. President trumpet just the way he's handling tariffs and can you reiterate rule re express. Well thank you gentlemen everybody's around. I don't know relatively. Cool. Thursday morning. Yeah its. You can't accept this stuff up arms. You know let's let's recap how we got to this clinical portability so overwhelmingly to try to restrict. I'm. From the president's actions. You. Let's start with the trouble is I actually with the president are Dutch China. At all. Treated us voluntarily we have a massive trade imbalance with China the chosen stealing our intellectual property that they they present a real left of. Security collect. And I think upping the whole C a can trying to would have been eight. Great moved or not a fact the president at current indicated he would come back and take army true O'Connell company called PTE. Go both the Obama people and the current people. As that is being national security collect what corn now. That we can't talk. The Chinese president pushed back and we'll be back why don't book picking little creepy and their factories. There's I. And we received from the criminal court and work when an acrobat exchange could help describe the president the president which have been reported and the president. As duke another part of the law. Which is called traction to authority to occur where you couldn't impose tariffs. Arbitrarily. Just the president alone based on the national security record. How he says that countries like Canada like our NATO allies. Like Mexico. Our national security risks as. I started. They totally cool with growth countries. Who which as critically hurt already. Approaching the former. And a host of items should both Canada and Mexico. And what I find so frustrating at. He's also tried to up the will kick in China we're able to be really effective in trying to woo you dribble out we don't call me a little. To kind of could that turn that things. Playing unfairly with Europe and other Asian country as well but instead he's gone out there antagonized a little betrayed her. And now open NATO legally waiting our allies. And congress record and said. Enough already we could see you know because you're responsible. That's particularly under this kind of arbor truly national security. And the like what was weak labor national security irrational present to you black political after our friend. And colorful who wish to have tea can't repeat the veterans or their political and. So does this bill actually change the dynamic and and brass sole authority away from this president or any president or is it more of the symbolic measure it. It it is more symbolic I would rather. Pachyderm he cosponsored with Bob Welker that a Republican. Chicken little about foreign relation committee on the court stronger piece of legislation. We couldn't get a majority leader wouldn't give give us a vote on that. But we had this battle for the rule that is not and a little fun at least put the senate on worker. In an overwhelmingly barred confrontation. I'm sure that the White House you can look at that happened that page you know. If you're gonna use national security. He's been in trade. And you gonna go after particularly our allies he got a chicken with congress. Will. Which sounds like you really didn't do that he should forgive me for Arab his sounds like you agree that he should go after China. But what would you leave if if you had a private meeting with Donald Trump and you said let me tell you what I think you should do what would that message day. I would say. One. We need to do a better job the government and I'm trying to push officially out of committee. The American people realize how many these Chinese companies have a Chinese Government. And steal our technology. Late unfairly. And or more more American companies continue to investigate if there. We need to make sure people have their eyes wide open actually I think that could put the Chinese action. Katrina in many ways. It is a company that acts like a country because they haven't I'd be adapting comfort the government who are so coal industry. I would try to think what rally the rest of the world. Europe the Japanese Korean or another to confirm a shortage of the as well when it come to church and then that comply across the world pressure. Instead what the president has done is he's started this goal laughter candidate who we started this going to Europe and only Google recently. I have started to take action against trying to go. Our European hurry we're allies but America it'll be YouTube we've heard from the Canadians who. You candidates are going to follow like eight you can we were reported differently and for them to be called out on the social worker who didn't. We're back for risk that you can't look at that will have a while to get quarterback. Too much and our unilateral. Activity on our I'm not. How would you think there are trade if you would never feel that for quite good from anybody before presidentially. Erupt they're. Interim we will come on Wall Street Luke who got that turned me makes some parents the ball we don't know what they'll see from this of course goes. It became patient could without. And that helped broker a result. And then promises good things happened well we don't really know what really happened to him if he could to take and point one is after the march Valium. We didn't come up with what came over piece that that toward America you can rest easy North Korea on it no longer hot. Well one person Pompeo then went. And then you have to look for more clean basically. Blue lot. And then he walked back from anything the company had a median I assure you they are still a major national security or. We don't just have a NATO meeting. You know. You know who have brothel where he. Burrito our allies. Then make some bold promises that everything got X. I'm when in reality we don't know anything that's actually not heard from the government you know countries don't you know best. That the NATO alliance is weaker today than it was a few days earlier and that Latin America. Interest when the president got to go meet one on one with a lot of recruitment. Well my next question US senator Mark Warner what do you think about this meeting on Monday is there a reason for him to even sit down with Vladimir Putin what are we hoping to get out. I think there's always a reason. This car who live. I had a fair but it seems like. This president. Or should treat our allies like at this seriously look at her at this early try threatened. And more open and I know. Also present fully appreciate yes Europe we need to raise. It's spending liable on defense but our organ which Europe is based upon horsepower coo of law. The world democracy. That we have a free crap. And it built western values are what I work together my point out the without NATO will. Who sit for hours as NATO or what all the countries can part of an after an error while the tax. I'm hoping that you may be your cell service is gonna pick. Who has amassed only you can unless they're at negotiating. Will come into this war on Monday. With a map in detail and the president. He awoke try to come fooling with and if we don't have other folks from the roku know what may happen let me. That's a good point Malcolm who will hope that he is prepared fully prepared and briefed. And now ready to master of that meeting and I would be remiss if I let you go senator Warner without asking for your thoughts. On the president's son nominee for the Supreme Court Brent Cavanaugh have you have you met this man before do you have any immediate reaction to that. I have not letting our only what looked forward to meeting him I confirm who that. Judge Cavanaugh came to a pre school list and this group that heritage. The foundation others basically said they don't wanna put judges on the court that wool. Reverse a woman swiped. But I had to have control over her health care and they'll always put up a charge on the court. And that just would allow insurance companies could go back and show virtual or you. A pretty good invitational prior art guild could. You go to our criteria the president can do as a litmus Steffi according to this job or not what this job or present. I will have a typical. And you wait for the hearings to make that judge what do you try and work. I mean I wanna can collect quite work out and see what happened in the world. But I'm very confirmed that. He came off this pre screened glitz and he would have. A lot of convincing to do it at all a concern on another matter and control for a web or we productive rights school. Prohibition on preexisting condition the most important part of someone who believes very strongly that we ask you. Allow them or investigation finished that we have to hit the ball without a agenda gliding also fallen. In effect saying that. A president can't be subpoenaed the president can't be prosecuted while we get off a car that concerned me great dealer Rudy. What worries me what is president. Children's church because that proposed prior wanting on this subject. How the president can. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us this morning US senator Mark Warner former governor. A Virginia. Democrat in Washington and thanks for joining us here Richmond's morning very much on their.