Watching Florence


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He's big story of the week and it could really be a mess for us he is this hurricane. Florence headed our way Andrew Friedman is the meteorologist over NBC twelve and joins us now. Andrew what's what is the latest track here we got get hit or we got a dodge. The immediate bullet. It looks less dependent on you look at it but a split let's start with the fact that we were discussed. Last week the end of last week. But maybe there'd be away for this storm to his skate great to not make landfall colonel Allen harmlessly this sheet yeah I think that bad. Likelihood this is you know down to 5% 10% credit so now it looks like you have a storm. That's rapidly intensifying that Blakely will make landfall. In its most likely now North Carolina but I wouldn't rule out as far north as you know maybe. Virginia Beach or down in South Carolina but North Carolina. Looks to be under the gun. And then win it tips how bad do you anticipate this could be. Oh I think it could be or Paul I mean you're look at that. The storm which is a category true now is likely to rapidly intensified talk. When you won a storm did not intend to put your put something minutes where no land mass that helps strike cut it off from the water. And her or can rip the structure up you can get wind shear which is basically you broke. Just think about blowing a frame and over top of the storm in the opposite direction it's going to rip the storm apart. Or you put some cold water in front of it than this one has none of those three things. So it's just sort of clears feeling performed in terms of intensifying. And working its way toward. Southeastern mid Atlantic coast so beat the forecast in and the thing that by the way that we are worse debt at forecasting as of now is intensity. Welcome condemned these things can surprise us that gotten an answer in openers got really good tracking. But intensity sometimes both little short. But this sort of the potential to McLane called a category four. And you're talking in the wherever that makes it nerve that hit just just to rule when that happened. With winds now strong. I mean you can have 440 mile an hour went on the epicenter of the storm and it's an addition to the fact that there could be tornadoes on the you know on the bright side of the track get. Storm surge didn't. Mean up all that stuff so it. You know at Lehman fall a really bad situation putrid and immediate you know wind and storm church. Then we have a storm that looks like it's likely gonna stall out. Nuclear a lot of talk about different computer models. And now both of the major models we the American mow the European both and some former fashion haven't got the need to rid of high pressure. Not moving anywhere but amiga moved into North Carolina may be moved up in the western Virginia. And it's their brain that tells and that's just an area that for us would mean. You know ten inches of rain it may be more. In May be river flooding that we haven't seen in years. An MR right there we're already saturated said the rain really has no place to go. I think your point it's been one of the green years on record. But I don't know if in this and sort of plead ignorance on that I don't know. When trying to figure out if it would make I mean if you get. Fifteen inches of rain over a large area. Here but to drought yeah or the ground is wet it's it's gonna go into the the river system so you know it's early it's only Monday and we be talking about this you know shooting only info third. And then continuing to rain Friday and Saturday but I could see a scenario where is the James River actually get high enough that the flood wall not only if you use. We know not only that they activated closed the gate but it might actually be tested you know by an actual real world situation and that's something good happen. And that's something that hasn't happened sorry to hear in the background at a meeting I think that hasn't happened nineteen. Put into the punishment and I think that early ninety's. Yeah yeah well that. That's pretty remarkable suggest I'm looking at the graphic that you've gone on your web site so our our real danger areas Thursday night Friday morning all the way through Saturday. Yeah I think defending NL worst we could have rained it's become a trend of putting contest you've been there. But it does he look a war Monday and although I don't. You will have to keep an eye on it Andrew freed not know that you are Ross swamps. Literally with work issue try to get as you try to track this thank. And I will check back in with you throughout throughout the next few days really appreciate you joining us this morning Andrew Friedman from the meteorologist and NBC twelve.