What AT&T Merger Means for You


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All the you pick up the business page this is big news that a lot of people are not talking about. Scary altering or is an ABC news correspondents covering business news forests and Derry I'm glad you're with us. Tell me what happened yesterday would this judge ruling in favor of the AT&T Time Warner merger this is big this is big money in a big deal. It is big money is big deal judge Richard Leon a federal judge approved without any exceptions. This deal between Time Warner. And AT&T it's an 85 billion dollar agreement which one it is approved which should take place now in record time we're looking at these two weeks. We're committed the Time Warner brand basically fade away into oblivion and AT&T is being count going to become. Not just a major distributor I read the provider of pay TV. Cell phone service. Internet service is also going to because. Now a huge provider. Of contents which if you were and I didn't we hear that word you know bandied around a lot they think that is king in our business now contents so now AT&T. It's not just the pipeline to provide you this contest is also gonna bring that stuff through the pipe played right field. We'll that was the argument that the government was making right did did. Not only did they all in the pipeline but now they're gonna on the factory that puts everything in the pipeline that's just too much for one company daft. That's a really good way to describe that they say that that's one step closer to a monopoly and monopolies as far as free market capitalism second third. He's not a good thing. They're not a good thing for business they have too much control in one area. And when that happens a lot of times quality can go down and appear consumer prices can go up. I will but that's my next question what does this mean for consumers and the different places that you might touch AT&T Ayman seriously I've got on my list of things to do today. To call and AT&T my cell phone provider and ask them if they can drop my bill 'cause I'm frustrated by that maybe I push a little harder when I have that conversation when. You owe you money when they do that and I would love to hear what happened because I I have myself and provide provide this spring I did the same thing recently. And they told me that any of the new incentive to distribute customers. Has indicated he would AT&T says the same thing teal. What does this mean for earth than those of us who have our cable system are any of the other products that Time Warner. Produces that we consume. 88 it shouldn't affect how you watch those programs the other he's going to be distributed by AT&T. Now by Time Warner anymore half a home. But it does mean that AT&T want to have a reach into your devices that it might not have had before you may see more targeted advertisements. You know they needed before if you have AT&T service or maybe if you have. You know it no matter what's there to see how they might not be a bad time. To shop around amid the worst you can do is ask the worst that you value is not if you don't ask theater's always now. So did they do make sure you check that off your list of things to do could you just have to make sure that you can think you can deal leaked out. You got it well the Todd Porter name is pretty legendary UU serious at the beginning you said that that's gonna completely go away we won't exceed that brand. Now you will lucky Time Warner anymore and the CEO is going to step down its meaning it is the end of an empire but and that head. Remember AT&T is the company that. You know what we did a generation and a half ago or two generations ago what's broken up into smaller companies because it was too big. To continue to operate so kudos to commit what's gonna happen who knows we might teach you know in new incarnation of Time Warner in the future. Any idea whether this ruling as it relates to this merger will have an impact on other corporations and other industry. Oh yeah I mean you can you can count on a lot of these companies though I love the way one economist described it all of these companies that are now. He engaged. I get arrested the ultra you know this seal the deal because there's there's going to be no precedent out there could be a practice initiative that that will allow that to do that. And we're looking at you know not just to the media. Companies not like the sprint T-Mobile merger should should probably be approved very quickly and the company I work for ABC which is a by the Walt Disney company. We'll probably get to give the go ahead to start the bidding war for with Comcast fox. You can look for either CBS and Viacom should you know start sniffing around with the media. Verizon or or China or maybe even you know this sprint T-Mobile agreement to make you can make it even bigger. And even companies that have nothing to do with media like CBS and Aetna. And it's the Express Scripts I believe blog we Express Scripts is is is that merger that's. The Tijuana on via. On the horizon we can look for them they also stated should be pushed through much more quickly than we would have seen before. The phones will be burning up in the corporate headquarters all across America today dairy all Boehner RA BC news correspondent. A covering business stories force thanks so much appreciate you.