What Went in to Trump's Decision

John Reid
Tuesday, July 10th

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Everybody was glued to the TV last night to find out. Prove president trump had nominated for the Supreme Court we now know the name Brent Cavanaugh Mary Alice parks is our ABC news' deputy political director and she's. Lot of the White House this morning Mary Alice glad to have you here. They give me some of the back story about what went into the president's us Supreme Court decision last night. Well he net extensively with members of congress with conservative. In Washington and with former jedi as add to come to this conclusion. You know I think that day ultimate decision and not necessarily at the prize for folks that this someone who has been really sweet heart. A concerted for a long time he's well liked and well respected in judicial circles. How many meetings soon do we understand that the president had with the final four the names that were released over the weekend. That's a good question I don't think we have an exact number we know that there were some meetings some phone calls. I think southern Mary and so I can expect that there were several. But I don't know the exact number it you know it was such when I mean last night we really found a presidential. In his showroom in form he wanted to lab big. Reveal all stat big prime time look and feel and he accomplished that. And he did manage to keep that a secret it seems right up until the very end I mean there's with some speculation. Eight on ABC and on the other networks that. Brent Cavanaugh would be the choice about what ninety minutes to hours south but that's still didn't sound like everybody was 100% sold the that this would be the pick and there would become a bait and switch situation with the president. So ray he definitely kept as secret that was pretty remarkable. In the last final minutes at least not reporters that were started to treat that they recognize. People close to -- not in the idea and there you can imagine what the big historic moment like that his friends and family would be in the real but even that lady's stops when he reporter that were willing to pull the trigger and say definitively. And it wasn't until the president sort of the Fed had and had him walk out with his family. That we could have had the big reveal. We're talking to Mary Alice parks the ABC news' deputy political director is live at the White House forced this morning. I guess on the White House does have a battle plan assortment who laid out for a cab and Oz tour. Us Capitol Hill and the senate any indication of how this will unfold. Well it is already unfolding or is about to in the next few hours he is related to go to gay with the help of vice president and since the former Republican senators. To begin making the rounds having closed door meetings with the number of senators. Certain making his pitch he will be grilled by Democrats no doubt palace behind closed doors and and definitely want to public confirmation hearings began. We're gonna see Democrats trying their best to slow walking this but they don't have. That many tools at their disposal Republicans on the other hand likely to want to try to speed up that process. And any indication from Republican senators who might is indicated that they are not just going to rubber stamp the president's choice whoever it was and then thus some of those members come out and said we're behind this guy they've come up holding near. Cards close to their chest. Yeah I definitely closed the holding their cards close. There are few Republicans and that will be important to watch. First does to a moderate Republican win and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and didn't Collins of Maine both of them have voted repeatedly to. Uphold the women's right to achieve this sort of defending. Reproductive rights. And they have sent from the beginning that they were concerned that the short list that the president has included. Conservative Republicans who had doled out opinions. Pretty aggressively. Chipping away. At abortion rights and so they won't be big swing votes and that even though he is seen as one of the more. Moderate. On this issue on that short list Bristol talking about all the pretty short left the other interesting Republican on a totally different issue. Senator Rand Paul who has had issue with some of the opinions that have not written about electronic surveillance and security. Grandpa the stock defender of civil liberties. New yeah everybody has been talk about abortion rights. Gay marriage. Obama care as one of those who have the linchpin. Of but there is some speculation that I saw on line last night that the president chose Cavanaugh because of how favorably. He has spoken about executive power over the possibility of impeachment or even criminal charges are kind of looming out there. Who is is their discussion in the White House circles about that issue. I don't think the White House would like until he admit he's speaking in Clinton Yates. But there have been Democrats are gonna bring it up have already begun that bringing in Africa and going to try to make that huge part. Of this public debate and conversation going forward because you're exactly right tech coming out of there in the legal articles suggesting a mealy why. Ranging interpretation of the presidential power and heat that the basically said that. Perhaps the president has the legal argument to be able to block any criminal or civil actions against Somalia than power. And there's a lot of Democrats that are concerned that he might have given indications to the president that he believes the president has huge executive authority and. Real fast before you go merry Alison he is there anything that the opposition says this is what we're gonna hammer this guy on. And we think today can really do damage to a more they. They just gonna have to scour these 300 opinions and he's authored and hope that something sticks. You know I think that Democrats have a lot to choose from it'll be interesting to see if they coalesce around one it seems there's health care opinions from there it. In the wide ranging gun rights opinions. The fact that he's written there on presidential investigations. I think will feel more range of attacks. Mary Alice park's ABC news' deputy political director live at the White House this morning thanks so much for joining us appreciate it. Mean.