Why Trump Walked Back His Russia Comments

John Reid
Wednesday, July 18th

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Donald Trump continues to make headlines this time for doing what appears to be a 180. After what he had to say can help Helsinki Finland. And his comments to a number of reporters. Are following his meeting with Vladimir Putin's. Bills emperor is RW war BA reporter bill. Catches cellphone what has happened to the president has made what the White House is calling a clarification. About what he actually meant to say. Regarding Russian interference in our 2016 elections. That's what it is John good morning and it's never good sign with the president returned home from a trip. Odd to meet with Vladimir Putin to have protesters chanting go back to Russia that's never good sign. And so the president yesterday after meeting with his advisors at his staff. I tried to looks. To be Russia. That interfere with the elections but yesterday what he said is what I meant to say was I don't see any reason. It wouldn't be Russia. The old double negative defense from the president yesterday. There are those who were saying okay I can understand that slip of the tongue there are others that are calling this explanation. Laughable. That the president obviously. I should have corrected it before this if that is indeed what happened to. It would seem that the president is hoping that everyone will take this out of context because those who actually watched the other news conference would. Be led to believe that he was trying to build a relationship. With Vladimir Putin and therefore wasn't gonna confront him at least not I mean who knows what happened at the private meetings what what you gonna confront him. On the national stage in front of the press. Head to head. You know if you if you put it in that context this seems like a complete 180 and not just a slip of the tongue. Yeah it sure does especially when you look at some of the other things he talked about that Vladimir Putin had a very strong and powerful denial and and things like that overall. I hated it just didn't come down to that one phrase that would. Or wouldn't it also yesterday the president John I started off this whole thing by saying he said let me be clear. I agree with the US intelligence officials assessments that Russia interfered with the election but. And he went on to cloud the issue again by saying but other people could have been involved there are a lot of people out there so when he started off by saying let me be very clear. He was anything but clear when he talked about other people being involved in so it it really is. Difficult situation for the White House staff handled here and it's not gonna go away anytime soon. Other will be out some hearings Mike Pompeo will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee next week. And Democrats and are calling for drums interpreter. To testify before congress to find out what was said in that one on one private meeting with dropping gluten. There were certainly a lot of Democrats who rushed to television cameras right after the president made his initial statement. What might have been more surprising was all the Republicans who piled on him is anybody buying the explanation that was offered yesterday. Yup there are some Republicans who are buying that saying that the president has explained it to another thing that's interest in here there is a report out about John that chief of staff John Kelly. Actually green lighted the Republicans to speak out against tropical pat pat he reportedly was furious when hearing those comments and Helsinki. And called congressional Republicans to big give them a thumbs up to come out against the president so you have to wonder now how long John Kelly will be part of this administration it's. As the help me understand though it John Kelly pushing the the hardest for this re calibration but then I'm understanding the Bolton. Felt that this would just make things worse is he is there a Tug of war going on in the White House over this issue in particular. I think there has to be especially when you look at the fact that dead John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. For both felt very hard line. Anti Russian. They've been big advocates say and when they came into this administration. So you you have to believe that those two may have been caught by surprise as well. I'll buy it by the president's comments so this is this is certainly causing a Tug of war. Not only within the administration vivid in the intelligence community as well where there have now been suggestions by some people that. Dan Coats and others may be should resign just because they no longer have the confidence of the president and maybe can no longer trust the president to do what they believe his right all seventeen US intelligence agencies. And said yeah apps from Russia did interfere and it was Russia interfering with our elections and they continue to try to interfere with a elections. Boy if you thought Monday was remarkable Tuesday makes it even more. All almost unbelievable. Depth Deb thanks so much still we appreciate it you gotta get.