Wittman on Florence, Appropriations


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Congressman rob Wittman who represents the first district the first congressional district joins us now and you know wanna talk politics and stuff up in DC but I've I've got to ask you first. With your district right there on the Chesapeake day and you know thousands of people who could be impacted by flooding. What are the what are you well aware of as far as preparations for the worst case scenario for Florence. Well John we continue to have conversations with all of our virtually coordinators in the area to make sure that that there's any need to from us to our federal agencies that we are there working on that. The federal agencies that give them credit. Do you mind others. Are very good in talking to our emergency management folks both locally in the state level to make sure there's coordination. So those conversations have taken place so really what we do is just make sure that we are listening if there's anything that can be done prior to the storm hitting to make sure we're ready or make sure opera continues to Asia place. We make sure that we are spending about to be able to look. I syslog counties with dad but they've been through these drills before her very very accomplished and it's so we're just. Standing by and staying in touch with our locale and show me truly know what they need. And yesterday I was getting updates from some folks down and near the naval base saying the navy was. Debating whether or not to send the ships away from the coast of Virginia. And I know you've probably got thousands of people in your district too. Either support that effort for work directly on those ships if you've gotten any indication as to whether they're going to be pulling out. Well they always have a plan to go to see if the hurricane hit China we have more direct path she Virginia. He better for those ships to be achieve and it is being in birth because. I'll order levels can manage you know toward goes over the appear level it's tougher to retire this year chop them. With the wind pushing him could push him essentially on tour over the docs show which don't make a decision probably within the next. 48 hours as to whether the send ships to see turnout but he do you have plans in place of Norman what happens obviously wolf. I want these things happen is that they will call the sailors back to the ship to be ready to go the city and try to make sure that ships are properly crude so I know that all those are considerations taken place that mall Grady was just he forces commander there were war quick feet. With he. How important commanders here in the shipped on ship captains to determine how the best course batch but I know that they are ready to implement Gatti its message. It sounds like their good considering it at least hey let's talk show let's step back from hurricane Florence for a second and talk about the next what sixty days. What what do you think congress is trying to get done before in the mid terms is there anything. Significant did the Republican controlled house can push through and work with the senate that might. Either mollify some of the Republican base or motivate them to get out and and vote. Four Republicans in November. Well you are one of the most important things we have to is actually these appropriations bills done and not have these continuing resolution and especially. Getting the defense appropriations bills done there's I think a very good chance frustrate you or do you get those bills are made to media conference now we'll come back to the house and senate in. Should that would be a major accomplishments since congress has not. At least in the past ten years gotten. These these appropriations bills out on time actually been been more than ten years for the total of these bills territory to come out on ketchup. I think that's a deputy major element of what what we need to do. Prior to. Come the end of the fiscal year which is at the end of this month our prior to the end of this congress I also think too that. We we need to take this second step and what we've done on the tax cuts and one of the things I think will be critical as high. Making these tax cuts for individuals permanent and there are some other housecleaning things we need to deal with in that tax Bill Clinton help or small businesses and others to make sure that. What parents in the first tax bill I can fully be realized by those small businesses but I I think I think doing doing those things. Are going to be critical for folks to look at this congress and so yes you got that. You've got broke the critical elements what needs to done anything that would make it if a significant. Difference. I'm people's lives and I think to do you know health care as they don't people's minds I think your skills and thinks we can do in this congress. I would really help clear there's there's more that needs to be done but I think we can at least make. Some significant progress to try to help. Campaign in balancing what's happening out there as far as. But increases in cost and in doing things to. Increased transparency and especially choice for people with people actually shoot scores what they can purchase and health insurance they can better. Manage their costs. And things that they need. Or their career health care needs. Look let me talk politics with you are you concerned about this south concept of the blue wave on wave you know depending on which week. We're we're looking at polls there are indications that there's going to be a huge blue wave all across the country and then there are other times. When I talk to improve folks who seem to have some insight who say act. And there may be some incumbents who were taken out here but don't expect it to be as significant as everybody was talking about at the beginning of the summer what. What is your candid assessment right now you're in a contested race. Yes I I don't I don't think that you take care any of this for granted I do you think that that. People are very very motivated to come out to vote for a variety of reasons our challenge is to make sure it got down there are supporters are are equally as motivated I think there are a number of reasons why they should be. I don't think that you under sell high any of what someone may. I came down and saying no it's there's not going to be blue wave I think if you look at what happened in Virginia last year. And folks going into that going this is just all about a particular. Issues that's that's kind of small group of people. I worked out by at least don't they did that you can look at it that way so we are looking at it is so hot there's going to be an extraordinarily high turnout. By the opposition and so our job is to make sure that we get our supporters not to vote much that's the way and everybody need needs to look at this it's. If you know one of the tougher things to measure. Is. It's not it's trick is that transfer of enthusiasm. John to people actually don't have to vote there's a lot of times a lot of confusion has been. Some folks we will look at look at what happened or the primary care actually for Republican voters. Turned out it's and that's an example about where Republican voters were motivated. By a particular issue by a particular candidate by and by particular circumstances so. I don't think that you just say what I gets replicated across country I think it's going to be state by state depending on the issues in the stadium and really some serious. Congressional district by congressional district depending on the candidates and the issues surrounding this candidate. Yes well we will be watching between now and November and of course we'll talk to again I'm sure this week is week. Watch hurricane Florence and preparations there you congressman rob Wittman from the first district two Republican incumbent. Appreciate that very much. Thanks so much John thank you.