December 03, 2018 - 4:46 pm
Richmond, Va. ( - Richmonders need to keep their eye on a potential low pressure system that could bring snow and/or ice to the area Sunday. NBC12 Forecaster Nick Russo says it is still too early to know for sure what will happen, but the potential exists for winter weather. Russo...
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(Nebraska State Patrol via AP)
November 26, 2018 - 2:00 pm
By NOREEN NASIR , Associated Press CHICAGO (AP) — A wintry storm brought blizzard-like conditions to parts of the Midwest early Monday, grounding hundreds of flights and causing slick roads for commuters as they returned to work after the Thanksgiving weekend. The Chicago area was slammed with up...
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(AP Photo/Rick Hossman, File)
September 11, 2018 - 5:54 pm
By FELICIA FONSECA , Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — With snowfall dwindling at the Grand Canyon's North Rim, tourism promoters see an opportunity to stretch out the visiting season at the less popular side of the canyon so more people experience it and spend money in the region. The...
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Matt Demlein
April 06, 2018 - 2:44 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – Richmonders should not be surprised to see snow on grassy surfaces by the time we get to Saturday night. NBC12 Meteorologist Megan Wise says a storm, coming through starting this evening, will produce rain, sleet, and snow in the Richmond area. The storm will start...
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March 23, 2018 - 12:10 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – Richmonders might see a dusting of snow on their lawns Sunday morning, as a system works its way through southern and southwestern Virginia. Meteorologist Megan Wise says clouds will come into the area Saturday, with rain starting late in the afternoon or...
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March 21, 2018 - 2:41 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – The snow has tapered to flurries and drizzle, after a few inches of snow. NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan says none of these additional flurries should amount to any accumulation. Black ice is a concern overnight. Roads are mostly wet, except for some secondary roads...
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March 20, 2018 - 11:59 am
Richmond, VA ( ) – Richmonders can expect a slushy one to three inches of snow into Wednesday with the storm heading through our area. Rain came through area overnight, and a second round is expected tonight. NBC12 Meteorologist Ros Runner says that rain will eventually change into...
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March 12, 2018 - 4:54 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – Richmond received less rain than forecast, and it appears, more snow, with this third Nor'easter in two weeks. Snow has been falling much of Monday, and is sticking to grassy surfaces. VDOT says they have been treating some icy spots on the roads as well with salt...
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roads and snow
Matthew Demlein, WRVA
March 07, 2018 - 4:56 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – The models are getting clearer that Richmond will be getting something with Sunday's Nor'easter, but Meteorologist Jim Duncan says it won't be clear if it is rain or snow until the storm gets closer. The storm is expected Sunday evening, and should be out...
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Matt Demlein, WRVA
January 17, 2018 - 3:42 pm
Richmond, VA ( ) – Anywhere from one to four inches of snow fell in the Richmond region Wednesday, with the higher totals to the south and west. However, most roads are wet, at least among the major and secondary roads. Side streets do have slush on them As of 1pm, there were only ten...
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